The most incredible broccoli you'll ever have



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    I first tried roasting veggies ths way with asparagus. Have since tried brussell sprouts, carrots, radishes, zucchini, summer squash, and now broccoli. Loved them all except the carrots, which is funny since carrots are my favorite veggie to eat raw. Even my kids eat veggies this way. Sometimes I will add bacon bits or parmesean cheese to thiers.
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    Hmmm gonna have to try this!
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    This! I found this recipe a couple years ago -- this is my go-to way to roast broccoli. It is heavenly!!
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    bump! love the idea- less oil of course
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    I tried this but wasn't a huge fan but everyone else loved it! I just don't like Parm or Lemon and found both of these flavors overpowering
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    Thanks for the yummy recipe...
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    Cooked this last night - spray oil NOT 5tbsp oil - eeek - and it was gorgeous. However the garlic turns brown and thus has a really nasty taste - anyone tweaked the recipe so that that garlic doesn't burn and turn nasty?
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    I heart broccoli. I ususally just microwave fresh broccoli with garlic. Ill have to look at this... xx THANK YOU
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    BUMP! sounds yummy!
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    I'm hesitant even because I hate broccoli but I'm always willing to try it in a different way to see if it helps but OMG did you see the amount of total Olive Oil used? I know I know I know it's a healthier fat but we are talking what 5-6Tablespoons? I'm still being freaky because I'm in the losing not maintenace phase so I know this is probably just me. I am willing to give it a go but maybe use broccoli and cauliflower. It does sound yummy with the lemon juice and parm cheese. I wish it had calorie count listed though.
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  • I'm going to pick up broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes today
  • Yes, it is yummy. Jamie Oliver roasts his root vegetables the same way. I suggest you look up his recipes for same. Added bonus is that you are not boiling away all the nutrients in the veggies either. Good find!
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