The October Challenge



  • heathermckillop
    heathermckillop Posts: 49 Member
    workout type: walking

    Calories burned: 151

    starting weight: 142.6
  • pilchierox
    pilchierox Posts: 20 Member
    Hi there

    I've only just seen this post but could I join in please? I've been on the site a couple of weeks but haven't posted ....and haven't lost any weight yet, so I think challenges may motivate me.

    Workout type: Walking (including walking the dogs)

    Calories burned: 135

    Starting weight: 180lb
  • heyhaleylee
    heyhaleylee Posts: 31 Member
    Workout type- Trampoline!
    Calories burned- 179
    Starting weight- 180.2
  • Ok! I'm in... so I just post my information each day to the message board, right?

    Exercise: Running - 959 calories
    Weight: 272
  • babygurl48
    babygurl48 Posts: 1,236 Member
    Workout type: Walking
    Calories Burned: 697
  • tammihart
    tammihart Posts: 963 Member
    weight- 197
    exercise- zumba 500 calories
  • Rachy80
    Rachy80 Posts: 38
    Were we still posting each day??

    Calories Burned: 860

    Exercise: Gardening/ Landscaping

    :).....not sure if I can keep up the massive Calorie burn since I'll be back at work tomorrow.
  • Nikki582
    Nikki582 Posts: 561 Member
    Workout type: Running & Calisthenics

    Calories Burned: 521 + 132 = 653

    + (since yesterday): 521!

    :D Woo!

    Rachy - are you in Aus? And are you a teacher? I'm back at work tomorrow too (well I'm meant to be, but I'm having it off in a swap) I'm an aide. :)
  • dianer75935
    dianer75935 Posts: 186 Member
    Workout for 10/1 walked one mile
    calories burned 294
  • AH2013
    AH2013 Posts: 386 Member
    Day 2: *Rest day* Usually Sunday and Thursday

    Workout type: Dog walk (35 mins) & Warrior x Fit workout (30 mins)

    Calories Burned: 312

    + (since yesterday): N/A

    Will log my rest days separately from my full on workout days! :)

    Bought a pedometer yesterday and it's great, I can tell I burnt off 10.4g fat on my 35 min the very least, as it's about 85% humidity outside!!
  • himel13
    himel13 Posts: 146 Member
    Day 2, calories burned: 226 (from 30 DS and walking!)
  • Elliptical Trainer: 60 Minutes

    Calories Burned: 969

    + (since yesterday): 10

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!
  • pilchierox
    pilchierox Posts: 20 Member
    Felt very sluggish and not at all motivated today. If I hadn't been on this challenge I wouldn't have done exercise today

    Workout type: 30 mins on treadmill

    Calories burned: 269

    Here's hoping for better tomorrow.
  • jennyph2006
    jennyph2006 Posts: 356 Member
    Starting Weight: 159.2

    Workout Type: 30DS & 25 minutes Leslie Sansone-Walk @ home

    Calories Burned: 392

    (+ since Yesterday) 37
  • heathermckillop
    heathermckillop Posts: 49 Member
    Workout: running and stair climbing
    Calories burned: 402
    Difference from yesterday: +251
    Weight: 141.6
  • kellylou1367
    kellylou1367 Posts: 91 Member
    Workout Type: Cross Trainer, 23 minutes Resistance Level 2

    Calories Burned: 273

    Calories burned since yesterday: +13

    Comments: Felt bloated and like crap all day, made me realise how much weight I've put on over the last few weeks as jeans felt so much tighter but it's amazing doing 20 minutes on the cross trainer has made me feel so much better about myself...yeay! :happy:
  • dusk1977
    dusk1977 Posts: 295
    Hi there, sorry for not checking in yesterday.
    Weight 238lbs
    Sat 1st Oct wii fit and Zumba Calories burned 237
    Sun 2nd Oct dancing and walking Calories burned 340
    Calorie difference from yesterday + 103 calories
  • tammihart
    tammihart Posts: 963 Member
    10/2- 514 calories burned
  • catrojas
    catrojas Posts: 53 Member
    yesterday burned 161

    today burned 783

    thats +622... it would be nice to have that kind of increase each day, but today was my day off, so I had a lot more activity time
  • queennahs
    queennahs Posts: 33 Member
    okay, I was offline for the weekend... and I couldn't make it to derby training so missed out on a huge burn... anyway:

    1 October - 30 mins walking - 167 calories
    2 October - 60 mins walking - 333 calories