whats yr job and do u love it?



  • KristyAnn81
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    I do medical transcription from home. I worked in the hospital for years and when we decided time for baby, I turned my attention to something I can do from home. No regrets! I get to work from home, great income, flexibility and home with my son.
  • mwalker86
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    I'm an ophthalmic technician and I love my job
  • amlygo
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    Stay at home mom currently-love it!

    Before kids I worked in museum collections care and hope to get back to working in museums someday.
  • ggsmamma
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    I am a fundraiser for higher education. I have been raising money for 22 years. I love my job because I get to hang out with generous nice people who want to help students. It is long hours and it is hard to spend 10 hours a day with very wealthy people -- you start wondering, why am I making about 1/10th of what this person makes? We both are smart, went to good schools, creative, etc. It is kinda like hanging out with fitness models all day and feeling fat even when you are in decent shape...

    Ideally, I would like to be a CEO of a family foundation and be on the other side of the desk for a little while.
  • rml_16
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    whats yr job and do u love it?

    What is your job, and do you love it?

  • Tolstoy26
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    I do grant writing and program development for a behavioral health center...I like my job, especially the benefits, but I don't love it. Looking for a new position that will get me out from sitting behind a desk all day.
  • ksimmons19
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    I'm a nurse, just left a level 1 trauma center ER for a CVICU...and yes most days I love it. I definitely love ICU more than ER.
  • bregalad5
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    I'm an English teacher. Your subject title made my eyes bleed. Thanks for that. Maybe the poster above me can help me out :ohwell:
  • Icelandic_Saga
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    I am a cube jockey. no I do not.
  • Aerosam
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    I'm an aeronautical engineer, specialising in robotic thermal spray repair processes.

    Yeah, love it.
  • annajohns85
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    I love my job, I run my own business making custom cake toppers www.preparedwithlove.co.uk :heart: :happy:
  • Moxie42
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    I'm a cubicle monkey in the implementation/ campaign management side of online advertising...and I hate it with a fiery passion so intense, I can't adequately describe it.

    I also am an independent consultant for Mary Kay, and THAT I love- hoping to make it my career someday.
  • Bean1272
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    Full Time Police Officer & Part Time Personal Security/Bodyguard.... Ehh.... Its ok... lol
  • CookNLift
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    I'm a payroll accountant. I definitely love my job, except when I'm really really tired and nonproductive.
  • sharonfoustmills
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    I am currently a student working on a doctorate degree, and I love being a student but it does not earn me anything. I also own a custom couture cake business, and it earns me money, some days I love it and some days I hate it, but it sure is a tough business to be in while trying to get healthy- I only do it on weekends for the most part. I also am a Beauticontrol rep, and I have a mobile spa business that is part of it, love that job because I get to host spa parties, enjoy female company and have lots of fun and it earns me very good money plus I have access to the absolute best skincare and cosmeceuticals and it is all made in the USA, which is important to me.
  • _Tara_R
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    I work for a State Farm Agent as a licensed insurance rep. Some days I love it...some days not so much!! :)
  • CookNLift
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    I work for a State Farm Agent as a licensed insurance rep. Some days I love it...some days not so much!! :)

    Do you work with Jake? From State Farm?
  • cns94
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    I am an assistant for the Circulatory Centers admin offices (which is a vein health specialist office). I'm responsible for helping to check patient accounts for authorizations by insurance companies, checking patient aging account balances and credits, and handling weekly billing statements. I also assist with some HR projects such as sorting and scoring resumes, scheduling interviews, etc. Sometimes I do busy work that nobody else really has time to do like filing and such.

    I really like my job most days, a little monotonous at times, but I couldn't have asked for a better summer job!