what is the worst thing you have been called?



  • AprilSchulte10
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    My parents were tall and lean. My Dad would call me SHORT AND DUMPY. It stays with me til this day. I am at maintenance now but I am only 5'4 and still curvy, could never been what they wanted if I stood on my head. Tall and Lanky could never be me.

    I guess they were disappointed when I started gaining weight at around 16, got up to around 208 but my gosh they acted like it was just terrible. Had me crying many times. They are really the only ones that gave me a hard time if that tells you something. Status and size was so important to them. Well now I know it was them and there are plenty of mean people out there, just wondering what you have been called and hope you know it is not you. Some people just like to pick on people. LIke the lady I just read about who was yelled at when she was walking and they yelled well you are still fat! This made me think of this.

    Yup! My Grandpa was like that. He is a fat disabled man but he still would tell me how I'm fat and will never find a husband. BAM IN YOUR FACE GRANDPA!
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    Pregnant, when I wasn't.
  • Frankie_Felinius
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    Once I had a guy tell me he thought I was so pretty only to add the comment "I like bigger women like you" comments like that really bother me. It feels like a backslap comment.

    My fiancé and I were at the alehouse up the street the other day and some dude and a chick walk up next to me at the end of the bar and order their beers. He starts commenting on my look (tattoos and weird hair and whatnot), asks me if I do burlesque and I say no. He starts making comments about how he thinks it is cool that bigger chicks are doing stuff like that and he supports it...while standing next to him is a stick thin tan blonde...uh, what? :huh: Even if you WERE in to pale chubby chicks, which, clearly, you are not (and that is fine) but why on earth would you say that **** in front of her!? And my fiancé! Who honestly didn't care, but some dudes would! What a douche bag. Then we saw him again like a week later down at the microbrewery and he was all "Hey, you're hair is pink now!" (It was blue the first time I saw him). I acted like I'd never seen him before.

    I don't know if maybe I am just crazy or what but I've always liked it when people say things like this. I tend to take them at their word if they say I am attractive or their type or they think my look is cool or whatever else...hehe

    Maybe I would have if he hadn't had THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE kind of chick with him! Then again, I probably wouldn't have, I can't really take a compliment anyway!
  • I am 5"10 so I have always got messed up comets along the lines of that I looked manly built like a man and so on. This always has bothered me because I am not really a stocky tall girl and when I was skinny before I had kids I was always told I looked like a model. It freakin amazing that being overweight and tall can completely change your gender lmao
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    It's very sad when it's your own family. My mother was not very kind to me growing up. I was the reason for the family being broke. I was the reason for my siblings acting out. I was the reason my sister hated her own body.

    My mother would ridicule me in front of my sister on an almost weekly basis. Whenever my sister was having a crisis of some sort, she'd parade me out and point out all of my flaws so the two of them could laugh away their own insecurities. So whereas no one name particularly sticks out in my mind, the worst thing I feel like I've been called is a worthless child.

    And I will never let my children feel that way. Ever.
  • Krista916
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    That last day of my senior year of high school..."she's be hot if she wasn't so fat" And I wasw WAY skinner then I am now. :( That was 19 years ago and I can still hear it in my head like it was yesterday.
  • Cheechos
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    When I was little, other kids used to call me Fatzilla. They called me a bunch of other names, but none I remember as clearly or hated as much as Fatzilla.

    As I got older, some other insults stick out. I've had people tell me that no man would ever want to date my fat *kitten*, to kill myself, and that my breasts "didn't count" because I was fat.
  • Something that was true. Afterall , the truth hurts more than any lie.
  • TheNewDodge
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  • When I was in middle school they called me jigglypuff.
  • chelley_79
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    I used to have 2 girls follow me around at recess in middle school mooing and calling me a hippo and constantly throwing grass at me.

    Karma got them... they are fatter now than I ever was.
  • atmdaddy
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    As a kid I was called Pugsly. Yeah it stung. Now, I can make fun of all that because I'm comfortable in my own skin.....now considered and called the "fittest fat man in Vabeach"! Ha! Still shedding the lbs. though!!
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    haha.. yesterday I was told "yea you're athletic alright.. for a bowler.." lol. by someone who is much larger then me and doens't play sports like me. It laughed, loudly right in his face and walked away.

    I was called everything under the son growing up though.

    But what I hated was my ex telling me he wasn't attracted to me anymore since I lost weight. He's crazy. but hey, whatever floats his boat. I assume he doesn't like the idea that other men might find me attractive and he'd have to up his game. lol (well he'd feel that way at least)
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    Carp Lips.
  • MooAsh
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    I remember in grade 6 we made silhouette cut outs of our heads, and people signed them in the back. One of my classmates wrote "Have a WHALE of a summer" on it.. it stuck with me. Still does.

    I don't remember specific things said to me in Junior High, but there was this one guy who was a huge *kitten* and would make fun of me all of the time for being fat. He's now bigger than I ever was, and apparently he STILL makes fun of big girls. Some people will always be jerks.

    This didnt happen to me, but it effected me quite a lot. My best friend and I went into McDonald's one day because it was dollar drinks. She's also a big girl, and some guys in there looked at her while I was going to the washroom and said "GIRL you don't need McDonald's you need Jenny Craig!" Ouch. I know they would have said the same thing if they had have saw me as well.

    In High School I had a teacher who flat out hated me and my small group of friends. No idea why. One day he cornered me in the hallway and called me an idiot. Another time, in front of the class he told me to "go home and drink or do drugs or whatever it is I do because (i'm) a waste his time". I didnt do either of those things at that point in my life!

    One more thing. I have schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety, and I dread telling new potential dating people. I'm on disability because of it. One guy pretended to be fine with it until he finally just blurted out he thought I was lazy and wanted to be on welfare for the rest of my life. That hurt. BUT now I'm dating a guy who helps me see that I have potential, and I'm worth more than I give myself credit for. It's a long road ahead but I'm starting to feel positive about life! :)

    Also.. hugs to everyone in this thread. :flowerforyou:
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    I'm a b****y, loud, brawling type of girl so I never really got too much crap and none of it really affected me much because I like myself and value my own opinion WAY more than anyone else's! BUT a time stands out from when I was about 19. I was spending time with a guy I really liked and we had a lot of fun together but one night I heard some of his friends ragging him about my size at a big bonfire party and he said something along the lines of "it's an easy piece of *kitten* (lie) who cares if she's fat" I was REALLY pissed and also hurt so I made of big deal of telling all the girls at the party that I was breaking up with him that night because he had a tiny prick and was no good in bed (lie). I actually feel bad now for being SO immature and saying that about him and causing him to become the butt of jokes for quite a long time after. I guess my point with this story is don't let other's affect how you feel about yourself or turn you into *kitten*!
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    "a worm with no backbone".......nevertheless it motivates me to be the person I am today:drinker:
  • I've been homeschooled for awhile, so people can't judge me by my looks but by my personality... But when I was in public school I was called all the "basic" stuff: ugly, fat, and the list goes on and on and on.. :(
  • But those things motivate me now to become a better me, a stronger me, and most important A HEALTHIER ME :D
  • CharChary
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    Someone once said, "you'd be so pretty if you weren't so pudgy..."

    the most stomach sinking feeling followed.