rewarded myself by being humiliated....



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    And to you my dear, I take my hat off for being the better person and not going off on him. I know at the moment it was probably more shock than restraint that held you back but you shouldn't let ignorance rob you of your bliss. You have worked HARD to get where you are and that is very telling of how far you want to go. Congrats on your victories thus far and to the many future ones to come.

    Keep up the amazing spirit! And to your hubby: Thank you for being supportive of your wife on this journey! (And not ending up in jail) :flowerforyou:
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    IDK, if you have an UnderArmour store near you, but every time I've been to one the employees have been supportive and helpful. Not sure if they necessarily carry what you're looking for, but I have always had success in finding and buying workout clothes there without feeling out of place or judged by the staff.
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    This is disgusting. How anyone can ever treat someone as if they are a nobody...I'll never understand it. I'm so happy your husband was extra supportive in your time of need and you found a store with real people in it who know that not everyone starts at the top. Be proud of the fact you even need running clothing, as there are so many of us that haven't found this love for ourselves yet.
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    That is absurd. I would definitely find a way to report him to corporate HQ
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    Thanks everyone for all the kind words and support! I definitely have to go back one day and let them know " HUGE MISTAKE' as Julia Roberts did!! that would be another great success story to post!:laugh: I didnt realize that the moderator would bleep out the name of the store but yes it D-I-C-k's sporting goods! awesome store and way better prices and obviously way better customer service. my husband has truley been amazing this whole time. He has always been in great shape and healthy and ive always weighed atleast 60-80 pounds more then him and hes never loved me any less. Yes a personal goal for me would be to finally weigh as much as him or even less would be great but it doesn't matter in his eyes cuz hes always loved me for who I am and im truley blessed to have his support. Im only 35 lbs away from meeting that first goal! Since I was unable to find sports authoritys contact email on their website and couldn't get through over the phone I really like the idea on maybe posting a lil summary on their facebook to show what kind of person is representing their company. Im sure they have good employees as well but in this case it just shows how one bad can make an impact and lose their business! :smile: He just made me that much stronger!!
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    the shop is in the mall?

    you could try complaining to the mall about discrimination. it reflects badly on the mall if customers are mistreated due to age, race, size or disability. it's a law suit (and all the bad publicity that follows) just waiting to happen. at the very least, they might give the *kitten* a stern talking to.
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    Here's their e-mail for corporate [email protected]
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    oh honey!!! he was just covering up his own IGNORANCE about the products...what a dbag...seriously!! I know it hurt you and you are SOOOO not overreacting..but don't you let it get you down!!! you order what you want from online, ebay or athleta! I recommend athleta stuff..its beautiful (expensive true) and you'll get good customer services.

    but to be honest I got some nice capris at the local used clothing store..that way when you continue to shrink you wouldn't have spent a ton of money on stuff that you fall out of soon.

    you keep up the good work!!!

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    I feel like that every frikkin time I go to Walmart! Every one is so damn rude and none of them know s*** about what they sell! Brush him off. It won't be the last time you deal with idiots and even if you were skinny, it would still happen. People are jugemental a**es. :flowerforyou: Way to go on losing weight and running!
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    Sorry that happened to you. I had a similar experience with a concert t-shirt vendor who, even though I asked for ladies XL, kept bringing me men's XXL shirts. I know it's hard not to feel ashamed or embarrassed, but that guy is the one who should be embarrassed and ashamed for acting like such an asshat to someone who was intending to spend a good chunk of money in his store. Is it really any wonder that the store was empty?

    I wouldn't even wait until you are at goal weight to go back. I'd go back now with your stuff and show them how much you spent at the other store all because of that douche.
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    *High five* to the hubs for being such a sweetheart! Sorry the manager was an *kitten*.
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    Here is the CEO's email address:

    [email protected] - his name is Darrell Webb.

    I've had good success in the past going to the very top of the chain. They will likely send your email to someone else who will usually fall all over themselves to rectify it. It's definitely worth copying & pasting your letter.
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    Good for you!

    I've always felt iffy about Sports Authority. Now I have one more reason to NOT give them my business.

    I will have to give D-I-C-K's a try. I tend to hit up New Balance, Jockey and Champion when I go to the Outlet's.
  • Almost every company now has a Facebook page for their company. You should post a complaint there.

    Being a former store manager myself, I'm appalled by managers like that. It's not the way to treat your customers, especially if you work on commission. He should be fired.
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    the bumps along the way are generally created by us and not moron's who have no right working with the general public. His job should be picking up garbage where the only harm he could have done would have been to a rotten piece of cabbage or something. Good for you for rising above it and not coming down to his level and I'm glad you found everything you needed.
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    I am so sorry you had to go through that. A lot of ppl can be mean spirited but you have come a really far way so good for you.
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    Yes. The common contraction for Richard is a bleeped work on here. Don't get it, but what the hell?

    I've had the same experience at Sport's Authority at smaller sizes. It has nothing to do with your weight.
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    What happened sucks, but I gotta say...your hubby is a keeper!
  • You should seriously write a yelp review and call a manager. maybe even submit a compaint on the Sport Authority website. Unacceptable.

    And good for your husband for being so supportive. That is not easy to find.
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    You want their facebook page? here it is
    Go on there and let them know what an idiot they have in charge of your local store.