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  • LazyBlondeChefLazyBlondeChef Member Posts: 352 Member Member Posts: 352 Member
    Wild boar meat sauce (with lots of sage) and zoodles. I sauté my zoodles as I think it gives a better flavor than raw but it sure does make the sauce soupy. I also sprinkled some fresh sage on top. Accompanied with a Simple Truth Organic Caesar salad and a glass of wine. I used the same wine in my meat sauce so it was a perfect match.

    @o0Firekeeper0o In regards to pasta alternatives ... I've had the Krogers Simple Truth brown rice/cauliflower flower/amaranth flour fusilli and Jovial's Casava fusilli. Flavor for both is OK and they aren't fragile. But the graininess of the first kind of put me off and the latter is rather chewy with good flavor.


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  • acpgeeacpgee Member Posts: 5,746 Member Member Posts: 5,746 Member
    The Xmas goose keeps on giving. Pate made from the liver with leftover cranberry sauce and brown bread.
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 6,167 Member Member Posts: 6,167 Member
    Mushroom risotto.37swg5h6mk70.jpg
  • LazyBlondeChefLazyBlondeChef Member Posts: 352 Member Member Posts: 352 Member
    Leftover wild boar meat sauce with casava fusilli and sautéed baby kale.

  • o0Firekeeper0oo0Firekeeper0o Member Posts: 214 Member Member Posts: 214 Member

    Fried chicken biscuit with pimento cheese and bacon for breakfast... I have about 500 calories left to work with for today but sometimes you gotta live a little :D

    @LazyBlondeChef I love Jovial pasta; it’s pretty much my favorite gluten free dried noodle. Just about any of the rice based ones are a safe bet!
  • MinTheKitCatMinTheKitCat Member Posts: 166 Member Member Posts: 166 Member
    Christmas yule log and meringue mushrooms:

    Those mushrooms!!!!! (the log looks amazing too but the mushrooms are so darling!!
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