Size 14/16 to size 4; 40 pounds lost (in 6 months)



  • dmpizza
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    Great job. You should be proud.
  • Freedom125
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    Thank you so much for posting this! You've done such a great job, you're officially my inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    I'm 5'3" and started about 10lbs higher than you did, also a size 14/16 and we even look to have a very similar body shape, hair cut, and preference for eating the same foods most days. Your story and photos are really encouraging, maybe I can do it too :-) And it looks like my goal of a size 6 is realistic, which is even better!
  • IsisRosa
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    You look great! Good job :)
  • sarahp86
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    You look incredible! Well done
  • explodingalice
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    You look amazing! I swear to god if my butt looks like that when I'm done, my head will explode! :)
  • You look amazing! Thanks for the inspiration :)
  • half_moon
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    You look amazing. Did you exercise along the way?

    Yes, I exercised the entire time. I have slowed down though, and now I am only exercising twice to three times a week. :)

    Wow... I never considered my butt to be something enviable!! I never thought it had changed too much. Thanks, guys!
  • inufan4evar
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    Wow! Like seriously I have just been feeling really bummed and feel like giving up and then i see your results and they have seriously given me s HUGE boost! Incredible!!! Way to go girl!
  • winterblue3
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    You're my inspiration for this week. Great job. I know it wasn't easy.
  • zannyzanzanzibar
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    Woooow, you look incredible!! Congrats! And I so wish I had a bum like yours!! haha
  • FitStephieMomma
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    Wow looking at your before pics is like looking at myself. Same body shape, but I'm at 215 and 5'7. As everyone else said, SOOO inspiring to see what I could look like at that weight. I have never been skinny either- I always joke that I was born at 125 lbs because that's the lowest number I remember. And that was in 5th grade!
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    You're looking great! Keep up the good work!!!
  • memmers
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    Amazing!!!! Great work so inspiring!
  • smartell2bys
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    OMG....AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great work very inspiring!!

    I am with you though it feels fantastic to drop the weight. I also went from 14/16 to a 9.
    You go girl!!!!!
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    Damn censorship :'(
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    you look great cant wait to be where youre at :flowerforyou:
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    You are AMAZING!!!! x
  • DrPepperLeigh74
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    WOW!!! You did a wonderful job :) Congratulations on the hard work you put in. I am 5' 5" and my goal is 140 so I am super inspired by you. Thanks for posting your amazing results.