5'8-5'11 women before/after pics?



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    Thank you x and I just realised I forgot to say my height - 5'8".
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    I frigging love this thread!
    I'm 5'10 SW 234.2 CW 152...I need to get some pics on here at some point.

    You all look amazing!!!
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    KrisiAnnH wrote: »

    I started off exercising 5 times a week for at least 20 mins, then slowly upped my workouts to 40 mins to an hour. I've recently got a new job so workouts have taken a bit of a back burner but I still make sure I workout on days off, so at the moment my exercise plan is about an hour 3 times a week. I use FitnessBlender and their Youtube channel, and started with the beginner workouts etc (so difficulties 1 and 2).

    Sorry for the long post but it's kinda hard to sum up so many lifestyle changes and still keep it concise haha. Hope this helps :)

    Have you sent your pics to Kelli and Daniel? It's amazing the progress you've made, and made me want to get back on with their fitness plans. :) Thanks!

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    @fanncy0626 - Hi thanks for asking, all I’ve done is stuck (pretty religiously) to my calorie limit (1260 a day which seems low for my height but I’m sedentary (desk job in a tiny office so I barely move for most of the day). I’m careful to get enough protein each day as I don’t want to lose muscle mass, after that I’m not too bothered about fat/carbs at present.

    No food is ‘off limits’ – but being on low calories I need to be careful with nutrition, so my diet is pretty healthy. If I fancy a treat I just have a very small amount of it. I don’t tend to drink my calories (barring the occasional blow-out!). My diary is open if you want to take a look (bear in mind I had a camping trip in the last week when both logging and diet went completely awry – but that’s fine, I’m back to it now and I felt confident to let rip for a few days knowing I’d pick it up again this week…)!!

    My weight loss may seem fast but at first I only lost 2lb per week (even in the first couple of weeks I never got the initial water loss that people talk about - I’ve always drunk plenty of water so I probably wasn’t retaining water to begin with). Recently my loss has slowed to more like 1lb per week which is intentional as I get closer to goal.

    I’ve exercised approx 4/5 times a week with cardio plus strength training, plus the odd run - and I eat about 50% of exercise calories back.

    I don’t see this as a short-term thing to get me to my goal weight. I’ve enjoyed the process and it hasn’t been too hard. I’m loving being back in the gym and barring injury I can’t see any reason why this isn’t a lifetime change. I now understand food and nutritional values far better - so my hope is that in the future I’ll be successful at maintaining…

    Good luck everyone :smiley:
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    Clarewho wrote: »

    Thanks for the reply you did an awesome job!
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    amynb524 wrote: »
    I'm 5'8"
    I started in January:
    SW: 253
    CW: 186
    GW: 165

    Looking good x
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    Hi, I am 5'11" and at 142.5 lb. Found this site last week and am very thankful for all the great tools that are available here, and for free!

    I am not sure about my scale being correct, because when I go to doctors office every year, I weight in about 8 lb more than on home scale. But I am not going to worry about it, and concentrate on the difference.

    Here are my before pictures. I would like to go down 12-15lb. My waist is 30.0 and hips are 38.5 and would like to loose at least 2in - 4in on both. I need to look at my measurements from 10 years ago and see what they were and aim for that.
    Last 10 years I work an office job, sit all day long, and that has added these extra lb, plus not minding much what I eat. This website is great on keeping up with food calories!


    Really glad to see another tall-y shooting for a lower weight range. I am 5'11 and goal weight of 130-135. I am currently sitting at 142.5 though you look WAY better than I do at this point!
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    Tall Girl Bump
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    Looking good, @Michelepiper940!!
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    5'9 here...lurking for now...just started my journey late April. Thank you ladies for your inspiration
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    @nerdgirlinlv feel free to add me if you'd like ~ I have other tall friends and I love watching the progress and getting inspiration! :)
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    Thanks for the motivation all!
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    I am a little over 5 ft 8. I am in low 160s

    Great job. You look much younger.

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    I'm 5'9" I've lost 10lb between these 2 pics I'm 164 on the left and 154 on the right I've also gained half inch in height due to better posture and I've lost 4" off waist. I'm still going

    Yea! You are doing an amazing job!