tall ladies - what's your goal weight and/or size?



  • sarahg148
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    I'm 5'11'' and would like to be at about 20% body fat and that might put me at about 148-152. But would be happy to fit COMFORTABLY in a size 8 for pants. Already a medium for tops...so I've started lifting again.
  • SarahRea32
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    I'm 5'11.5. Currently 157 lb (71kg - AUS size 12) and aiming for 145 (66kg - Aus size 10). At my heaviest was 202lb (92kg) and leanest 136lb (62kg). After two kids my tummy is my biggest issue, focusing on overall toning and to reducing BF from ~23/4% down to about 20%.
  • I'm 6'. My goal weight is 155. I'm unsure what size that will be (it's been a long time since I've been that low, lol). After 2 kids and yo-yo-ing for a bit, I really want to get healthy and be happy.
  • I'm 6'1" and currently 169. I am small boned and my goal weight is 150. I just started getting into some of my size 4 pants so I should wind up in size 2-4 jeans. Also, hoping to drop a cup size or two. :laugh:
  • Highth-5'10.5'' weight-135 goal-125 that wat I was when I left High School, I felt most confident at. Plus I have muscular thighs and that would still make me a size 5 but more comfey in clothing.
  • It's so refreshing to see tall ladies with similar goals. I'm fairly new to MFP, I've been doing this for 3 weeks now but really only using this for the diary, until today. I'm 5'10 and my goal weight is 160, but I'd be happy with 170 if I'm toned.
  • amanda_ataraxia
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    I am 5'11". Current weight is 165 and my goal weight is 155.
  • TasTam
    TasTam Posts: 84 Member
    5'10" - would like to be 160-165
  • nicleed
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    5'9" and on my way to 150 (started around 170, currently 159). Also like my body fat % around 24-25 (currently 20 per cent)
  • sam3992
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    I'm 6'0 and my current goal weight is 160. I will see if I want to go lower once I get there. I hope to be around a size 6-8 in pants and a medium in tops.
  • schondell
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    I'm 5"8 with a small body frame, my goal is to get back down to around 115. I'm at 125 right now and gained weight from the dreaded "freshman 15"!
  • lashaunalou
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    I'm 5'9" I started at 250lb, im now 243lb and would like to be around 167lb
    Wish me luck im always open to tips on fat loss :)
  • mabelbabel1
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    I'm 5' 10 and my goal is 168lbs.....I'm a large frame and loved my hourglass figure I had at this size.
  • Canderson58054
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    Well people don't descibe me as tall... but as an amazon....lol. I'm 6'2" ish, and my goal weight right now is set for around 175. That's a long ways off though, so right now I'm working on smaller goals for myself. I think I would be happy with anything in the "healthy" range of the BMI scale.
  • I am only 5"6, and my weight loss goal is 120lb I am at 147 right now. I am having a problem consuming the sugested amount of calories. I just can not eat that much.
  • 1FitMomof4Girls
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  • nxd10
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    5'10" Started at 188. Currently 163, which is lower than my original goal weight, but my new goal weight is 150 and I am confident I'll hit it over the winter.

    I don't get what people are putting on for sizes. I'm wearing a 14 pants, 12 dress, and medium shirt - but all of those are big on me and I refuse to buy new clothes until I get down to a low stable weight. All I know is the pants I'm wearing now could be pulled straight off without unzipping them and the dresses and blouses I have are starting to hang on me.
  • VeeGeeMom
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    5'10" Even years ago in college my goal was 170. And over the years when I am close to 170 I feel great and like my curvy look. Always thought I am big boned...but now hear that is a myth?? I still have a goal of 170.
  • Matiara
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    5'11". I honestly don't know what I weigh anymore. I avoid the scale because it messes with my head even though I know better, but the last time I weight myself around July, I was in the 170s. I'm currently a (getting loose) size 12 in jeans and a small to medium in tops. Can you tell I"m an apple?

    My goal is to get back to the size 6 in jeans that I was in 2009 and I weighed around 155 then. Honestly, I will be estatic to hit an 8 and get back into the single digits, but 6 is my goal.

    And I'm not worried about losing my curves. I had an hourglass shape when I was a 125 pound teenager, I had one when I reached my ideal in 2009, and I have one now. It's how I'm built, not how much I weigh.
  • zannyzanzanzibar
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    I'm 6ft tall. Starting weight 220 and goal is 150. I've always been bigger.. never had a flat stomach etc. even before having children so I can't wait to finally be thin!

    Currently I'm at 175 & a UK size 14. I don't think I'll fit into anything smaller than a size 12 even at 150.. I have a large frame.