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Calling all Coke Zero drinkers...



  • QueenofScott
    QueenofScott Posts: 305 Member
    I drink one can of Coke Zero every day. Other than that, all I drink is water...lots of it. I lost 85.5 lbs between August 20, 2012 and the beginning of June. The Coke Zero did not affect my weight loss.
  • jonnythan
    jonnythan Posts: 10,161 Member
    There is no benefit to cutting out processed foods.

    *facepalm* That's like saying there's no benefit to quitting smoking. I like my processed foods and will continue to eat them, knowing full well the short and long term implications on my health. There's a significant difference between making conscious tradeoffs for the things we enjoy and simply being an idiot.

    To the OP: You know the potential health concerns at this point. If you're ok with them, then keep drinking it. I have 1 or 2 Coke Zeros a week. My wife has at least 6. We've both continued to lose weight.

    What health benefits, specifically, will one see by cutting out processed foods?

    Comparing it to smoking is funny. Smoking causes impaired lung function and respiratory capacity, massive, massive increases in chances of developing several cancers, coronary heart disease, various infections, etc. That's specific, and there is solid evidence of causation.

    So show me the evidence that "processed food" causes that kind of health effect.
  • BeanDelphiki
    How does anyone defend Coke Zero, based on its taste ALONE?! The number of people in here saying they drink it daily absolutely blows my mind. I know that people have different tastes, but Coke Zero is just plain awful. I used to drink regular Coke daily, could tolerate Diet, but Zero...I tasted it ONCE, and I literally turned my head and spat it out. Then washed my mouth out! Worst-tasting beverage I've EVER had. I would even take Lipton Earl Grey over Coke Zero, and that tastes like black pepper swirled in a hearty cup of Lemon Pledge Furniture Cleaner.

    Just the fact that you like the taste is worrisome enough. Cut it out completely for a couple of weeks, and only drink water until you have functional taste buds back.

    But yes...artificial sweeteners. I'm one of those people who has an increased appetite when I consume them. I will go hours at work without feeling even slightly peckish, but if I make the mistake of putting a Splenda in my tea, I will be ravenous within an hour. It is such a consistent pattern that I couldn't possibly pretend it isn't there.

    If you don't have that happen to you, then artificial sweeteners are probably not going to make you gain weight.
  • emlott88
    emlott88 Posts: 75 Member
    Oh man.. I was addicted to diet coke. I would drink 4 cans a day with NOTHING else (i.e. no water, no other liquids).

    I'm sad to admit it, but it was a horrible habit.

    I ended up kicking diet coke about 3 months ago, and had horrible withdrawals so I went onto the caffeine free diet coke. I've been drinking that ever since.

    Up until 2 weeks ago, I was drinking 4 cans a day. I decided that enough was enough, and to kick it when I'm young. I now drink 2L+ of water a day and have a caffeine free 'DC' with my dinner at night as a treat.

    I'm hoping to kick it completely soon. I like the idea of club soda and lemon juice! I think I'll get some in the groceries next week.
  • kdwilcox1195
    they also have vanilla and cherry vanilla coke zero:D