Meat eater, vegetarian or vegan?? Which are you?



  • JessiGoodwin
    I'm really new to myfitnesspal and am enjoying the support thus far.... :)

    I've been vegan for about 10 years and can't imagine eating any other way. I don't really care what other people choose to eat (to each his own), although personally I don't believe our bodies handle meat digestion well and I find the concept of eating meat to be ethically yucky (not just the moral issues, but the environmental impact that meat production has is really disturbing).

    This summer I decided to only eat raw foods and I'm LOVING it so far. Fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds. I have a ton of energy and feel great. I'm not planning to be 100% raw forever, but hope to permanently tip my diet towards fresh raw food whenever possible.

    Regardless of your staple food choices I hope we can all agree that packaged processed foods = bad
  • dbmata
    dbmata Posts: 12,950 Member
    I love meat!!!! LOVE IT! Its delicious!!!!!

    Ive heard different things.. meat is good for you.. meat is bad for you...


    I grilled a one pound ribeye for lunch yesterday. When I saw it was 13.5 ounces after the grill, I did this: T_T

    I'm a terrible vegan.
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    I eat everything...

    If I see food.. i'm all like.. "get in my belly"

    Sometimes the food is like.. noooo.. but i'm meat.. meat is bad right?? or i'm a veggie.. you don't like me right?? Or i'm dairy.. dairy is bad right??? But I eat it's protesting *kitten* anyway..

    and I enjoy it..

    p.s.. meat is yummy.. and I want one of the steaks the guy above me cooked...
  • mumtoonegirl
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    meat all the way!
  • Jadeax
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    Meat eater but I like my veg's too but new to this so I don't know how much to eat for both lol
  • NotBonJovi
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    I am a vegetarian. More out of habit as I grew up in a no-meat household.
  • BenchPressingCats
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    I'm a man eater.
  • MSeel1984
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    Love me a cheeseburger...
  • goalss4nika
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    If it had a face, give me a taste.

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • ninerbuff
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    I eat everything, so a meatavegetariancakepizzabaconist.

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  • vkc1978
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    Im an omnivore, i LOVE good meat. But my BFF is a vegetarian, so there are many days when i 'accidently' find myself meatless for the day, or even a couple of days, and i still get lots of protein from veggie burgers, protein bars, eggs, etc. I have attempted to go full vegetarian once, but i caved the first time my son brought home Chicken Express. Thats good stuff yo.
  • Saxa11
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    Was Raw-Vegan for a while due to health reasons. Now i'm vegetarian that still eat eggs and fish on occasion, but absolutely no Dairy or meat.
  • Trechechus
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    Veg. This is why

    "if everybody in the UK changed their current eating habits to a vegetarian or vegan diet, greenhouse gas emissions savings would be equivalent to a 50 per cent reduction in exhaust pipe emissions from the country's entire passenger car fleet."
  • kdeaux1959
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    omniviore :bigsmile:
  • Going4Lean
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    I like my meat
  • ForTheAnimals
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    I am vegan - first for ethical reasons - I won't participate in any form of animal cruelty. I believe they are all sentient beings - especially the babies. The health benefits are secondary to me but they are enormously important. Thirdly, my concern for our planet motivates me if the other two motivations fail me (which they never do). The proof is in the pudding. I've lost weight and my blood work is perfect.
  • LexiAtel
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    Carnivore for the win :)
  • Miiimii
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    Vegetarian, trying to eat as less animal products as possible. Why? Feels better and makes the world better.
    SEDSK Posts: 1
    veggies and I have a love hate relationship, but I'm learning to like them and keep it basic or hide the ones I'm not too fond of in my meals. I treat meat like more of a condiment now. I eat lots of tuna, fish, egg whites, almond milk, nuts, fruit, and basic veggies like spinach, carrots, romaine, mushrooms, asparagus, onion, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet potatoes. and of course I take a multivitamin, fiber gummies, and vitamin C, daily. I try to drink 3-4 liters of water, sometimes 5 in this AZ heat daily and that pretty much keeps me from being hungry or getting the munchies.
  • Elliesque
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    Meat eater who sometimes go There are just some weeks or months that I can't stand the thought of meat -- and I'll go on a veggie kick with some fish here and there. But most of the time I'm a meat eater.