What do YOU put in your oatmeal?



  • AngieM76
    AngieM76 Posts: 622 Member
    I just saw on a blog this morning that she puts in peanut butter and few mini chocolate chips. Thats what I am gonna try tomorrow
  • AVinmill
    AVinmill Posts: 88 Member
  • don666car
    don666car Posts: 167 Member
    chia seeds sweat and low and my spoon
  • meagalayne
    meagalayne Posts: 3,383 Member
    chia seeds sweat and low and my spoon
    If you're putting sweat into your oats, you are trying too hard :wink:
  • astrylian
    astrylian Posts: 194 Member
    Chia seeds, cinnamon, stevia, diced peaches/apples or occasionally peanut butter.
  • trudefaith
    trudefaith Posts: 50 Member
    I cook up some old fashioned oats add cinnamon and 1 (tiny) scoop of kal stevia, walnuts and banana and pour unsweetened almond milk over the top. still my favorite, but also have it with 1 or 2 tblsp of tap an apple spread, and a tsp of cinnamon and a spoonful of peanut butter, topped off with almond milk
  • Mutant13
    Mutant13 Posts: 2,485 Member
    Peanit butter, chia seeds, bananas, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, cocoa powder, jam, nuts, seeds

    And once, when I was drunk- marshmallows and tiny teddies
  • Raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon. YUM!
  • Water :laugh:
  • BradiLang
    BradiLang Posts: 3 Member
    Splenda and one scoop of pumpkin spice lean shake protein powder from GNC
  • Cr01502
    Cr01502 Posts: 3,614 Member
    I usually eat it raw with a scoop of whey and some milk. :)
  • nexangelus
    nexangelus Posts: 2,084 Member
    A dessertspoonful of flaxseed with cocoa and gojiberries, OR a scoop of chocolate protein powder, OR maple syrup and double cream, OR a dessertspoonful of coconoil.
  • rainghirl
    rainghirl Posts: 203 Member
    Usually honey, but I put in a teaspoon of cocoa powder the other day - that was yummy. I also like fruit compote / yoghurt in it.
  • paszekmonika
    paszekmonika Posts: 60 Member

    This is mine:)

    30 grams rolled oats
    100 ml almond milk
    1 grated apple
    1 tsp ground cinnamon
    few strawberries

    30 minutes in an oven.... SOOOOOOOOO YUMMY:)
  • paszekmonika
    paszekmonika Posts: 60 Member
    Sorry i don't know how to make it smaller
  • MemphisKitten
    MemphisKitten Posts: 878 Member
    I can't have oatmeal because it spikes my blood sugar too much. You guys are lucky! :wink:
  • Velum_cado
    Velum_cado Posts: 1,608 Member
    Raspberries and vanilla

    Apples, raisins, and cinnamon

    Cocoa powder and peanut butter
  • KelleyRob
    KelleyRob Posts: 97 Member
    I love steel cut oats. I have been on a kick lately of putting 1T cocoa powder and 1T extra virgin coconut oil in mine. Yummy!!!!:flowerforyou:
  • avocadofit
    avocadofit Posts: 6 Member
    Pineapples and coconut
    Cocoa powder and peanut butter
    Bananas and walnuts
  • oldernotwiser
    oldernotwiser Posts: 175 Member
    I use McCann's Irish Oatmeal and add cinnamon and diced apple. If I use milk at all it's usually Soy Slenda.