Lose 5 Pounds in June - Open Group



  • Itbeginswithyourself
    Itbeginswithyourself Posts: 287 Member
    SW. 190lb
    CW. 182.8 lb
    GW. 178lb
    UGW. 150lb

    Weigh in dates. ( Wed)

    6/5. 180.2
    End of month

    Uhmm so I don't run, maybe one day but it always got my asthma going, but I have worked out for the last 5 days with Thursday being my rest day. That is currently ,y goal to work out 5-6 days a week.

    Way to go Abercrombie with already meeting your goal for the month!!! wow

    Thanks :)
  • babyvoice5
    babyvoice5 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello :)
    I know I'm late, but this is a great idea! I really need motivation^^

    SW: 68.9 kg (152 lb)
    CW: 68.9 kg
    GW: 56 kg (124 lb)

    Weigh in dates:
    6/5 152

    Good luck everyone =)
  • dawn_eichert
    dawn_eichert Posts: 487 Member
    This month isn't starting off very well but I have no one to blame but myself. Stress eating is causing major issues for me. I need to find the motivation to go for a different outlet....

    SW: 211
    CW: 203.5
    GW: 197 (I am really going to push it for some extra this month to make up for last month's gain.)

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/3 - 203.5
    6/6 - 203.5
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)
  • 215jenn
    215jenn Posts: 110 Member
    SW: (Starting weight) 215
    CW: (Current weight) 184.8
    GW: (Goal weight for the month) 179

    Weigh in Dates:
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)

    Total weight lost:

    Walking at lunch T/Th this week, and starting C25K on Sunday or Monday :)
  • I'm a little late, but I made it! I could definitely use the extra motivation, so I'm in!

    SW: 190
    CW: 187
    GW: 182
    My weigh days are on Fridays, so we shall see where I'm at tomorrow! I really need to turn things around this month, I haven't been doing great this week at all, and I'm afraid I've gained.
  • peopletalk
    peopletalk Posts: 519 Member
    SW: 209
    CW: 190.5
    GW: 185.0

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/1 190.5
    6/6 188.5!! wooooo :)
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)
  • fitzfam2009
    fitzfam2009 Posts: 19 Member
    Hi! i am new here! Just joined a few months ago! I am in need of some motivation! I am going to start Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred tomorrow so hopefully I can get into shape!

    SW: (Starting weight)-- 167.4
    CW: (Current weight)-- 164.6
    GW: (Goal weight for the month)- 159
  • Hotdawgnothotdog
    Hotdawgnothotdog Posts: 179 Member
    SW: 234
    CW: 204.2
    GW (for this month): 199!

    I weigh in every four days. Here's what I have so far:
    June 3rd 204.2

    Coincidentally, my next weigh day's not until… today, but I don't have access to the scale yet.

    Total weight loss: (despite what my ticker says;) 30 pounds.

    Just for fun: hard to say, I'm currently running around two miles a day at around 20 minutes, but I'm trying to take that up to 5K, so it changes constantly. But, by the end of the month, my goal'll be at least 56 miles.
  • 1princesswarrior
    1princesswarrior Posts: 1,242 Member
    Hi all, here we go!

    SW: 236
    CW: 216
    GW: 212 (for June)

    Let's hope I can keep this going and surpass my goal
  • rCatheriner
    rCatheriner Posts: 48 Member
    First time doing this...I hope I remember to post! I normally weigh myself every Friday, so I just need to add this to my routine.

    Anyways, I'm going to Florida at the end of this month and I'm definitely hoping to lose at least 5 pounds this month! My exercise is playing beach volleyball and classes most of the time, so recording steps/distances wouldn't really work for me.

    SW: (Starting weight) 255
    CW: (Current weight) 247
    GW: (Goal weight for the month) 242 (I would love to get down to 240!)

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/1- 246.9
    6/7- 244.7
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)

    Total weight lost: (so far) 2.2 pounds. Woo!
  • Focusedjessy
    Focusedjessy Posts: 114 Member
    This is my first time doing this. I need a swift kick in the butt to get going so here goes nothing.


    I plan on walking 3 miles a day 4 days a week at minimum. I will be doing strength training 3 days a week.

    My weigh in days are Friday.

    6/7: 168.4
    Total Loss Lossso far: 1.8lbs
  • MrsK20141004
    MrsK20141004 Posts: 489 Member
    I'm in!

    SW (June 1st): 175lbs
    CW: 175lbs
    GW: 170

    I plan on running a mile as a warm up 3 days a week, so 3 miles a week total. Nothing too crazy but I'm focusing on strength and weightlifting so my cardio is a warm up not a workout, right now. I'll weigh in tomorrow as today is a rest day :)
  • AmyMgetsfit
    AmyMgetsfit Posts: 636 Member
    February loss 12lbs
    March loss 7lbs
    April loss 10lbs
    May loss 5lbs

    My weigh-in days are Friday's

    165 2/1/13 when I started back on MFP

    SW: 131
    CW: 131
    GW: 126

    Ultimate goal weight is 120

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/1... 131
    6/7... 130

    Total weight lost: 1lb for June.

    Just for fun: How many miles will you walk/run this month? My favorite walking path is 4 miles around. I will try to do that 3 times a week. I am going for 50 miles minimum for the month.
  • I'm late too but would love to join in!

    SW: 189
    CW: 163.5
    GW: 133

    Weigh in Dates:
    4/6: 161
    End of Month

    Total weight lost:
  • Ashleyxjamie
    Ashleyxjamie Posts: 223 Member
    This is a continuation of a group that has run for many months. It is open to anyone who wants to participate. Post your weekly weights, your successes and struggles, and give support to the person above you!

    Here's what you do:

    SW: (Starting weight)
    CW: (Current weight)
    GW: (Goal weight for the month)

    Weigh in Dates:
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)

    Total weight lost:

    Just for fun: How many miles will you walk/run this month? Keep a running tally and let us know!

    NOTE: These posts reset at 500. If the thread locks, go to the last post and look for the link to get to the second installment.

    SW: 247
    CW: 191.4
    GW(for the month): 186.4

    Weigh in dates

    5/31 : 191.4
    6/7 :

    Goals for every week: workout 4 hours/weekly at the gym! (45 mins x 5 times a week!)

    Weigh in dates

    5/31 : 191.4
    6/7 : 191.2
  • breezylee75
    breezylee75 Posts: 101 Member
    SW: (Starting weight) 234.2
    CW: (Current weight) 233.6
    GW: (Goal weight for the month) 229.2

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/1 234.2
    6/8 233.6
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)

    Looking forward to the 220's! :)

    Total weight lost:
  • hadiyajade
    hadiyajade Posts: 41 Member
    This is my First time doing this challenge....
    SW: 233
    CW: 233
    GW: 228

    Hopefully i can move past 233... been this number for 1 and a half week now...
  • knitwit0704
    knitwit0704 Posts: 376
    SW: 235
    CW: 225
    GW: 215

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/1: 223.6
    6/7: 217.4
    End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use)

    Total weight lost:
  • renaegry
    renaegry Posts: 1,253 Member
    SW: 158 (was 180 reset at beginning of 2013)
    CW: 155
    GW: 150

    Weigh in Dates:

    6/1: 153.6
    6/7: 152.8
    End of Month:
    Total Weight Lost: 0.8

  • potatocar
    potatocar Posts: 250 Member
    Only plan on losing about 10 more pounds or so, so I'm going slower, hope it's still okay to join in.

    SW: 133.6 lbs (60.6 kg)
    CW: 126.5 lbs (57.4 kg)
    GW: 123.4 lbs (56 kg)

    Weigh in Dates:
    6/1 129 lbs (58.6 kg)