the best thing you bought that helped you lose weight?



  • winchestervol63
    winchestervol63 Posts: 47 Member
    Best things for me are a treadmill at home and music on my phone. The treadmill makes it easy to do a quick session first thing in the morning to set the tone for the day - takes 1/3rd of the time or less compared to a trip to the gym. And the music helps to extend the time on the treadmill or on a track. Both have been invaluable for me, and well worth it -
  • NYCNika
    NYCNika Posts: 611 Member

    Nothing else has made that much difference. And to think, I used to think I did not really need it because I knew how much I should eat.
  • Diane_1984
    Diane_1984 Posts: 19 Member
    I have an elliptical trainer at home and it's an overpriced coat hanger -> better try the gym membership thing.

    Haha use mine for the same thing! It is great for hanging belts on as well!
  • justal313
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    It's a tie between a heart rate monitor and running shoes.

    Running as an activity has helped me the most, but I've been able to measure my exercise calories better because of the Heart Rate Monitor.
  • kluedesigns
    kluedesigns Posts: 72 Member
    BodyMedia Fit and a food scale
  • Kaasie1
    Kaasie1 Posts: 25
    my pedometer
  • LindsayLL30
    LindsayLL30 Posts: 154 Member
    1- my ipad with MFP app
    2- my treadmil
  • Derpinaaa
    Derpinaaa Posts: 70 Member
    Food scale, definitely.
  • Derpina7
    Derpina7 Posts: 552 Member
    Heart rate monitor!
    Food scale
    Workout tops with support
  • kcrxgirl
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    Also I'd add..Jillian Michaals 30 Day $10 and the best short workout you'll find!

    Or free on youtube, so I've heard.
  • Atarahh
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  • nicoleashley_24
    nicoleashley_24 Posts: 144 Member
    A gym membership.

    Dry-fit workout clothing (includes a great bra!)

    IPOD & music!

    Garmin Forerunner with HRM

    I have to say though, when my little one was too young for the gym's childwatch and my husband was deployed, the elliptical I bought was well worth the money. I also did DVD workouts then, like Jillian M's 30DS and Pilates, but it seems like you can find most of that stuff online for free these days.
  • AnimePrincess13
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    My HRM, so when i do Insanity I know how many calories I actually burn and when i go on walks with my daughter i know as well.
  • maryloo2011
    maryloo2011 Posts: 446
    Lose body fat? Shoes to lift very heavy weights.

    New Balance Zeros for deadlifts, Rogue Do-Wins for squats.
  • SarahBrown1979
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    BUMP to read later! I need a change up!
  • knovello82
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    I used Christmas money to buy a treadmill. I like to sometimes jog, sometimes walk on an incline. There isn't really a safe area to do that outside my home, & I didn't want to spend money on the gym. I have it facing my TV & I love it!
  • agrant85
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    I have an elliptical trainer at home and it's an overpriced coat hanger -> better try the gym membership thing.

    Yay, I'm not alone!! Mine has been a coat hanger for 5 years. I finally pulled it out last month...

    My favorite so far is my HRM.
  • neandermagnon
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    to be honest, the most helpful thing I have for weight loss is a food scale.....I was very surprised by some serving sizes!!

    ^^^^ this

    if you're counting calories, a good, accurate scale is really important. measuring by weight is more accurate than measuring by volume, and just guessing can be inaccurate enough to sabotage your entire eating plan.

    the other best thing I bought is weights, well my barbell is borrowed and I'm saving up for an olympic barbell and more plates as the one I've borrowed is not heavy enough.

    Id also like a power cage with a pull up bar... when I have some money....!!
  • HR monitor and a food scale. :happy:
  • megsmom2
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    Definitely my gym membership....and learning to have the dedication to USE it. Just got a Fitbit it!