30 Day Shred -DONE with comparison picture



  • NutellaAddict
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    Great work!
  • BigDave1050
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    Great job
  • aimelee
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    i so love this program. AMAZING results!
  • WOW! You are looking hot!!! That is one of the most impressive before/after sets I have seen from the 30DS, mine was not nearly as impressive. You must have worked so hard, you should be proud :)
  • Sambo004
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    Well done! 30DS Rocks and I owe it so much too. I highly recommend a second round. You will be amazed at how much stronger you are and you will still get great results. Congratulations!
  • Bikini27
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  • ngrios
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    WOW, amazing. Just motivatd me even more, I start today. I was gonna start on Monday, but life got in the way. Now I AM READY!! Great job and keep it up.
  • mamaleftwich
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    YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! I started the 30 day shred on the 11th of March did the entire 10 days on Level 1, started on Level 2 and did 2 days and missed a day and I couldn't get back into a routine with it! After seeing you...I think I'm going to have to start over again! Congratulations to you again!
  • armymom5
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    You look terrific! congrats!
  • jbaker436
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    Thanks for sharing. I just started day 1 of the Shred last night. Sure feeling it today! I've started it before but haven't stuck with it. This inspires me to keep going. Congrats!:smile:
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    Awesome! Way to go!
  • lalbus
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  • JurassicKitten
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    I just started doing 30DS a few days a week, and boy do your photos ever inspire me to keep it up! Wonderful job! :D
    GURLEY_GIRL3 Posts: 359 Member
    holy crap...i have not done it regularly, only about once or twice a week in addition to gym days..but your results may be the motivation i need to stick to it...amazing!! Good job i know its hard so kudos to you

    this!! :wink:
  • amberc1982
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    Congrats. Great job.
  • You look amazing. Maybe I'll have to go find my 30ds dvd and do it.
  • daterminedfatburnerX
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    Wow nice going :)
  • dewsmom78
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    You look awesome! Great results.

    I am doing her Body Revolution, really hoping to see a change over the next few weeks.
  • andiechick
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    Wow, I really need to get back to my shred routine!! Well done x
  • lluulluu
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    great results - I'm on day 9 .. you look terrific !