• demitraknows
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    My body is getting used to the workout and I have lost at least two inches and 6 lbs over the last few weeks so yippe I am going to keep at it.
  • pittjenn
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    Total Body Circuit completed! I'm just a double workout away from completing week 4. Today's workout felt harder than usual, but JI'm doing less and less of the modified versions, so I'm betting that's why (walking planks are SO.MUCH.HARDER than Tanya's version!). At least it burned more calories than usual, right?

    My unofficial weigh in (I only record on Saturdays) says that the pound I'd gained last week has come back off. Looking forward to busting out the measuring tape, too :)
  • Tammy_Christopher
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    I'm late checking in today. We are getting a new shower put in so this morning consisted of working out then driving to my moms to shower and get ready for work, and work has been crazy today. Tomorrow will be the same :/ Makes for a hectic morning. but it will be worth it when it's done. Gotta love house projects!

    Anyway, finished Total Body Circuit this morning. I'm really hoping that my upper body strenght kicks in, all those push ups are killer. But each time I am able to do more and more. I can't believe we are so close to finishing Alpha! And I am already dreading 3 days of TBC next week...ouch! I am also looking forward to Saturdays weigh in and measurements, hoping for better results than last week!
  • are822
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    Great job everyone! I did Total Body and Lower Focus last night...so killer. LF gets me every time! I feel great but am hoping for better results from the Beta Phase. I feel stronger, but haven't had anymore weight loss which is always frustrating.
  • Babygi6003
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    I am on week 3 Day 3&4 (I skipped yesterday) so I am doing T25 Cardio and Lower focus tonight after work.

    I have been only doing 1 on Fridays though and still haven't tried lower focus so I bet it will be killer!

    Great job everyone!
  • PLoveElliott
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    Hi All,
    Just now seeing this thread. I am on Week 2 Day 4. Am liking the workouts so far. Looking forward to seeing the progress that my body makes as the weeks go by.
    Really looking forward to my HRM arriving so that I can properly log calorie burn. Good job everyone!
  • pittjenn
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    Week 4 completed! Yay! I am soooo sleepy from getting up at 5am for a double workout, but glad it's done. I look forward to bumming around the house tomorrow for my rest day. Oh, and stats. I am anxious to see how I'm doing
  • are822
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    Happy Friday everyone! I am sore as heck from the past couple of days working out, but am still excited for a double tonight after workout...Ab Intervals and Cardio. I've been watching Shaun T webcasts today (slow day at work lol) and he really is so inspiring. I am hoping to really focus on these last 2 days of Alpha and improve my form as I move into Beta. You ladies are all doing so great!
  • Tammy_Christopher
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    Week 4 Day 5 Speed 1.0 & Abs DONE! Today was a rough day, woke up at 1am with either a stomach bug or a small case of food poisoning. And to top it off ended up with a migraine a few hours later :ohwell: Wasn't sure I'd get my workout in today, ended up missing work and resting most of the day. Started feeling a little better and decided to push through and got it done. So Week 4 is done and I'm ready for my rest day. And to top it off I get to hop in my new shower here in a bit and test it out haha.

    Congrats to everyone for making it to week 5 (or whatever week you are on). Everyone is doing such an awesome job and staying committed, it's great. Thank you all for helping to motivate me to push play each day!! It's great to have a good support system and it's really appreciated!

    Happy Rest Day to everyone tomorrow :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • Tammy_Christopher
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    End of week 4 Stats - Pretty happy with my week 4 results. I've lost a total of 3 lbs since last week. I lost 2.5 inches off my waist, an inch of my bust and 1/2 inch off my thighs. I can't wait till the end of week 5, I want to take new photos for the half way point of T25 and then again at the end to track how much I've changed. I think even next week I will notice a good difference in my body. Hoping everyone got some good results this week. Bring on week 5, our final week of Alpha!!
  • pittjenn
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    Congrats Tammy!

    I lost a pound this week (probably the same pound I gained last week!), but I'm at 6lbs lost at week 4. I didn't lose any inches this week, but I can see a noticeable difference in how my arms and legs look. They are so much more toned! I can flex my arm and have a defined muscle!

    I, too, am looking forward to comparing the start, week 5, and week 10 photos.
  • misssir2
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    Hey I love it !!! I am going on week 6 and I am finally able to nail every workout without the modified moves. My first two weeks I wanted to give up >_< my body was sore I couldn't even keep up with the modified moves :( but I kept on and I did it!! I have seen a difference as for inches and have lost a few pounds also no where near my goal. Good luck !!! Don't give up !! You got this !! Did you make a team beachbody account?
  • lin7604
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    i am on my 5th day of beta today ( doubles day) and i love this programs so far. results are very very subtle for me as i am at goal but just trying to lose some body fat. i am hoping beta will get me close to where i want to be ....
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Wow, you ladies are having amazing results! I just ordered it today and can't wait to get it. It's great to see you all rockin it!
  • jojoboxing
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    I'll be pushing play for the first time on T25 tomorrow early in the AM. See you then!
  • are822
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    Finished the Alpha round yesterday and just couldn't wait until tomorrow to start Beta. It.Is.AMAZING!! I love the way he just dives right in the workout. Alpha definitely prepares you for this!
  • p0kers0ph
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    Hi Guys. I'm on Alpha Week 1 Day 4 tomorrow.
    I'm totally loving this programme! I love how quick and convenient it is! Who doesn't have a spare 25 minutes a day!
  • BreBre134
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    I just finished week 1. Tomorrow I am starting week 2! I love it so far.
  • chimpa217
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    I started doing a 30 challenge of squats. man its been along time and it kicked my butt every day it increases today was 55
  • KALMdown
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    Just started week 2. Love love love T25. Lost 3 lbs and 3 inches off waist alone. Holy bloat, Batman!