What are grandmas called in your family?



  • All4Tris
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    I called my father's mother Granny Barbara and my mother's mom, Lena O_o... her first name.

    My son calls my mother "Nahnee" and I think it's so cute!
  • emmy3111
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    My kids have a Grandma and Grandpa on their Dad's side, and an Opa and Oma on my side... :)
  • juiceplusbecky
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    My grandma that lived far away was just Grandma. My grandma that lived close to us was "Grams". My great grandmas were Grandma *last name* and Grandma-ma.

    My kids have Baba and Nana and the great grandma from their dad's side was Nannie. Their grandpas are Pappy and Grandpa (or Grampy)
  • WendyTerry420
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    I just found out I am going to be a grandma. This baby will have alot of grandmas and great grandmas. I want to go by something else, so it won't be so confusing. What have you heard grandmas called?

    We stick with the word grandma, then add their name to specify which one.
  • Mine were Mamaw (last name) on dads side and Grandma on moms side
    my mom is mamaw or maw for some of the kids, hubbys mom was Grammy and his step mom is meme
    I want to be G-mama i think lol
  • swt0pie
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    nanna in Maltese language :)
  • Captainobvvious
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    Meme and pepe

    Pronounced: Meh-may and Pep-ay

  • Melaniec78
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    I have an Oma in Germany and a Gram in the US (well in heaven now)
  • nonstopper
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  • domgirl85
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    My mom's mom was Grandma Jean (Jean was her nickname/she made it her middle name at 18).
    My dad's mom was Grammy (I think my older cousins started it).
    My mom's (former) stepmom is Nana Wez (everyone else calls her Grandma Wez but tried to get me to call her Nana so I wouldn't be confused. I added the Wez myself lol).

    You can come up with something or let them come up with it.
  • ashleyoh33
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    A lot of times we just add their name to the end of Grandma. I have a Grandma Hall, Grandma Sampson, and Grandma Marilyn. I also had a "little grandma" because she was only 4'10". My mom is know as "meme" to her grandchildren.
  • MacSkillz
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    On my mom's side, it's Mémère (pronounced Mem-a) b/c she is French-Canadian.
    My dad's side is just Grandma.

    For my husband, he calls one Nana and the other was Grandma.
  • Crying_In_Color
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    That depends. My mother is called Grandma. His mother is called "that *kitten*".
  • trhjrh06
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    My daughter calls my Mom Grandma and my Mother-In-Law Nana.
  • snoopytwins
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    My mom is Meme and the ex's mom is Nana.
  • cecyvaquero
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  • odusgolp
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  • pastryari
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    My mom's mom - Nana.
    My mom's stepmom - Grandma.
    My Grandma's mom - GG.
    My Grandpa's mom - Grang-grandma or Grandma Mary.

    My dad's Mom - Crazy b*tch. (said she going out for milk and abandoned my dad & his siblings.) She's got issues, I think I've met her once but barely remember it.
    My dad's dad - He died when I was a baby.
  • Jacwhite22
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    Grandmary - Her name is Mary
  • NostalgicMuse
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    Bumma, Great, Grandma, Gramma, Nona, Nonie, Gram, Oma, MeMa
    we also do the Grandma {firstname} or Grandma {lastname}
    it's also acceptable to put "Great" in front of Grandma, but we don't find it necessary to add it in front of the other nick names.