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  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,503Member Member Posts: 2,503Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30MTF Slim Sculpting W1, just love those kettle bells.

    Laurel, Both of those workouts sound awesome. ;) Crazy weather that we had, it was cold in the morning and when I walked out of work it was in the 80's. It was very nice, but so crazy. First week of workouts almost in the books, and I have to say I'm really enjoying this loose way of doing the workouts. I will have to jot my thoughts on what workouts I can do over the next few weeks though. :D

    Tami, Great job on your workout! Carrie Underwood! I love her, and I hope that you where able to attend the concert. Interesting reaction from Katy, but I'm glad that she gave you a good bootcamp class. To bad that she had to take those jabs in front of all the others though. If it was just you and her talking, then it would be all in fun. Sometimes I do have to slip in some Jillian, I don't know what it is about her workouts, but I get those good DOMS from her workouts.

    Thelma, Sounds like you had another great class. You are sure busy with the cleaning, and I'm sure that those screens will come in handy at some point to keep bugs away. Getting closer and closer to the closing of you house. Are you and your DH doing anything special for Memorial Day? Besides having your DH clean those windows. ;) Nice that you are sleeping so well.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today, to celebrate my 54th birthday :) , I started my workout with Cathe Live PHA with Cardio Blasts, then did the ab work from Cathe Live Jabs and Abs. And, finally, for cardio, I did Cathe Live IMAX Live. Felt good today! I have been feeling a bit drained all week, but I think that is my body trying to get used to working out in the heat. I am keeping the AC set in my workout space (which is the only thing upstairs in our house) at 79 degrees, and the past few mornings it hasn’t gotten much below that even with the cooler nights. This is at least 15 degrees (more like 20) warmer than it was just a couple of weeks ago, and I am feeling it. But the ceiling fan helps tremendously. Every day I thank DH for that.

    The good news is our floor and shower have been tiled again! The bad news is I am still waiting for somebody to come put the shower door back in, replace the base boards and paint. Don’t have any idea when they will be here. :| But at least there was progress this week, which makes it far better than last week.

    Tami, I hope you got a chance to see Carrie last night. I follow her on Instagram and noticed she had been in Spokane last evening. I would love to see her in concert, that’s for sure. Glad you enjoyed your BC class. But that discussion with Katy sounds a little awkward. I understand she probably values not only your presence in her classes but also your feedback on what might be changing and why. But, as the other ladies have said, that could have been done a little more privately. Hopefully she isn’t taking you getting a Peloton personally! Anyhow, on the flip flops and the spin cycle, I think one set of jumps may have convinced your DH of the need for proper footwear.....but I am glad he didn’t try it!!! I really hope he likes it!

    Thelma, great workouts.....including the cleaning. Yesterday the tile guy was here for five hours, and I figured that I could spend that time doing deep spring cleaning in other parts of the house. I did the same thing on Tuesday when he was here. I was exhausted last night! I can only imagine you feel the same way. But, for me, it feels good to be knocking some of this stuff out. Unfortunately, I still have tons to do! About Windex, I am actually shocked they still sell glass cleaner because it is SO bad. Glass Plus is a little better. I am using Zep Commercial Streak Free Glass Cleaner, which I got from Lowe’s. It is the best commercial product I have tried, but there is still a film. So, like you, I am going to vinegar and water. Hope that works for you! Hope your DH arrives safely!! What a happy moment that will be for both of you. :)

    Laurie, great workout! Your weather sounds like autumn weather with those cold nights and warm days! Always drove me crazy in Colorado, especially when I was working downtown and taking public transportation. Froze in the morning and melted—while carrying my winter coat—in the evening. :) I like the looseness of the rotation as well. I feel no concern knowing I am going to miss a few days of working out this weekend with being behind on a rotation. Just what I need right now!

    Erika, hope you are doing well.

    Off to Florida tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy the long holiday weekend. See you Tuesday!

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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did an older Kelly workout called New You Coming. Such a great total body workout that really gest the lower body good. She doesn't use weights on the lower body work, it is a lot like barre with out the barre. :D

    Laurel, Belated Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend in FL, and I hope all goes well with the in-laws. Great job on those workouts, and again they sound like some fun ones. 79 degrees is still pretty warm, but having the ac on will at least take the humidity out so you can enjoy your workouts. That is so annoying when you don't know how long it will take to get a project complete. I understand that they have to let the tile dry and everything, but dang. I'm sure once it is finished it will be awesome. Right now we have rain, and that is suppose to be around off and on all weekend. Up north it isn't suppose to rain, but it isn't going to be in the 70's either. Oh well, at least when I wake up in the morning it is getting lighter and lighter. :D

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Hi Ladies and Happy Friday! So excited for our 3 DAY WEEKEND ahead …. Our weather however is not going to cooperate. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous outside and 75 degrees. I went with a friend after work and we rode our bikes on a 20 mile ride around the lake. So nice. Today it couldn’t rain any harder. At any rate, no plans. Just going to wing it and enjoy the extra day off. I am sure some Peloton riding will be had by me! Fingers crossed I can get DH on it. Prepared with clips or no clips. We will see what he chooses. Also, getting my hair prettied up tomorrow a.m.

    So the Carrie Underwood concert ended up not happening … long story short the guy didn’t have extra tickets for us. Oh well, would have been fun but again, was very tentative.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend! :):):)

    Happy Belated Birthday Laurel! I hope your day was wonderful and you enjoy your time in Florida.
    Good luck with the in-laws ;)

    Talk to you ladies on Tuesday!

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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. DH and my BIL arrived on Friday at 9 pm. On Saturday we unloaded the truck and trailer and that left us pretty tired. On Sunday we had to take my BIL to the airport and that was a 4-hour roundtrip.
    I ate a couple of things that were questionable and I'm paying for it dearly. I had a pretty bad today. I am also feeling very fatigued just like I did when I first was diagnosed with lupus. I need to make an appointment with a rheumatologist.

    No workouts over the weekend for me. Today I did Beginner Gentle and Barre Levels I & II.

    Laurie, great job with the 30MTF workout!

    Laurel, happy belated birthday! Fabulous workouts! Glad you're keeping the AC set in your workout area and that the bathroom has been retiled!
    This house cleaning is killing me! My body needs a lot of time to recover now. Can't wait to read about your FL trip!

    Tami, sounds like a nice bike ride around the lake! Great job. Sorry, you didn't get to go to the Carrie Underwood concert!

    Hi Erika!

    Have a great week ladies!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,503Member Member Posts: 2,503Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had a very nice weekend, it was nice to visit with my family again. Of course we will be seeing them again this weekend, because my niece is graduating from HS. No workouts all weekend, and since I did all the driving and it rained all the way down, I didn't workout yesterday either. This morning was Kelly's Strength & Stamina W1, such a great workout. Can tell that we are humid, my glasses where fogging up while I was working out today. ;)

    Tami, Sounds like a great weekend you had in store for you in spite of the rain. That is very nice that you where able to bike with your friend. Now I will be curious to know if your DH got on the Peloton. If he did, I hope he enjoyed it enough to get on it again. Dang on the concert. ;) Hope your hair appointment went well also.

    Thelma, Glad to hear that your DH and BIL made it down okay. Is that the last load of things that needs to be moved? So sorry to hear about your stomach issues, and not feeling well. Good job on the barre work.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours went well. I really enjoyed being back in Florida.....well, at least the part next to the ocean where we used to live. :) The rest of Florida.....not so much. B) The time with my in-laws went well, though by the time we got there, they really had nothing for us to do. I am glad DH had planned on being in FL this weekend anyhow to see some of his former students graduate HS. If that hadn’t been the case, I might have been a little frustrated to drive all the way to Florida to pack two boxes, clean window sills, and move four boxes and two book shelves into a storage unit. In fact, we had so little to do that DH and I played golf on their community golf course that day. :o But it was good to see everybody and get a better feel for how my in-laws are doing (better than I expected!). We will see them again in a couple of weeks when they come through Huntsville on their way home from Missouri. Hopefully they will find a place they want to live up there.....though I have my concerns about that. But that is another story all together.

    Anyhow, for workouts....on Friday I started with a Cathe Live metabolic workout but lost my internet about 20 minutes in. Because I had little time to mess with it since we were trying to get out of here, I ended up doing LITE Circuit Blast standing and cardio crush premix. On Saturday (in Florida) I did Cathe Live Low Impact HiiT. Nothing on Sunday (the day with my in-laws) or yesterday (the long drive home). I woke up today wanting a total body workout, so I did Cathe Live Lower and Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge. Then, for my circuit/cardio workout, I did RWH Lower Body Circuit, which I enjoyed today. I don’t always enjoy that one. :p

    Laurie, glad to hear you had a good weekend up north. Boy we could use the rain down here. Please send it! I have never seen Florida quite as dry as I saw it this weekend, and that is concerning in May. And then we got home and our grass is dying (despite having the sprinklers running) due to the extreme heat. :o is only May!! Crazy to go from such a rainy year to this degree of heat and dryness almost over night. Kind of alarming actually.

    Tami, great workouts! Love the sound of that bike ride with your friend. I am sorry you weren’t able to see Carrie Underwood, though. Hope your weather wasn’t too bad this weekend. Hope you enjoyed your Peloton this weekend!

    Thelma, I am so happy to hear your DH made it there safely. But I am sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I hope having your DH there and maybe beginning to feel more settled will help with your energy levels and how you feel. I am so glad you have an appointment to see a doctor though. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Wish I could say I enjoyed the day but.....not really. But DH and I did get out for a nice dinner. The update on our shower (and the reason Thursday wasn’t so great) is nobody ever showed to put our shower doors back up or finish the baseboards. And we got quite the excuses and attitude when we called about it! Not good. Thankfully somebody will be here to put the door back up tomorrow. The construction work.....who knows. But I will not live very patiently for very long with this, especially since there is a big hole where the baseboard is supposed to be. :o I don’t want to wake up to uninvited critters in my bathroom!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ We had a nice long weekend and enjoyed having 3 DAYS off. Always harder to come back to work however. ☹ So Friday eve after work I headed home and jumped on the Peloton or a nice 30 min ride before DH came home. Saturday was STS Total Body, Sunday was a 45 min HiiT ride + 15 min cool down ride that I tried, was pretty good. Yesterday was LITE Metabolic Blast w/ the Calorie Crush added on and another HiiT ride, this was only 20 minutes but a perfect add-on after my previous workout. Tonight I will head home after work and get in my workout! DH has a meeting.

    Saturday my stepson and his girlfriend and little girl came over about an hour after I returned from my hair appt. We ended up going to the store and getting BBQ stuff to have them stay and enjoy. The weather actually cooperated and it was so good to see them. Even if unexpected we take what we can when they have time.

    Thelma: Great you were able to see your BIL and they arrived safe and sound. Sounds like A LOT of driving. I am sorry you are not feeling well at all. Fatigue is never fun because no matter what you do it seems you still feel tired. I hope you can get in with the rheumatologist very soon.

    Laurie: Sounds like a busy weekend for you as well! I am sure it was nice to visit with the family. Great job getting up this a.m. after a long weekend and do KCM Strength & Stamina … truly one of my fav’s of hers. YAY. So it was a “no go” on the bike. After he realized we have to install the toe cages each time he wants to ride I think his enthusiasm went down …. Not that it was at a peak HIGH but even so, he didn’t feel like attempting it. I am kind of dreading if it is going to be a process because that will deflate the situation, but if I can do it for him easily and get them set up after I ride it will be great. I haven’t wanted to push him but I will re-visit the conversation. He has a super busy 4 days so not sure it will happen. I will continue to pray for his health and exercise moments regardless. I guess if I don’t bring it up sooner than him the next time he says “I have to start getting on that bike” I will say, lets do it right now! LOL

    Laurel: Sounds like Florida went better than you could have imagined! That is so great. Amazing they had everything done and nice that with that extra time you guys were able to golf. Way to go with all the workouts while you were there as well! Nicely done. I’m glad you were able to go out for a nice dinner for your Birthday. The bike ride was definitely a lot of fun. Such a great evening that day. We have lots of them coming this week as well (thank goodness) so we might go again on Thursday.

    Have a nice evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Jillian's 6 Week Six Pack. That one is a good one, and since I avoid ab work, this workout fit perfectly with the circuit format and I got my core worked really well.

    Laurel, Awesome job on those workouts! Very interesting on your trip to FL, I'm glad that you had a chance to enjoy a round of golf though. Nice that your in-laws are doing so well, and I hope that they find a place that suits them. I have heard about the weather that you all are having lately, and for sure you can have some of our rain. We are soggy right now, and it doesn't seem to be letting up soon. I have weeds that are growing out of control, and I'm hoping to get something done after work. We are suppose to be getting more rain, so I don't know what it will be like when I leave work. Glad to hear that you and your DH where able to at least go out to eat for your birthday. Dang on the bathroom, I hope that they get there and fix the issues so that your bathroom is back to normal.

    Tami, Glad that you had a nice long weekend, and of course getting in all those great workouts. I do love that Strength & Stamina workout. I think those kettle bells help a lot with making that workout so good. Sorry to hear that the DH isn't that enthused about getting on the bike. I'm not surprised, if he is anything like my DH the thought is there to do something, but the will isn't there. I'm just really glad that he is still on the weight loss journey. He is down a total of 36lbs now, and is fitting into clothes that he hasn't been able to wear in years. He is still walking also, so at least he is moving.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was ICE Metabolic Total Body and Blizzard Blast. Then I went right into RWH Plyo HiiT Two and Core 2. As with yesterday’s RWH workout, I was pretty cautious of some of the step moves in today’s workout but still felt like I had a good challenge. I am hoping that, over time, as I get used to being back on the step, I feel more confident.....though I have never felt very confident on some of the moves in either workout. :#

    Tami, sounds like a nice weekend! Glad you got some time with your stepson and his family. BBQ sounds good! :p Great workouts! Sounds like you are really getting good use of your cycle. I am amazed how your legs can stand up to doing it every day. :o My little chubby legs would have fallen off by now. :D Great job!

    Laurie, another good workout. I remember enjoying that workout when I did it. I just never pulled it out enough. I think I even might have given it away in one of the moves. My SIL and in-laws arrived home in Missouri to flooding and tornadoes. :o My SIL has posted twice on Facebook that my in-laws are not convinced about moving there. Sounds like the entire mid-section of the country could use a break. And here we continue to be hot and dry. Doesn’t seem fair. Quick question....that yoga flow routine we did during the Road Trip.....whose program was that based on? I find myself wanting to do something like that again because I enjoyed it so much but can’t remember who I need to look for. Any and all help appreciated!

    Well the shower continues to be a mess. They can’t put in the door. Long story but I need to have the tile guys back to do more destruction/replacement. :s

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Last night's workout changed from what I had planned ICE Metabolic Total Body .... DH was home so I was able however to get in a Peloton ride! It was a 45 min Tabata ride. So this a.m. was ICE Met Total Body. Always a good one. NO ride or workout tonight, headed to a council meeting with DH because he is supporting one of our builders/customers new project and wants several of us from the office to join him. {BORING, but necessary} ;)

    Laurie: Great job with the JM workout this a.m. and so glad to hear your DH is still on track with moving and eating better. It's a broken record feeling for me to even talk about DH "not" doing things so I just continue to hope he will get on the bike sooner than later. Once he does it I think he will continue. Just a little intimidated maybe or?

    Laurel: Excellent idea on the workout! I didn't have time for the Blizzard Blast but always love those. Way to go, along with your other add-ons. :) I really am getting in some rides on the Peloton. I seriously love that bike. So much fun and the instructor(s) are so great. Motivational and great music. Makes you want to work hard. I don't know how my legs are doing it but it might have something to do with the "fun factor". LOL

    Hi Thelma and Erika! :)

    Have a great evening ladies, talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts have been yoga and Barre. My stomach is still bothering me and I'm very fatigued. Thanks to one of the ladies at the yoga studio I found out that there are GI specialists here in BR! I have an appointment on June 17. I will try to make an appointment with a rheumatologist tomorrow.
    We sold our house today! Such a relief!

    Laurie, glad you had a nice weekend with your family! Great workouts!
    The load of things DH brought with him is the last of our stuff! Thank God!

    Laurel, glad you had a good time in FL and that your in-laws are doing better than you expected. Awesome job with those workouts!!
    I'm so sorry about your bathroom! I hope they get it right this time!

    Tami, so glad you had such a nice long weekend! Great job with your workouts!

    DH and BIL did a lot of driving but they got to spend some quality time together. It took me a couple of hours to set up an appointment with the GI specialist. I called 4 different places and I kept getting disconnected in the middle of the process!
    They all seem to have the same phone answering system. Hopefully, it won't be too painful to set up the rheumatologist appointment!
    Feeling always fatigued is not fun at all.

    Good night ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Early and quick check in for me as I have an earlier than normal hair appointment. Workout today started with Cathe Live Breathless Upper Body which alternated four cardio moves with four upper body moves four times (if that makes sense). It is a good one. I followed it with RWH Upper Body Circuit, which felt kind of tough after that first workout. :)

    Tami, great workouts! I can’t imagine the meeting was fun, but it was nice to support your DH. I am with you on feeling like a broken record with my DHs activity. I just don’t know what to do or say anymore. I just want him to be healthy and feel good though.

    Thelma, great job with the workouts despite not feeling well. I am glad you found a doctor there in BR. It is too bad you still have to wait a few more weeks, though. Congratulations on the closing on your house in MA!

    Laurie, hope you are well.

    See you tomorrow!

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    Morning Ladies,

    Guess I'm still on my Jillian kick, and I did her No More Trouble Zones. Still a good workout if you use the right amount of weight. I'm enjoying revisiting some workouts that I have not done in a while.

    Laurel, Awesome job with those workouts, and of course being cautious about the step. I don't blame you one bit, I don't know if I will ever be comfortable with the step again, but I keep trying. The yoga flow that we did was from the Les Mills program. I'm with you on wanting that one again, I loved the way that I felt after that workout. And since I didn't have a mat, it probably would have been even better using one. I think they call is Body Flow. The closest thing that I have to that program would be PiYo. I know that they have an on demand channel, but that would be way to expensive. Wow on the situation in Missouri, unfortunately that area seems to be hit with that type of weather during this time of the year. We used to watch that weather chaser show a lot, and those areas where the chasers spring/summer base. Just saw that you posted again. Have a great hair appointment!

    Tami, Great job on your workouts, and of course working around your DH being home. That must be really nice having the Peloton available now. Sorry to hear that you had to go to that meeting, but the support is much appreciated I'm sure. We will keep hoping that your DH has inspiration soon.

    Thelma, Love the workout, and so sorry to hear that your stomach is still bothering you. Glad that you where able to get an appointment, just to bad that the calling process was so bad. Nice that you now have all your belongings with you, and that your DH doesn't have to haul anything else. Hope that the fatigues go away.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies!!

    Another long hiatus from the group, and I missed it! Let's see...finished up my LiTe rotation, weather has been decent and work has been manageable. Plus, we get our bathrooms done next week, so I get to enjoy some time off as it will be too loud/hectic to work while they are here.

    Laurel, happy belated birthday! Sorry your day wasn't a great one, but sounds like you had a nice time in Florida and are making some headway with the bathroom (although nothing is more frustrating with being "almost" done!). Hopefully the bathroom gets finished and you can finally enjoy it! Fun workouts, makes me want to subscribe to Live again!

    Laurie, sounds like you had some nice family time over the weekend but the dreaded rain hit you too! It rained ALL day Monday...such a turn from the gorgeous weather Saturday and Sunday. Hoping for some nice weather this week/weekend. Today was picture perfect! Loving your Jillian workouts...they always were fun despite my love/hate with her.

    Tami, bummer on no concert, but sounds like you got a nice bootcamp class in since I've talked to you all last...and of course the Peloton. I had to laugh about Katy's comment! Fun weekend and glad the weather cooperated!

    Thelma, yay on the sale of the house being done! I'm bummed you aren't feeling great, and I'm sure all that cleaning was a lot of extra hard work! I bet you're happy to have DH there though, and hopefully finding the right mix of yoga/barre and your visit to the Dr will get you in a better spot. I can imagine the fatigue alone is hard to deal with.

    I'll be back on next week while I'm off work, since I'll have time with lacrosse wrapping up for the season this weekend too. I'm looking forward to some low key nights. This week has been tough to get workouts in with work being busy (but not stressful at least) and lacrosse every night.

    Have a great weekend!

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    Morning Ladies,

    So I wrapped up this week with Kelly's RAW Kettlebells. Great cardio workout, and I didn't have to do one jump. I like cardio like that. :D Today is going to be in the 80's, so will be attempting to get out of work early to enjoy the day.

    Erika, Great job getting the LiTe rotation finished. What sports are on tap for this summer? Or is this summer sports free until the fall? Nice that your bathroom is on the schedule for next week. At some point we want to get our bathroom updated, it really does need it. I at least was in my car during the rain, but it sure was a bummer to deal with that. When we got home my dd's boyfriend grilled up some steaks. It was very great way to end our day of travel. I also have a love/hate relationship with Jillian. The one thing I notice about her workouts, they really work my mid-section well enough that I notice a difference when I do the workouts on a consistent basis. Enjoy your weekend, are you as soggy in your area as we are? The ditches are still squishy when you walk or try to mow. :s

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,706Member Member Posts: 2,706Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I started today’s workout with Cathe’s live workout from yesterday which was Cardio Leg Block Party. This workout was formatted like the upper body Live workout I did yesterday with a ‘block’ of cardio followed by a ‘block’ of lower body work. This workout was tough! There was nothing dry on me at the end of it. I had planned on adding on another Live lower body circuit workout, but Cathe used a segment from LITE Cardio Party as the cool down in the Leg Block Party workout and since it felt so good, I ditched the Live lower body circuit plan and did Cardio Party instead. :) I added on the Calorie Crush and Six Pack Abs and then called it a day. I am hoping to get a total body circuit workout done tomorrow to finish Circuit week, which I have enjoyed tremendously.

    Laurie, great workouts! Thank you for the answer to my Body Flow question. I have PiYo, so maybe I should revisit that series. I just keep thinking back on that particular workout from the Road Trip and wishing Cathe has something like that on DVD. Glad to hear you have some warmer weather headed your way. We are returning to more seasonal mid-80s which is nice, but we still need the rain. I guess my in-laws are not deterred from moving to Missouri despite the flooding, so I guess that is good news for them. I just want them to be happy.

    Erika, sounds like your busy life is continuing to stay busy, though hopefully you will enjoy a little break from sports. Congratulations on finishing your LITE rotation! The Cathe Live workouts continue to be fun for me, though Cathe mentioned something at the Road Trip that has me thinking there may be a reason for that. She said she often thinks those who workout with her DVDs are more fit than those who workout with her ‘live’ (whether in her gym or on the internet) because of the number of breaks she takes live! :) Made me laugh......because I REALLY like those breaks, and I am reminded of how much I like them when I am doing the DVDs. :o But I know I like Live for other reasons than the breaks. :D Hope your bathroom renovation goes well. Ours sits empty, waiting for somebody to come back and rip out more tiles. It is beginning to feel normal walking across the house to shower. :o

    Tami and Thelma, hope you are well.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,403Member Member Posts: 1,403Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. We had a nice weekend and the weather was perfect. I have continued doing yoga, barre and sculpting classes. Over the weekend we did some walking which was nice.
    Ashlee had me doing a more advanced class on Friday. It was a Vinyasa flow. She's been having me try warrior 3 but I have to work on my balance.

    We checked out the town's farmers' market which was nice. I am still dealing with stomach issues.
    I'm starting to think that I have leaky gut syndrome but I don't know all the symptoms. I do have the heartburn, nausea, fatigue. If nutrients are not being retained because of the leaky gut, this could explain my constant fatigue.
    We got our temporary GA licenses last Thursday and DH got his 'tags'. I had no idea that here in the south car plates were called tags! LOL. I have to wait to get my tags because my car is older than 3 years and it needs an emissions test which has to be done in a town about 1 hour from here.

    Laurie, fabulous workouts! I love those workouts where you don't have to jump too!

    Laurel, I hope you enjoyed your haircut! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my hair. I am going to need a haircut soon.
    Great workouts and I am glad you're being very careful with the step!
    I just to tell you that my SIL recommended these cleaning clothes called Norwex to clean our windows with. DH cleaned the windows today and goodbye cloudy film! All you have to do is wet the cloth with water. They are expensive but very effective!

    Erika, congrats on finishing the LiTe rotation! I bet you guys can't wait to have those bathroom finished!
    I am really happy to have DH living here full-time.

    Hi Tami!
    Have a great week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Well surprise surprise I worked out both days this weekend! :p If I have nothing going on for the weekend, then I'm planning on doing a workout. That is my new thought process. On Saturday I did RAW Tabata Barbell-DB and on Sunday RAW Just Step. This morning was RAW Floorwork, this is the first time I have done this workout, and it was surprisingly awesome. Floorwork is something that I tend to avoid, so I decided that I would just do it. My butt is really feeling the burn. :D I also managed to get some weeding done on Saturday before the skies opened up with pouring rain.

    Sunday was our god daughters (niece) graduation at Miller Park. Such a beautiful day for that. We then went to a house that my brother has been flipping to have a family celebration. The house is a mini duplicate of the house my oldest dd purchased. He will be renting it out to his daughter, and she will only be about 5 blocks away from where I work.

    Laurel, What a great workout sequence. I'm surprised that Cardio Party has become one of my favorite cardio workouts. It just has to be the mixing of boxing in with the cardio. ;) I would buy that Cathe's version of yoga flow if she created one too. That was fun, and a great way to get in a workout just using your body. I hope your in-laws are able to find a place that they like in Missouri.

    Thelma, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your yoga fusion workouts. Warrior 3 is a tough one to balance, and of course stay with the correct form. Glad that Ashlee is there to give you lessons. Dang on the stomach though, I'm sure that you are really ready for that dr. appointment. I'm sure that farmers market will be a great place for fresh produce throughout the summer. Our emissions can be done at most oil change places, it is very convenient. We used to have the state run facilities, but that was changed about 12 years ago.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,706Member Member Posts: 2,706Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. We spent Saturday doing chores around the house.....mowing the lawn, washing windows, etc. And yesterday we spent the day golfing. :) We have been enjoying fantastic weather even if I am still hoping for rain. We have some forecast for the end of the week, and I hope we get it.

    For workouts, on Saturday I finished out circuit week with Cathe Live Muscle Cardio Fusion. Yesterday I did RWH LIHI Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and, for cardio, Cathe Live Fitness Fusion. Today was RWH LIHI Back, Shoulders and Biceps followed by a Cathe Live Cardio combo of High Energy Kickboxing and For The Love of Cardio. Felt good today.

    Thelma, great job with the yoga. Warrior 3 is tough. Definitely not my favorite move, that’s for sure. I am sorry to hear about the continuing problems with your tummy. Hopefully you will get some answers in a couple of weeks. As we were driving up I-75 last weekend, I noticed a number of billboards advertising Blue Ridge, especially the orchards up there. I bet the produce is fantastic! We went to our local farmer’s market on Saturday as well. It was very small, but I was impressed by the quality of the products. It will probably become part of our summer routine. Thank you for the window washing cloth recommendation, I did use the vinegar, water and soap recipe this weekend, and it was far better than a commercial product. But I love the idea of being able to do some window cleaning without having to mix up a potion! So I will definitely invest in some of these. Thank you!

    Laurie, great job with the workouts! Glad you had a nice time at the graduation and that the weather was good. On that Sunday after our last class at the Road Trip, we met up with a friend down in northern Illinois. We ended up talking about baseball, and he mentioned how nice a park Miller Park is. So when we drove through Milwaukee the next day, we went right past it. Looks like a fantastic venue. We plan to go to a game next time we are up that way. :D Hopefully you can see your niece quite a bit once she moves in so close to your work!

    Tami and Erika, hope you enjoyed the weekend!

    See you tomorrow.

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