Who's Working Out on Christmas?



  • iorahkwano
    iorahkwano Posts: 709 Member
    My gym has classes Mon-Wed-Fri, so I worked out tonight :)
  • miadhail
    miadhail Posts: 383 Member
    I am working out on Christmas =) Made a pact with myself to have at least 30 mins of activity everyday (on rest days I do stretching). Considering the fact that there'd be tons of delicious food, I will be able to indulge knowing that I earned it =P
  • FitLifeDiva
    FitLifeDiva Posts: 34 Member
    I plan to run and hit the bleachers!
  • iuew
    iuew Posts: 624 Member
    i'll be working out on Christmas to prepare for a great holiday meal.
  • cmccoy0901
    cmccoy0901 Posts: 156 Member
    Since my gym is closed :sad: I will be working out on my Wii :happy:. I will do my daily body test on my Wii Fit Plus and then play some of my Zumba 2 game to complete a full hour of workout.
  • worked out today...cardio and strength training. That way tomorrow I'll just do cardio and ab routine. And then another long walk after Christmas lunch. Hell to the no am I gaining back these pounds I've slowly lost!!!
  • Hezzietiger1
    Hezzietiger1 Posts: 1,256 Member
    i am... eating whatever I want tho.. tomorrow, today, and yesterday. lol
  • worked today will be doing it again tomorrow since it's not a rest day anyway....thing is even if it was a rest I would end up working out I can't seem to just take these days for what they I get somewhat restless and feel guilty if I don't do anything :noway:
  • simplyshrinking
    simplyshrinking Posts: 94 Member
    Tomorrow happens to be my OFF day on Insanity, however I skipped yesterday's workout (felt a little sick) so I'm making it up tomorrow. A little cardio doesn't hurt anyone! :)
  • ang3h
    ang3h Posts: 185 Member
    I have to work Christmas and I am anticipating a massive potluck so I'll definitely be hitting up the gym after my shift as usual.
  • sndiane
    sndiane Posts: 83 Member
    I will definitely be exercising.
  • We had our Christmas today (Christmas Eve) and I ran 4.5 miles. I over-ate a tad, but still under as I had 1254 calories "left over" from last week. I will be working out tomorrow since it's just a regular old day. Extra long yoga class at noon, and I think I will run before yoga and then get my stretch on after my run. :)
  • ShannonECTD
    ShannonECTD Posts: 203 Member
    yes yes yes! I did this morning so I will do it again tomorrow! Buuuuut i will be stuffing my face with cinnamon rolls after my workout :laugh: :sick:
  • MsJulielicious
    MsJulielicious Posts: 708 Member
    My gym is closed so I will most likely do home pilates and a dog walk
  • Emmadennewitz
    Emmadennewitz Posts: 106 Member
    Worked all day today and hit the gym after work. Went out to dinner and stayed within my calorie range but didn't eat clean. So I guess you can say today was my cheat day. Working out again tomorrow at home since my gym is closed. Back to my regular diet tomorrow.
  • yes early in the morning, while everyone is busy playing with their new things.
  • hatethegame
    hatethegame Posts: 267 Member
    Gym is closed! It may rain/snow but I'm still going to get in a 4-5 mile run. Happy Holidays everyone!
  • Shadowknight137
    Shadowknight137 Posts: 1,243 Member
    Hell no.

    Gym's closed, anyway. And it's a rest day. On the bright side, though, I carried my wheel-chair bound Nan up and down a flight of stairs. Good enough.
  • MyOwnSunshine
    MyOwnSunshine Posts: 1,312 Member
    I lifted weights today. I may workout tomorrow, depending on how the day goes. If I get stressed and need a break, I'll go for a run.
  • Got to get it in today. It just wouldn't feel right. Merry Christmas to everybody on MFP, enjoy it with your family:happy: