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where are my nerds?!?!?



  • jen_bd6jen_bd6 Posts: 534Member Posts: 534Member
    gamer/movie nerd here... Feel free to add me :P
  • sundancer1966sundancer1966 Posts: 493Member Member Posts: 493Member Member
    I wave a geek flag high!! Add me if you like...
  • trojanbbtrojanbb Posts: 1,340Member Member Posts: 1,340Member Member


    :laugh: I think it's time to start a nerd war. Firefly is better than Star ****. There, I said it. Furthermore, I have always preferred the original Battlestar Galactica to the modern one and Star ****.


    Firefly is the best
  • LindseySprakeLindseySprake Posts: 335Member Member Posts: 335Member Member
    *Proudly Raises Hand*
  • V3ggieL0vinGingerV3ggieL0vinGinger Posts: 235Member Posts: 235Member
    Fellow nerd here!
  • katheernkatheern Posts: 213Member Member Posts: 213Member Member
    Yay nerds! I'm a huge gamer (not facebook games) of FPS, RPGS, etc. I have a computer science degree and work for a well known tech company.
  • Dayna5KDayna5K Posts: 136Member Member Posts: 136Member Member
    Quirky, wanna-be nonconformist, loner, high school reject, college/grad school-champion, first-class nerd and PROUD :-)
  • FuneralDinerFuneralDiner Posts: 438Member Member Posts: 438Member Member
    This pertains to some of you. And don't act like you don't know who you are.....

  • HeatherLaShae4HeatherLaShae4 Posts: 59Member Member Posts: 59Member Member
    harry potter diehard fan here... im constantly thinking of my life as if i were in harry potter... spells i could use for this or that...or against my haters... lol...... and i can tell u anything u need to know about it. :) AND im even brave enough to say VOLDEMORT aloud!!!
    i also used to be a tibia nerd... loooooooove tibia, but dont have the time to play it no more, so i guess im an EX-tibia nerd haha
  • IAmFranciscoBIAmFranciscoB Posts: 125Member Posts: 125Member
    I nerd out anything with technology. sports, equipment, whatever. and video games too.
  • Mama_MilaMama_Mila Posts: 515Member Member Posts: 515Member Member
    Hey I'm more of a geek than a nerd, I <3 zombies, video games, sci-fi, techy gadget stuff and of course my super mario shoes:


    ^^^THESE!!! ahhhhh :laugh:
  • trojanbbtrojanbb Posts: 1,340Member Member Posts: 1,340Member Member
    I hate it when people call themselves nerd because they enjoy pop culture.

    I know, right? You are not a nerd just because you enjoy some of the most popular movie and book franchises ever. There is nothing "nerdy" about Star Wars, Disney, LoTR, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games etc. These things are massively popular. Even my mom has read the Hunger Games. Harry Potter has his own theme park down in Florida. Right next to the Disney one that has the Star Wars ride in it. If something is popular enough to warrant a theme park, it's not nerdy.

    There's nothing wrong with liking these things if you do. Just don't think that liking them makes you unusual or nerdy.

    When you have Tolkien's The Silmarillion and the Appendices to LOTR nearly memorized, I think that transcends the line between "enjoying pop culture" and nerdom.
  • cliorathaclioratha Posts: 29Member Member Posts: 29Member Member
    Nerd and geek here by popular definition. Software engineer by trade, bookish bespectacled social outcast growing up, still a bookish bespectacled introvert in my early 40s. Not as much of an outcast now that I live and work in an area with a lot of fellow engineers and introverts. 20+ year tabletop gamer (mostly AD&D), prefer fantasy and sci-fi as reading genre. About due for another reread of LotR/Hobbit/Silmarillion.

    My sister joked about getting husband and I matching pocket protectors when we got married 22 years ago :embarassed: She was a teenager then and a bit of an a$$hat, but she's mostly outgrown that.

    Edit: Thinking about the definition of geekdom as having specialized knowledge in a particular esoteric field (ie band geek, etc) - consider that the folks who memorize all sorts of sports statistics like Hank Aaron's batting average are really sports geeks :wink: I suppose if there's a particular field I tend to truly qualify as 'geek' in, it's probably needlework. Not your average geek specialty, but there you have it.
  • ErinBeth7ErinBeth7 Posts: 1,637Member Posts: 1,637Member
    LoTR here!!! And all the X-Men (except for the new *kitten*).
  • AllonsYtotheTardisAllonsYtotheTardis Posts: 17,210Member Member Posts: 17,210Member Member
    Hard core geek here. I may or may not have dressed up as a klingon.

    When people ask me how I'm losing weight I say "Adipose".
  • oOMusicBabiioOMusicBabii Posts: 504Member Posts: 504Member
    Star Trek, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings here!

    And anime.

    And games.

    And, yep nerd/geek here. Used to hate it, finally just accept it.
  • secretlobstersecretlobster Posts: 3,590Member Member Posts: 3,590Member Member
    I work as a systems administrator. Learned to program from my mum who was a software engineer for Grumman. I am also a classical singer (Baroque music mostly) as a side job on weekends. I committed the BWV catalogue to memory when I was fourteen. I was picked on in high school for being a smart theater kid. I love reading science fiction: Neal Stephenson, William Gibson, Dan Simmons, et al. "Geeky" pop culture is fine, but since when is Harry Potter "nerdy"? Does that mean all twelve year olds are nerds?
  • auroranflashauroranflash Posts: 3,611Member Member Posts: 3,611Member Member
    Stargate or bust.
  • oOMusicBabiioOMusicBabii Posts: 504Member Posts: 504Member
    but since when is Harry Potter "nerdy"?

    Ever gone to a book or movie midnight release (and in costume)? Or a convention of any kind as a HP character? Or play muggle quidditch. That's when it became nerdy. Nothing wrong with it, actually really awesome!
  • RothwilderRothwilder Posts: 34Member Posts: 34Member
    but since when is Harry Potter "nerdy"?

    Ever gone to a book or movie midnight release (and in costume)? Or a convention of any kind as a HP character? Or play muggle quidditch. That's when it became nerdy. Nothing wrong with it, actually really awesome!

    Last two books midnight release.

    More of a geek than a nerd, but both are fine :)
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