July Drink More Water Challenge

lamlam2468 Posts: 839 Member
Welcome to those continuing the challenge from June and a huge hello to you newbies for July!!

Do you have a hard time drinking your 8 glasses of water each day or even drinking 3 glasses? I do. That's why I've created a "drink more water" challenge. If you're interested, log in here your water amount daily.

Don't worry if you don't like plain water. Crystal Light, lemon and other 0-calorie flavorings are completely allowed. Anything to get you drinking more water. You can follow this little chart as a guide as to what to count as water:

Water (obvious)
Tea (up to 2 cups)
Coffee (1 cup only)
Juice (1 cup only)

If you're not used to drinking a lot of water, I would suggest starting out slow and working your way up to 8 glasses.

I need motivation, so let's motivate each other to drink more water and feel healthier!!


  • dancingj2
    dancingj2 Posts: 4,582 Member
    I am in again! Thanks!
  • vivianleemit
    vivianleemit Posts: 112
    I'm definitely in! I used to drink 6-7 a day, but over the course of the past few months I've usually only managed to get 3-4 cups each day. I can see the dehydration taking a toll on me. Need to fix this ASAP!
  • misslouisiana
    misslouisiana Posts: 37 Member
    I am in!
  • dancingj2
    dancingj2 Posts: 4,582 Member
    I am ready to go today. Filling my water bottles and off for a bike ride :)
  • AmyM713
    AmyM713 Posts: 597
    I would like to join, I need to get back into drinking more water.
  • caramkoala
    caramkoala Posts: 303 Member
    I'm in. I don't feel as good and my weight loss has slowed since my water intake took a dive. i am going to start by finding and downloading a water reminder app to my phone, filling up some water bottles and TRACKING water this month again :)

    I also add lots of chilli to my meals (when appropriate) and it gets me drinking the water!
  • linlee61
    linlee61 Posts: 14
    Im in
  • mommy2ajs
    mommy2ajs Posts: 1,342 Member
    Im in, especially in the heat I need to drink more water.
  • Gradesbrah
    Gradesbrah Posts: 4 Member
    I am in.
  • mbaugham
    mbaugham Posts: 70
    I am in for the month of July!
  • Comfortableme
    Comfortableme Posts: 33 Member
    Thanks for the challenge. This will really help me be accountable for making my daily goal. I am in for the month of July!!!
  • Count me in!
  • TASoto
    TASoto Posts: 24 Member
    I'm in,I need to stop drinking caffinated drinks,for July I'm going to drink water only ..
  • I'm in ... I love water... especially when it is ice cold :bigsmile:
  • learntolive
    learntolive Posts: 173 Member
    I'm in. Had 8 glasses today!
  • mommy2ajs
    mommy2ajs Posts: 1,342 Member
    July 1st
    Water 5 cups
    Tea 0
    Coffee 1 cup
    Juice 0

    Total 6 cups
  • nmf062174
    nmf062174 Posts: 172 Member
    I am in! Especially on the weekends is when I notice my water intake drop.
  • mandy_lynn
    mandy_lynn Posts: 185 Member
    I'm in! I slack on my water sometimes and I feel awful when I don't get enough.
  • Gradesbrah
    Gradesbrah Posts: 4 Member
    July 1st
    Water 7 cups
    Plus two cans of diet soft drink

    Total 10 cups

    July 2nd
    Water 9 cups
  • concavity
    concavity Posts: 145 Member
    I'm in again. Realised how much more I needed to drink when I got heat exhaustion a few days ago!

    July 1:
    3 glasses water