whats yr job and do u love it?



  • onecatleadstoanother
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    I'm a law clerk, I don't mind the work itself, but the commute is sucking the life out of me!
  • elainek79
    elainek79 Posts: 499 Member
    im a student psychiatric Nurse and i really love it ..meet lots of very interesting people
  • mineboy
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    I am a Team Leader of an ERT/ ESO fire rescue fire fighting team for the Australia outback mines,
    yes i love my job
  • Chadomaniac
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    Accounting , NO its chit
  • jbalistriere
    jbalistriere Posts: 300 Member
    I'm a full time executive assistant for the best team in my company (I might be a little biased, though :)). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I work with incredible people and I never live the same day twice! :)

    I'm also an independent consultant for Pampered Chef. I enjoy the parties and meeting people and I really love the free stuff I earn! :)

    I'm also currently looking for a bartending gig. I love the idea of meeting new people and making money at the bar instead of spending it... Especially with Back to School and Christmas around the corner. :)
  • latenitelucy
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    I'm an EDI data analyst for a health care company. I mostly work with insurance companies and government programs and set them up to make all payments and send patient info electronically. Then I have to audit to make sure all that info will flow through our software to our patient files correctly.

    I like it alot. I have a really great boss, but it's not my dream job.
  • Nissi51
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    District Manager and fitness instructor -love both
  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
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    Registered Nurse
    Use to love it, not so much any more


    I worked labor & delivery for 8 years. I thought it was my dream job. It wasn't. Now I'm in healthcare IT working with electronic medical records and it's only slightly better.

    Unfortunately, I need to make X amount of money and the stuff I like to do won't cut it.
  • atb0821
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    An electronic medical records trainer. I haven't actually gotten to the "training" part yet, we're stil building and installing the new system. So right now it's just a confusing cluster and I'm not loving it. But I think once I get to the real training I will like it more. I'm good in front of crowds and classrooms :smile:

    I'll do this until I find a way to make serious cash playing with dogs all day.
  • kellehbeans
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    Software developer. Yes, I love my job.
  • BlessedBe23
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    I'm currently a project manager in telecom, but I'm in school for psychology. I have about 3 semesters left to get my bachelors and then I'll go to graduate school for rehabilitation counseling. My ultimate goal is to be a therapist in private practice, probably focusing on issues in the Queer community, especially transgendered people (I'm straight but have always been around the GLBT community). I can't wait to be doing something I REALLY want to do, not just what pays the bills :)

    Between a 3 class load at school, working full time Monday through Friday, my three fur kids, friend and family, vounteer work with Lost N Found (queer homeless youth shelter in Atlanta) and my recent refocus on my own health, I am a busy girl! Now if I could just find a guy I would be totally exhausted :flowerforyou:
  • Miss_Meliss86
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    I am a forever student it seems. I have been in postsecondary education since 2004 and am on track to finish my Master's in Educational Counselling by the end of the summer/early fall.

    Job-wise I currently work as a Student Support Advisor and Special Projects Coordinator at a large university in Canada. I absolutely love it and am sad that it's only a contract. Very much hoping to extend the contract or make the job permanent as soon as possible.

    Primary focus is to defend my thesis and graduate ASAP...
  • jsanders1965
    Nurse, mostly hate it. Can't wait to retire. Stressful and thankless.
  • luceegj
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    Personal 'online' trainer

    Love it
    thats awesome..... how does that work though? curious

    I mainly help them getting their nutrition in order..

    Client gives information about his goals, how much money he wants to spend, what foods he likes, etc.
    Then i'll personalise a nutrition plan for him.

    And you're qualifyed?
  • moxiecowgirl
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    I work for a company that handles communications equipment for major brand name stores. REALLY hate it. I'm actually waiting on a call from a company with which I interviewed last week, to make a total career shift. Hoping to give my notice here this week.

    I also work part-time at the football stadium in my area on game days. Love that!
  • mcibty
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    Marketing and internal sales for a software company.

    I love it because I get to go on MFP all day.
  • WendyTerry420
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    so... what do you do in the world and do u like/love it?
    Im a professional visual artist and i exhibit regularly and have my own business and yep i love it

    I am a business analyst, and yes, I love it!
  • jsanders1965
    so... what do you do in the world and do u like/love it?
    Im a professional visual artist and i exhibit regularly and have my own business and yep i love it

    I'm a police officer, and if I didn't love it I wouldn't do it.

    The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that people who are not police officers honestly have no freakin' idea of what we do and don't do, so they judge us by what fanatics on the interwebz say, or by what some dumb *kitten* TV show portrays.

    I hear you on that one! The general public has no clue what a nurse really does and is responsible for. No idea... at all!]
  • HacheraTsarine
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    I'm only a law student right now, but I have a summer internship at l'Agence du Revenu du Québec (that'd be the equivalent to the US's IRS).

    I love the Law, but I still dream of becoming a pharmacist some day....I just don't have the grades nor the money right now...
  • Evilmuffin666
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    Just retired after 30 years in the Canadian Army. Loved it. Joined at Age 17 because I didnt know what I wanted to do for a career. 30 yrs, still havent decided but now I sit at home and they still pay me. (not as much but I cant complain).