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Who is the most famous person you've ever met, and what were the circumstances?


  • jbutterflye
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    Eckhart Tolle- walked right past him going into the building where his talk was being held, looked at each other in passing. (I guess that's sort of meeting)
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    alec baldwin. at the deli, he was heading to car to leave just as we parked right next to his car to go inside. had to wait until my child was gotten out of the back seat of the car before i could get out of the way of his driver door. by that time he was accosted for his autograph by a fan. i mouthed "i'm sorry" he mouthed "it's ok" and shrugged and did the autograph. he seemed cool. he looked giant, he was after all standing on the curb most of the time.
  • Penguindeb
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    Charlie Daniels...I kissed him on the cheek on his tour bus!
  • ACepero79
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    Alex Baldwin - Sunday mass
  • nturner612
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    darn! ive never met anyone famous :cry:
  • gym_king_carlie
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    50 cent. at his concert, we waited hours to see him perform and we was front row, we stayed a little after the show and he came out with his counterpart LLoyd Banks, lovely guy, we talked about Rugby been tougher than American footballer, Ive actually argued with 50 CENT!!!!! lol
  • SVCat
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    Bill Walton at DFW Intl' Airport...he fell off his golf cart taxi thing and I helped him get back on...was three sheets to the wind.
  • John Lithgow, In Upstate New York. he was performing in a play, I forget what it was all about.. LOL.. but my daughter and I were able to speak to him after the performance, he signed our tickets. Very nice person.
  • DrMAvDPhD
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    Redwings Coach Mike Babcock. He was also the coach of gold medal winning Canadian Olympic team.
    (edit: sorry for ginormous picture!)
  • The MOST famous? Hmm. The most famous is probably Alan Rickman. I saw him when he was in Seminar on Broadway and went to the stagedoor IMMEDIATELY and got right up on that barrier. His hand grazed mine as he took my Playbill to sign it. I told him he was amazing. He smiled at me. IT WAS FANTASTIC.

    I also once randomly ran into John Lithgow in Times Square. He was so nice and totally didn't mind stopping to take pictures with me and my friends.

    I've met a bunch of Broadway people, some of the drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race, some musicians, but yeah, Alan Rickman is probably the most impressive.

    Edit: Oh! And Rosario Dawson! I forgot I met her! It was very fast. She did a speaking at a college and there was a very rushed meet and greet with her. I really only got to say hello and hug her (and take a group picture with a bunch of people I've never met, but thank goodness I was standing next to her so I could crop all the other people out), but it was lovely.

    Another edit: I met Tim Gunn once at a mall. He told me that I looked chic.
  • Nyksta
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    My husband met Whitney Houston in a Footlocker in Oxford St (London, uk). It was really quiet and he was downstairs pretty much by himself looking at some trainners and she came down with her husband and kid and 2 minders and sat next to him singing along to the tune on the stereo in the store.

    I meet people in my line of work (I work at a private school) - actors, diplomats and even royalty! I guess the most famous person I know is the drummer from a very well known band :)
  • diodelcibo
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    Not sure the most famous but I met Federer at paris a year ago and had a few rallies with him.

    Actually probably diodelcibo...
  • Momf3boys
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    Brad Paisley. I won tickets on a radio station and it included meet and greet passes...I also got to sing on stage with him. Two weeks ago I met Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann at a bar prior to thier concert...yes, I love country music :)
  • Timshel_
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    I was the personal trainer at the Arizona Biltmore so I had the opportunity to meet and work with quite a few famous folks.
  • Timshel_
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    Not sure the most famous but I met Federer at paris a year ago and had a few rallies with him.

    Actually probably diodelcibo...

    That would be amazing.
  • ubermensch13
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    Alex Rodriguiez, before steroid scandal. Sat next to him during at UM baseball game when he was still with Seattle. He was very friendly at that time.
  • RhonndaJ
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    Lord... I don't know who the most famous would be.

    Probably Vincent Price. I met him and his wife while they were shopping.

    The other two in contention were Bob Denver and David McCallum.
  • Juliejustsaying
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    Mario Andretti kissed me when I was a kid (on the cheek)...and I've seen Jeff Daniels and Ted Nugent...they live around here (well Ted used to), most recently Dog the Bounty Hunter sat next to me at breakfast...I didn't know who he was though until after...sol.
  • iLoveMyPitbull1225
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    I met Charlie Hunnam of Sons Of Anarchy at an event called Outlaw Jam. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Yes, he is even more god like in person.
  • Fozzi43
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    I've met Roy Keane..a famous footballer..I've trained his wife. And a snooker player and I can't comment on how we got to know each other.