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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,204Member Member Posts: 1,204Member Member
    Hiiiii Ladies!!! Oh my, so many great workouts from all of you to read about! I've been plugging away at the LiTe workouts as usual and decided to jump on the scale this morning as I was feeling extra lean. Down 6 pounds since starting the LiTe rotation! Seriously LOVE these workouts!

    The trip to Houston was good. Very warm, and extremely scary flights in and out due to severe storms, but we made it! The only downfall was that this is our time to get together with others in our position and there was a lot of venting going on as we all are feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Well, someone went to my manager about one of the venting sessions they overheard and now me and one other co-worker have to have a call with our manager about it. I've been very open with my manager about being frustrated with too much work, so she shouldn't be shocked. I just was surprised someone was so high schoolish about it all and tattled.

    The weekend was good, aside from an injury Saturday night for Cade where he had to get carried off the field by a doctor and coach. Next morning was an orthopedic urgent care visit. He took a helmet to the knee in the game so had a MCL sprain and knee contusion. Knee brace for 2 weeks, and hopefully he's good. Timing stunk because my hubby was out of town for a business trip, so it was just a lot to deal addition to...

    Our new puppy! The boys and hubby talked me into it over the last few weeks, and he's a gem! 14 weeks today, named Leo. He's forced me to slow down, take lots of work breaks, and enjoy all his cuteness!


    Thelma, amazing workouts and so happy to hear the house is all set to go for closing coming up at the end of tghe month!

    Tami, yay for busy at work, fun workout classes and the new Peloton. I'm excited to hear about it!

    Laurie, so much fun to hear about your road trip experience and what a fun time. Great picture with Cathe! Was she as awesome in person as you thought she'd be?

    Laurel, I hope the floor replacement is a success so you can move past that. Can't wait to see your picture with Cathe too!

    I hope you are all having a great week so far. Talk to you soon!

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    Hi Ladies, my workout today was yoga. My back is acting up and I figure out it's my hip flexors. I worked on massaging my back, thighs and did a lot of stretching to hopefully relax the hip flexors.
    I think the yoga and the Barre/pilates moves are really hitting the hip area in a way I've never used before.

    Laurie, great workout this morning!
    Did Cathe teach all the classes? How fun that the husbands participated in the classes too. That must've been a lot of fun.
    It really will be a lot of fun for DH and his brother to travel together. They are very close so this separation will be hard on both of them.

    Hi Tami, glad you're doing well and how exciting about your Peloton!!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,525Member Member Posts: 2,525Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was ICE Chiseled Lower Body.

    Tami, Glad to hear that you are still going strong. I'm excited for you getting that new bike. Can't wait to hear how much fun you will be having on it.

    Erika, I'm so sorry t hear about you son getting hurt, hope everything goes well for him as he recovers. Great job on the weight loss with using the LiTe workout. I'm going to be doing those workouts next week, want to try them all out. Dang on the high school attitude that someone had. Sometimes you just need to vent, and you hope that other people will just let you. Even if this person mentioned it to your boss, they shouldn't have named names. That's not right. How adorable is you new puppy! Looks like Leo is very photogenic. ;) Cathe is just a wonderful person, and so personable. She answered questions that we all had, and even admitted to being sore.

    Thelma, Great job on the yoga workout. Glad that you where able to do some massaging to get relief for the lower back. Cathe did teach all the classes, so she was working out right along with us. Laurel and I noticed that some of the classes where not as full as others. Personally I couldn't figure out why anyone would miss one class. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies, today was another yoga day. The acid reflux was killing me all day long and I thought I was getting sick. My back felt better this morning and lucky for me the yoga class was all about hip openers! That really helped! I wish I could remember the poses she used but I can't remember all of them. Too many!
    Today's classes were Beginner Gentle and Barre Levels 1&2.
    I start my private yoga classes next Tuesday. So excited about this.

    Erika, I don't know how I missed your post yesterday but so glad to hear from you. Congrats on the weight loss doing the LiTe program rotation!

    Glad the trip to Houston was good. OMG, I can't believe someone went to your boss about one of your venting sessions. I hope that you and your co-worker are not in trouble. I'm sure you're nervous about this given that it sounded you were having problems with your boss.
    Sorry, Cade got injured! A knee contusion! Sounds painful! I hope he recovers quickly so he starts playing again.
    OMG, your puppy is sooooo cute! I want him so bad! He sounds like a blessing given then he's forced you to slow down and takes breaks. I bet he is helping you destress with so much cuteness!

    We want to get a dog but I worry about ticks and fleas! I would freak out if my cats got fleas and ticks when they're strictly indoors.

    Laurie, great lower body workout! I am glad Cathe did teach all the classes and no wonder she was sore! I don't think I would've skipped any of those classes no matter how exhausted I was!

    Hi Tami!

    Have a great day ladies!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was one of my favorite upper body workouts LiTe Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper plus the extended stretch.

    Thelma, Awesome job on the classes. Can't wait to hear how you enjoyed the yoga session. I'm sure that it being private you will have some great information on the form. That is the way I felt about missing a class, no matter how tired I was, I was going to attend all of them. Cathe even said that we would be tired, but to please attend.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies ~ I apologize for being MIA this week. Work has also been very busy which has felt nice. Nothing “new” busy, just helping out with all the normal “to do” tasks. No training. :/ I think that is OFF the board until summer is over quite honestly. I will just try to stay positive and busy best I can.

    One thing strange that happened to me ~ Monday evening I headed home to do Tabata Inferno + a short HiiT add-on. The only thing I can think of during the workout I strained a ligament or fiber in my upper rib section. I was doing the Renegade Rows with light weights at a faster pace is the only move I think that could have done it; So right under my left breast area ….. next morning I woke up and it is like someone knocked the wind out of me pain. I would say a “10”; a knife between my rib type feeling; obviously spasming because it would go away and come back. At any rate I haven’t done any lifting all week but have rode the Peloton twice now! OMG I love that bike so much. <3<3<3:) Despite that pain which today is much better I couldn’t stand to not get on my new toy. The movement of getting on the bike and doing that style of workout was fine (manageable It is leaning over to pick something up, breathing in deeply or turning to quickly makes it spasm. So have had some great cycling workouts and hope by Saturday I can lift again. So WEIRD. Hopefully this is not the new me at "50" :#:D

    Erika: OMG that little puppy is soooooooooo cute! What kind of dog is he? Look at that cuteness. I want him, how fun!! Huge congrats on the 6 lbs down after your LITE workouts. That is fabulous. Hopefully your manager is handling the complaints in a positive manner and things can improve. Anything happen this week you found helpful? How’s Cade’s injury doing? Poor guy. Sounds like if the doctor said 2 weeks he should be up and running again very soon, phew! Absolutely loving the Peloton!

    Thelma: Sounds like you are really enjoying the Yoga. That is great. Glad to hear your back was feeling better but yikes on the acid reflux. Do you get that very often? I cannot wait to hear about your private Yoga classes, I bet they will be amazing.

    Laurie: Well the Road Trip sounds like it was a huge success and full of fantastic workouts + meeting Cathe in person, etc. I would have done the exact same thing, just pushed through no matter what. Again, that picture is so darling. I knew you have said over the years about your height but I didn’t realize I guess how tall you are. Funny you felt like a “giant” next to her. That made me laugh. I used to always feel that way with my sister and mom because my sister is 5’2” and my mom was only 5’4” …. I’m 5’6”, so not hugely tall but in photos I for some reason look huge next to them. I bet it was so fun to meet Laurel in person. If I was able to meet any one of you it would feel like I already knew you for years. So great! Glad you had that happen.

    Did you ladies see the e-mail about the New Cathe STEP Series? Definitely the first time I wasn’t feeling overjoyed with excitement to order. Sadly the first thing I think of is “oh no, the choreography challenges”. The PHA one sounds like I would like it. We will see.

    I will check in with you ladies tomorrow! Truly missed you all and glad things are rolling along nicely for each of you. Any fun plans for your Mother's Day weekend?

    Our LGI8 rotation starts up soon right?!?!

    Hi Laurel :)

    Happy Thursday and TGIF for tomorrow ~ Tami

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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,428Member Member Posts: 1,428Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today was another yoga day. The acid reflux was killing me all day long again. It is clear to me some foods are triggering this. I'm scared to eat now. I'm going to sleep sitting up tonight to see if it helps.
    Today's classes were Ying/Yang and the instructor had some pretty awesome hip flexor stretching poses. My hips are pretty much back to normal thanks to all the hip openers the instructors have done all week. My other class today was Barre Levels 1&2. We used a chair for today's class and it was quite challenging but fun. I'm getting a lot of ab work which is great for me since I've not been good about doing it on my own. It's amazing how fatigued my arms are after one of these Barre workouts just by doing a lot of reps with 2-5 lb weights. My upper back seems to be getting worked pretty good too.

    I read Cathe's email about her new workout program. This is not one I'll be buying. Step workouts are not my thing.

    Laurie, great job with upper body Stacked Sets workout!
    I am so looking forward to the private yoga lessons. The instructor asked me what my goals were and proper form is one of them, yoga pushups is another goal. For some reason, my right shoulder rolls forward on the way up and that is how I originally hurt my rotator cuff.

    Tami, great job trying to stay busy and positive at work!
    OMG with that side injury! When I was reading your description I thought you'd broken a rib. Good idea to not lift weights. Are you taking Aleve or Advil? So glad you're loving your peloton!

    The acid reflux seems to have gotten worse in the last 6 months. Yesterday we went to a little Spanish restaurant and the food was a little fattening. I thought I was going to die! No fattening or sugary foods for me!
    I am super excited to train with this yoga instructor. She has a program called Yoga Over Blue Ridge. She does outdoor yoga sessions in the mountains I guess. Sometimes they hike and finish with yoga, or she'll do a wine tasting followed by yoga. There are way too many bugs here for my taste. There is no way I'd be doing outdoor yoga. I wouldn't be able to concentrate or relax. Today at the yoga studio a lady found a gigantic wolf spider! OMG, that thing was enormous! We had just finished our savasana and were picking up our props. She then moved her yoga block and the spider started crawling toward my area! I didn't know I could move so fast! LOL.
    I had a little washcloth as part of my props and the instructor used it to grab the spider! YIKES!

    I'm with you on the step workout Cathe will be working on. I was OK thinking I could handle the first two workouts, but then I read the dreaded 'choreographed' part and I said no way!

    Hi Erika!

    Have a great day ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was LiTe Cardio Party and Bonus Six Pak Abs #1. Felt like I was on the road trip with that workout, because she did all the same moves.

    Cathe mentioned the new series to us at the road trip. For sure I will not be buying the StepSync workout, sounds like a recipe for disaster on my part. The Imax 4 being low impact, may be an option if I don't use the step. At least that is my thought. Will have to see on the PHA Step, I like the sound of another PHA but don't want complicated step. They said that we could purchase individual workouts shortly instead of having to buy them as a set just an FYI for everyone. They also said that there would be another "set" at the beginning of next year. They didn't say what that set was going to be, but they didn't want to have that Christmas time frame anymore.

    Tami, Dang on getting hurt, I hope that you start getting better soon. That seems to be a really bad place to have that injury, since we move that part of our body constantly. Glad you are enjoying your new bike, just reading your response makes it sound like a blast. Nice that you are busy at work, but to bad on the training. With the summer being peak buying season on homes, I'm sure that you are right on not getting the training finished. That is to bad. Thanks on the picture. Laurel and I do have a picture of us with Cathe, but I was waiting until she got back on before I posted that one. With my shoes on I'm 5'8 and shoes off I'm just over 5'7, so way taller than most of the ladies that where there. Like you I'm the tallest female in my family also, so have always felt this way. Sometime in the future we all need to make it to a road trip, I think we would have a great time.

    Thelma, I hope you are able to figure out the cause of the acid reflux, sounds really painful. I'm glad that you are enjoying the classes. I love the sound of your goals for yoga, and they are both very doable.

    Have a great weekend!
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    Hi Ladies! Got back home last night after a fantastic trip around the Great Lakes. We had so many good experiences while we were away so I am having a hard time adjusting to being home.....especially since they are beginning the destruction of our bathroom already. And I haven’t even had coffee yet. :o

    Anyhow, I echo everything Laurie has said about the Road Trip. I was a little uncertain of what to expect going into it, but it far exceeded any expectation I had by miles. The workouts were fantastic, listening to and learning from Cathe was fantastic, meeting new like-minded home workout people was fantastic, but meeting Laurie was the best! As she said, it was like sitting down with an old friend and catching up. Like her, I have to recommend doing one of these if you have a chance. I thought I would be a ‘one is enough’ person.....but given the right timing, location and opportunity, I would do it again.

    So here is my photo with Cathe


    Like Laurie said, Cathe announced the step series our first night at the Road Trip. Even as a step lover I am a little hesitant about these workouts (though I will order them) but feel better knowing there are more non-step workouts coming not too long after. Her business partner really discussed the issues they have been having with trying to get DVDs made and released at Christmas, and so I think things will go a little smoother now with getting DVDs. That part makes me happy because the delay from the holidays has been getting longer and longer each passing year.

    Anyhow, I was tired from the workouts last weekend, so I enjoyed taking the few days off while we were traveling across Michigan. But, boy, was I ready to get back to it this morning. I did ICE Metabolic Total Body and Blizzard Blast into Cathe Live Time to HiiT It Low Impact from yesterday. It felt tough but much needed as well.

    Laurie, sounds like you are continuing with the great workouts from last weekend! I am looking forward to getting back to a rotation in a week, but also looking forward to a ‘free’ week to recover! And feel free to post the photo of the three of us!!

    Erica, glad your trip to Houston went okay and you survived your flights. :o But I can’t believe somebody called your boss about what you were saying. That is ridiculous. Great job with the workouts and the bonus weight loss! LITE really is a great series. I am sorry about your son’s injury. That is a scary one. Hopefully he heels quickly and can get back on the field. Such a cute pup!! Looks like he was posing for that photo. :) Too cute!

    Tami, yikes on the injury. :o Sounds like you may have torn some cartilage or even had a hair line fracture in your rib. I am glad it is getting better. My sister had that happen last year and it took her a little while to be pain-free. But I am glad you are enjoying the Pelaton!!! And I am also glad you are back to being busy at work.

    Thelma, I can’t believe your DH is going to be moving down there so soon. That must be such a relief for you! I am also glad he is going to have company for the trip, and that all continues to go well on the sale of your house. I am sorry you are having such issues with your acid reflux, though. That is no fun. But it sounds like the yoga continues to go well, which is great! Well, except for the wolf spider. :o No thank you!

    Enjoy the weekend! Off to get breakfast and some headphones. Breaking tiles in an empty bathroom is really loud!!!

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    Hi Ladies ~ Happy Monday! I am very happy to report that I am 95% pain FREE. Thank goodness. The only time I feel it at this point is if I take in a really deep breath. Then it is there but not like it was. Like you ladies, I thought I had cracked something in my rib as well, but tried to remain with my thoughts about a fiber or tissue between the ribs is what I must have irritated. So strange. Not like when you pull something and know you did it or feel it coming on. Just nothing and then BAM I could hardly move or breath. So to have only last a few days I was happy. Saturday I finally got some weight work in and went with S&S PHA followed by a Peloton ride. Weights felt great! I did however go a little bit lower on my weights than my "norm" for that workout. Rode the Peloton again yesterday for a 45 min “Feel Good Ride” ~ Tonight I am headed to BootCamp.

    Thelma: I am sorry to hear about your acid reflux. Have you ever seen a doctor about it? It sounds painful to have that going on and not wanting to eat, that’s not fun either. Glad to hear your hips are back to normal. YAY on the Yoga helping. Sounds like you are really enjoying those workouts. Thank you for the kudos on my attitude for work. Really trying hard to just focus on the positive vs. how I wish it was what the bosses said would be happening. p.s. I resorted to a pain med my DH had from his recent back spasm this year. It helped SO much. I took one at night so I could sleep better. Aleve during the day. Again, so thankful that is over with.

    Laurie: Great job with the workouts! Thank you for the info on the new StepSyn workouts. Yes, buying them separately might be my “go to” vs the whole set. The PHA one would probably be what I would really enjoy. Absolutely love the 2 she has now. Unless of course the choreography is complicated. Ooooooooh, another “new” set at beginning of year. That sounds exciting! LOL Thanks for the well wishes on my side ~ they must have helped! Again, so strange and as painful as it was those couple days I am surprised it is pretty much gone and its only been a week.

    Laurel: Welcome Back! Sounds like your trip was absolutely wonderful, which is so great. I love that the Cathe Road Trip exceeded your expectations, that’s SO great. Maybe someday I will be able to go to one. Not sure she ever makes it to this side of the Country though, I’m not sure. LOVE the photo. You too are the same height it looks like. Such a great photo. Yikes on your sister doing the same kind of thing. As I explained above, it was so odd. Wasn’t doing anything that was “new” to my body or heavier weight with the moves. Just must have moved and pulled/tore just right. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again. Not fun.

    Have a great Monday ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! Tami

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    Hi Ladies! Hope you all had a good weekend. We spent ours catching up on things around the house, which was good. Our trip to Florida next week :o is going to come up really fast.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a circuit/metabolic combo of Cathe Live Christmas Cardio Crush and Cathe Live 25, which felt good. On Sunday it was Flex Train followed by my first step workout post calf injury which was Cathe Live Advanced
    Step Choreography. Today was Cathe Live Lower Body Bootcamp followed by Rockout Knockout. I am going to finish out this week with a blend of upper, lower and total body workouts and will probably start our rotation on Saturday as opposed to Sunday since the timeline for our trip to FL keeps changing. I would not like to end the first week already behind!!!

    Tami, I am so glad you are feeling better. That is good news. My sister injured herself by reaching for something over a railing, so I think it is one of those injuries where if you are just in a slightly wrong position, it can happen. But I am glad it was short-lived and you were able to lift again on Saturday. And enjoy your Pelaton again as well! :) Thanks for the compliment on the photo. Cathe and I are almost identical in height, and it always surprises me when I am the same height as somebody since I am usually the shortest in the room. But as Laurie said, this was a pretty short crowd. I was taller than quite a few there, which was :o . But it was kind of nice for a weekend. :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, I did my yoga workouts on Friday, took Saturday off and on Sunday I did a timesaver premix of LiTe PHA2. Today I did my yoga workouts and decided to treat myself to some Cuban food. That was a bad mistake! I've been sick since lunch! My food choices seem to be very limited these days. I'm afraid to eat for fear that I'll get nauseous. I've found a GI specialist a little over one hour from BR who seems to have good reviews. I'm going to try to make an appointment with him because my meds are no longer working. Everything I eat seems to make me sick so now I'm afraid to eat. The other night I had toast with a little yogurt butter just so that I'd have something in my stomach.
    On Friday we went to meet our new friends at the BR brewery and we had a good time. We met two new couples from FL.
    I forgot to tell you that I went to get a haircut locally and I won't be going back there. I asked a lady at the yoga study where she got her hair cut, and she goes all the way to Atlanta! 2 hours each way and a haircut costs $75! OUCH. She told me that no one here in BR knows how to cut curly hair. I may give two other local stylists a try in about 6-7 weeks.

    Tomorrow, I have yoga at the studio for one hour and then I'll come home to wait for my private instructor for my first class.
    In the afternoon, I have to go to our new bank in BR to see if they can notarize the house documents the attorney needs from me, then I need to overnight them back to DH. I don't have a printer at the house so I'm hoping the notary will be able to print the 12 pages because I'll have to go find a printing place. I also need to go food shopping.

    Laurie, awesome workouts! Thanks for letting us know that we may be able to buy Cathe's new workouts individually. I think two of the workouts sound doable but not the choreographed PHA one. That sounds like an accident waiting to happen for me. I'm with you in not thinking of buying this time. I'll wait till the workouts come out so I can decide then.
    I am beside myself with excitement about DH moving here full-time.

    Laurel, welcome back!!! I looove your picture with Cathe! You and Laurie look amazing! I'm so glad both of you had such a wonderful experience on the road trip. Hopefully, someday I'll be able to do it. With my luck, she'll do step classes on that road trip! LOL.
    Great job getting back into your exercise routine. OMG, I'd forgotten about your FL trip to help your inlaws with their move. Will they stay with you until they find a home of their own?

    Tami, so glad you're doing better! great job with your workouts!
    I've had silent GERD for at least 6-8 years. Silent because I never felt the acid reflux part but now it is no longer silent. I checked out our health insurance online tonight to see if the doctor I found is part of their out-of-network
    providers and he is. I hope I can get an appointment soon.

    Hi Erika!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This is going to be short, really busy this morning. I took the day off yesterday because I have a cold. I feel better this morning, but didn't workout all weekend or this morning.

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,732Member Member Posts: 2,732Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with Cathe Live Upper Body Bootcamp. For cardio, I did RWH Plyo HiiT One into F/S Shred Cardio. Tough stuff!

    Thelma, great workouts, but I am sorry to continue to feel so poorly. Hopefully you can get to a doctor soon and get it checked out. I can’t imagine driving two hours for a haircut. :o I hope you can find somebody closer who can handle curly hair. About our trip to Florida.....honestly, I have no clue what is going to happen. The sale on my in-laws house fell through, but my MIL has boxed so much stuff up and doesn’t want to unpack it, so she wants it moved. Right now, it is going to move to Missouri, where my SIL and her DH Live (and where my in-laws lived before going to Florida). But DH s trying to talk my in-laws into getting a storage unit instead just in case they don’t sell their house or find a place in Missouri they want to live. It’s a bit of a mess, to be honest. I am just going along right now to keep DH company on the drive. B)

    Laurie, I am sorry to hear about the cold! Hope you feel better soon.

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Last night’s BootCamp class ended up being a great workout it was just odd. So Katy was gone and a new trainer to the gym filled in who was a guy. Very nice, great trainer, etc…. but the poor guy wasn’t exactly prepared and did say it was his first time to fill in on a class. Well we started with 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 yards of rowing and in between each set you did 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 sit-ups. Then we were about to start another circuit but had to move back into a different part of the gym and did high reps in almost a HiiT fashion if that is possible. :o Squats, Lunges, Rear Lunges, Front Lunges, 90 degree lunges, Shoulder Press (in every position possible w/ a barbell) Bis/Tris, Back. WHOA and done. It was a great workout but I don’t know anyone that does 20 reps back-to-back-to-back, etc. in a speed motion. He called it a AMRAP but not sure that was in true fashion. LOL I think with the late start, moving locations we just ran out of time.

    This a.m. was Cardio Slam floor section and tonight will be the PELOTON!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to it. Also great that I can put head phones in and hear my workout but not disturb DH. He did ask last night if I can show him how it works .... one step closer to him getting on the bike. ;)

    Laurel: Fabulous workouts!!! WOW-sa. Way to work and glad your calf is all healed up at this point. Your trip to Florida is right here, wow. I hope all goes well there for you guys, sounds like there is a lot going on there. I bet your DH is glad you will be there with him. Question: With the new LGI8 rotation do we go by the last rotation of workouts? I will have to look back. I’m doing Upper/Lower/Upper/Lower for the rest of the week and then a PHA or Total Body as well. I can see where that type of an injury is so un-common and strange and yet makes sense that if you move just right, it is a ZINGER. I was so scared it was going to last in that pain zone for much longer. Just reaching down to put my shoes on was painful. Last night with all the rowing and no pain I knew I was ok.

    Thelma: I am so sorry to hear the GI issues are continuing. That has to be awful. Glad you found a specialist to see. Thanks for the well wishes. I am SO glad too.

    Laurie: Hope you are feeling better!

    Have a great evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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    Hi Ladies,

    Workouts have been a little limited with the new pup! He's very attached to me since I'm home with him all day
    ! :# He's doing great on potty training and sleeps well during the night. I think our other 2 are finally adjusting to a puppy (they are 6 and 8) so things are calming down a bit! He's a purebred shih tzu and has the best personality. I know the 3 pups will be best friends with time!

    Cade's knee is on the mend, and he should be back to sports this weekend. Just as one is getting better, my other son now has a double ear infection. I spent 3 hrs at urgent care with him last night and now I am feeling really run down like I might be getting the virus he has. Hopefully it's just my body fighting it and I don't end up with it!

    Tami, the new bike sounds amazing! I'm glad the pain has resolved itself so you can get back to the workouts! I hope work continues to stay busy and hopefully gets better with the awesome positive attitude you have. I'm happy to report work is finally slowing down and I didn't get anything said to my by my manager, but she talked to my co-worker instead about what she said. I'm guessing someone (maybe even my co worker) told her to leave me alone or I'd walk. Smart person!

    Thelma, good for you on keeping with the yoga and hopefully it's helping open up the hips. I have problems with that too, it just comes on out of nowhere. I hope the acid reflux gets under control too...that is no fun at all. I haven't had that since I was pregnant, but I suffer from IBS so if I don't stay super clean with my food, I pay for it. Lately I've been slacking a bit on the healthy foods because I'm just grabbing whatever I can. Can't wait for the summer when I have no boys in sports!

    Laurel, sounds like a great trip you had, how fun! I'll be right there with you soon on bathroom remodels...we are doing 2 of them, and as much as I'm excited to get everything done, I hate the process of it actually being done and being limited on space and all the dust/dirt! Great picture of you and Cathe, so much fun!

    Laurie, loving the workouts, so great!! I hope you are getting the SUN over in WI and nice weather too. I've been soaking in all the vitamin D! It's about time we get some nice weather!!

    Time to go relax before it's time to head off to bed. Hoping to get some good sleep tonight and get back to workouts tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,428Member Member Posts: 1,428Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today for the first time in almost 6 weeks, I had a pretty good stomach day. I remembered that yogurt helps with acidity issues and it coats the throat. I had one for lunch and I had a good afternoon. I then made myself a quesadilla for dinner which was a huge mistake. The fact that most of my day was pretty much nausea free is pretty good for me. I didn't have a chance to call the GI specialist so will do it tomorrow.
    Today's classes were Yoga Basics which included chair, triangle, warrior 2 and some balancing poses and my private class.
    My first private yoga session was AMAZING! Her instructions are really good and she gave me tips on how to improve my poses which helped a lot. I knew I was placing my hands incorrectly during a plank because I felt my weight on the heel of my hands. I learned to use my fingertips for the hand position and that was a game changer for me. It's almost as if you're gripping the floor with your fingertips.
    We did sun salutations A & B. I don't remember anyone ever referring to these salutations with letters.
    Ashlee was really good about breaking down the poses into small steps so that I could see the flow and learn. She had me flowing which was so exciting to me. My yoga pushups got better and I didn't hurt my shoulder so gripping with my fingertips helped a lot.

    This video is very good in showing you the hand placement.

    The session was a full hour and she came to my house! I paid $30 for an entire hour and then she stayed for a little while longer so we talked. Turns out she and her husband own two restaurants in town and one of them is the brewery we go to!
    I can't tell you how impressed I am with this young woman. She really exceeded my expectations. she was very good about watching my form and reminding me to tuck the tail bone in, or to use my core when I was arching my back. I was actually able to hop to my hands from a downward facing dog position! I'd never attempted that at all! I wasn't able to hop all the way to my hands so I did two hops and a couple of steps to meet my hands.

    Today's yoga classes involved warrior 1 and 2 and also a lot of chair poses, tree poses so my legs got quite a workout. At the end of the da,y I could feel the fatigue in my thighs and a little bit of DOMS. It almost felt like I had been doing squats with a barbell over my shoulders. I loved Ashlee so much that I'm having her come twice a week. My next class will be on Friday afternoon.
    The strategy for my classes will be repetitive at first so I learn the flows and get better at the poses. She is doing exactly what I hoped she would do so I can learn.

    I had a busy day. Two yoga classes in the morning. In the afternoon I had to run all over town to get some house closing documents printed, notarized and overnight them back to DH. I then went food shopping. I bought some saltines to hopefully help with the acidity.

    Laurie, I'm sorry you have a cold. I hope you feel better soon! Glad you felt better this morning. Give your body the rest that it needs, please.

    Laurel, sounds like you did a really tough combo today! Good for you!!
    I can't imagine driving 2 hours each way for a haircut but my best choice might be 1.5 hours each way.
    Sorry, the sale on your in-law's house fell through. I hope your DH convinces his mom to get a storage unit for their things. It doesn't make sense to move the boxes to Missouri if they're going to live in AL. It really sounds like a little bit of a mess.

    Tami, that bootcamp sounds like a killer bootcamp! I'm so happy you're enjoying your PELOTON so much! OMG, I hope you're able to get your DH to ride that bike!

    Living with GI issues is awful and pretty depressing. I have to definitely switch to a bland diet.

    Erika, how sweet that little Leo is so attached to you! I wouldn't be able to get anything done with so much cuteness near me! LOL. I didn't realize you already had 2 other dogs! I hope they all learn to be good friends.

    So glad Cade's kneed is on the mend! I can't believe he goes back to his sports this weekend. He must be excited. Sorry, your other son has a double ear infection. Poor thing! I'm sorry too that you're feeling like you're fighting the same virus your son has. Hopefully, you're just tired.

    I do have IBS too but that has been under control for many years now. This acid reflux thing has never been this bad and it started since I moved here. I'm starting to wonder if the bed is lower at the headboard and it's making my acid escape. I've been sleeping propped up with pillows since last week. Not sure it's helping though. Very frustrating!

    Have a great day ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,525Member Member Posts: 2,525Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    No workout again this morning, still taking it easy with this cold. I opted for more sleep, this cold seems to need that. Woke up with a horrible headache though. I think I should be able to attempt something tomorrow. DH now has this cold, and talk about being a big baby. :o They are so funny when they get sick.

    Laurel, Great job getting back into your workouts. So glad to hear that you had a great time by the great lakes. To bad that the weather was so cold, but now we are getting some real warmth happening. I hope that the destruction of your bathroom goes smoothly, and that the leaking problem is fixed correctly. I feel for you on the in-law situation, that doesn't sound like a fun thing to be dealing with. My hope is that everything gets resolved, it does sound like your MIL wants to be close to family. We took my MIL out for Mothers Day, and it was so nice to be with her. She really is a very sweet person when she is relaxed and feeling good.

    Tami, Great job on your workouts, and getting in some weight work after that injury. Interesting workout that you had for that class. Glad to hear that you didn't have any issues after all the rowing you did in your class. Your Peloton is really getting a workout. :D The new PHA workout she really didn't say how complicated the step part would be. So I'm really at the wait and see aspect of this one. I'm sure that there will be premixes that will have no step, so I would still be getting my money's worth buying it.

    Thelma, I hope that you are able to get some relief from the acid issue. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your yoga sessions, and that it is already helping with form. Awesome job on all you other workouts too. Dang on the hair cut, that has to be truly disappointing. I can't imagine having to drive all the way to Atlanta to find someone that can cut your hair properly. I'm going to take care with heading into my workouts, I don't want to have this cold last forever. I really do hate spring colds.

    Erika, The pup seems to be keeping you on your toes. ;) They have so much energy, and of course they are so dang cute. I'm sure that the other dogs will welcome him into their sphere soon. I really did enjoy having Cami teach Rocket, because I don't think he would be such a good dog otherwise. He can be very skittish at times still. Today is actually the first day that it is warm, we have had sun but the temps never got over 60. I guess I just want to soak up some hot vitamin D right now. :D I'm very happy to hear that you son is on the mend and that he will be able to play again. I bet that he his happy to get back into it.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,732Member Member Posts: 2,732Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout started with Cathe Live Lean and Mean Legs. This was one of Cathe’s first live workouts, but, for whatever reason, I have never done it. It was an interesting blend of cardio, weighted work and yoga stances. Very different but seemed effective. I followed it with Cathe’s Greatest Hits DVD workout for more fun step. :)

    Tami, that sounds like a tough workout! But, also, as you said.....a bit odd. Here is what I posted a few weeks ago for the rotation. I came up with the workouts because I feel like I have not really used Cathe’s more recent workouts very much and wanted to focus (for the most part) on her last five series. But full disclosure here......I will probably veer off at times and use different workouts that meet the purpose of the week (heavy or circuits or whatever) but aren’t the ones listed. I seem to be in a mood for flexibility and variety right now. B) I also haven’t included cardio or even days of the week for the workouts because, again, I am aiming for some flexibility in my schedule for the summer months. So, with that being said, here is the rotation:

    Week 1 Total Body — S&S Giant Sets; Fit Tower Total Body; PHA and/or PHA 2
    Week 2 Circuit — ICE MTB; LITE Circuit Blast; RWH Upper and/or Lower Circuits (or ICE Lower Body Blast)
    Week 3 Heavy — RWH LIHI workouts
    Week 4 High Reps — S&S RUUB, CTX Upper Body, Lean Legs and Abs and Great Glutes
    Week 5 Bootcamp — S&S, ICE and Fit Tower BC workouts
    Week 6 Supersets — Fit Split Push and Pull and Legs and Glutes
    Week 7 Upper/Lower Alternating — LITE Pyramid Pump and Stacked Sets Upper and Lower workout
    Week 8 Recovery/Light workouts — sample workouts would be ICE To The Mat; ICE Upper Body Circuit; Fit Tower Legs,
    Glutes and Core; Fit Split Low Impact and Metabolic Circuit; LITE Body Weight and Band
    Weeks 9-16 are these weeks repeated.

    Erika, glad to hear the puppy is adjusting and your son’s knee is doing better. Hopefully your other son feels better soon. I kind of wish our bathroom project was a remodel instead of a do-over, but the house is only six months old, which is far too new to have to have the floor ripped out. Sadly, I am reaching my peak frustration as they tore the floor out last Friday promising to come lay the new floor on Monday. They never showed, which I don’t like. So when I called them, I learned our tile was still not here. Why tear apart a room without knowing you can repair it? So here we still sit with no floor and no idea when it will be repaired. So, yep, I am with you on not enjoying the hassle of the process, :#

    Thelma, glad to hear you were feeling better yesterday. Your yoga instructor sounds amazing! I am so glad you liked her. I love the sound of your plan going forward with your yoga. Yes, my in-laws situation is a bit of a mess right now. Hopefully we will get some clarity before going down there on what we are going to be doing because, as things stand, we will have one day to get everything done before we all hit the road again. Could be an interesting day. :o

    Laurie, sorry to hear about the headache. I am glad you are listening to your cold and giving it what it wants. The workouts will always be there for when you are feeling better. Honestly, we got incredibly lucky with our weather around the Great Lakes. On that Monday when we left Lake Geneva, there was a 100% chance of rain in the UP. But by the time we got to Tahquamenon Falls, it was sunny and clear. And it stayed that way until after we left Mackinac Island on Wednesday. In fact, we had beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset over Lake Superior on Monday and Tuesday, so despite the cold temps, I couldn’t have asked for much more. :)

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ As planned I went home last night and did a 45 min Tabata ride on the PELOTON. Was a great workout. This a.m. was Stacked Upper Body. Heading to a friends house after work. She is having a “CABI” Party. Which is clothing. I have heard of it and it is nice. Mostly going because she is excited to have people show up of course. A nice break in the week. :)

    Erika: Sounds like the pup is a great fit for your home – so great! I wondered if he was a ShihTzu or mix, so darling. I’m happy to hear your son’s knee is on the mend as well. Fingers crossed you don’t get any of the sickies from your son. Funny you are glad you are slowing down and I am constantly hoping for more right now. Between the training and doing “whatever” it has been steady but our office itself is SLAMMED. So it makes me feel not quite as productive. Thank you for telling me you think my attitude is positive. I am really trying that approach, otherwise it starts to bother me a lot.

    Thelma: Great news on a better stomach day!!! Hopefully you are able to get a hold of the GI Specialist. So great that you loved your private yoga class. With her helpful tips you will probably also start feeling the strength benefits as well. Yes, the BC class was intense but at the same time just “odd”. When I was done and looked at my calorie burn I thought – well that was a good workout!

    Laurie: Good that you are listening to your body and taking it easy. Spring colds are never fun. You don’t want to be down and out for too long. Hopefully that headache subsides soon along with it. I would say I am definitely breaking in the PELOTON forsure! Really enjoying it and have to make sure I am getting in my weight work in the a.m.

    Laurel: Sounds like a very fun and challenging workout combo today! Way to work. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this! I didn’t want to ask and knew I could find the old one, subbing in whatever I might want too …. But now here it is for me. I will also see how things go and some days I just look at a workout and go “nope, I think I will do “X” instead. LOL So full disclosure right back to you! Having something to pick from and swap out is perfect for me. :)

    Have a great evening ladies ~ talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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