HALP! Heavy Lifting Made Me SUPAH Bulky!!!



  • pastryari
    pastryari Posts: 8,646 Member
  • LBNOakland
    LBNOakland Posts: 379 Member
    in before the roll!! Nw, I have to go find the 1st thread! :bigsmile: Why don't we have a strong arm smiley?
  • da_bears10089
    da_bears10089 Posts: 1,791 Member
    are we going to get a round 3? sweet lawd jezus
  • atb0821
    atb0821 Posts: 458 Member
    Moar moar moar!
  • escloflowneCHANGED
    escloflowneCHANGED Posts: 3,038 Member
  • jdaley90
    jdaley90 Posts: 259 Member
    in because lifting make me SUPAH bulky!!!!
  • 0ctobre
    0ctobre Posts: 22 Member
  • capnrus789
    capnrus789 Posts: 2,731 Member
    Let it roll, baby, roll!
  • Kowent
    Kowent Posts: 40 Member
    Bump for later...... I'm going to take bf pics so I can post my afters in February!:wink:
  • InForBacon
    InForBacon Posts: 1,508 Member
  • MiloBloom83
    MiloBloom83 Posts: 2,723 Member
    See me rollin', with my homies....

    Happy Birthday Lea!
  • PJ_73
    PJ_73 Posts: 331 Member
    I so want to be SUPAH bulky too!

    Nicely done, ladies.
  • MacInCali
    MacInCali Posts: 1,042 Member
    Roll on baby!!! :heart:
  • ssaraj43
    ssaraj43 Posts: 575 Member
    Bump-to start reading :-)
  • belle_of_the_bar
    belle_of_the_bar Posts: 474 Member
    Bump before the roll! I'm going to have supah bulky pics soon, I hope!
  • NataBost
    NataBost Posts: 418 Member
    Bumping for inspiration. I was 'there' a few years ago, and now I'm back on the wagon. NICE JOB LADIES.
  • cmcollins001
    cmcollins001 Posts: 3,472 Member
  • cask16
    cask16 Posts: 196 Member
    Yup - seriously inspirational work!
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    First I want to apologize if I'm asking something that's already been answered. i've read through much of this thread (including the first part) and am totally sold! I have a LONG way to go in the weight loss department but seeing these results is totally motivating me.

    My problem is, I dont' know where to start. I have seen Starting Strength mentioned several times. What is this? A book? A video? A website? Does it have specifically what to do and HOW to do it? I'm a free weight virgin *blush*

    Starting Strength is a pdf book and Stronglifts 5x5 is a web site. Both give excellent advice, backed up by really active community for help and advice. Both concentrate on good form to set up a solid foundation for future improvements.

    The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see benefits.

    Go for it.
  • Mia_RagazzaTosta
    Mia_RagazzaTosta Posts: 4,885 Member
    In for the rollllll
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