Looking for Support/Motivation for Jillian workouts :)



  • cathipa
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    Level 2 is going much better now that I am on day 4. Definitely work up a sweat sooner than in level 1. Seeing results and couldn't be happier!
  • lucyloutoo
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    I'm giving up on buns and thighs....its just not working for me....so many of the moves require better balance than I have....so I'm not getting the best out of it..and no results. :(
    Off to try something else..
  • Monty_P
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    Hi everyone!
    I went a bit Jillian crazy in the last few months :laugh: I started with 30DS in October/November, then did RI30 in November/December and as of now I'm alternating Killer Buns and Thighs, BFBM and NMTZ (the latter being my absolute favourite) :bigsmile:
    Feel free to add me if you want an extra dose of support :flowerforyou:

    NMTZ is my favorite too!

    And mine! It makes me sweat like none of the others do!

    I've been alternating that with BFBM, enjoying them immensely.
  • gemtayls
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    Hi Guys, first time 30 day shred, I'm on day 7 now and thinking of moving on to level 2 tomorrow. Need to up my weight also as I only have really small ones, gonna get onto my pals and see if anyone has some 2.5k ones I could try...

    Finding it difficult to stick to my diet though, any ideas for quick easy low cal lunches would be appreciated.

    Also do you guys eat your calories earned? It seems pointless to me to burn them off then eat them back?!


    Gemma :) xx
  • Lyla_
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    Hi all! I'm very interested in the JM-routines you all are talking about. I'm from the Netherlands and am familiar with Jillian, but not with the workouts. Where can one view these workouts?
  • gemtayls
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    I think most are on youtube :)
  • jmht345
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    Hope I'm not too late to join the party. I just finished level 1, day 10 of 30ds. I too was looking for a support thread but just came across this one! Should have search "jillian" and not just 30ds. I am loving 30ds and already have ri30, nmtz and bfbm to keep me going once I finish 30ds.
  • DLD53
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    Evening :)

    Well, feeling proud of myself today as i had a day out with friends and ate far too much but still came home and completed Jillian :D Only 2 more days and i'm on to level 2 - at the moment i'm really happy about that but i'm thinking once i get re-aquainted with the planks i might yearn for level one again!

    Welcome to everyone joining in :D jmht345 - are you moving on to level 2 now? how do you find level 1?

    Lyla - all the levels of the 30 Day Shred are definitely on youtube :) Hope you enjoy if you try them.

    Gemma - good luck moving up to level 2 hope the extra weight gives you the extra burn :) Not sure what to suggest for lunches, if you have access to a fridge i like a pot of greek yog with seeds and banana - or a light wrap filled with spinach and tuna? Are you trying to follow a particular 'diet' or having anything within cals/macros? I'm not counting cals at the moment, but i tend to see how i feel regarding eating them back. If i'm hungry i do, if i can manage with a glass of water or something i try not to. I find i don't burn that much from Jillian to make a difference sadly!

    Lucylou - Sorry you didn't find killer buns and thighs working for you - what do you think you'll try now?

    Cathipa - so glad you are feeling level 2 working for you :) Makes the motivation so much easier!

    Hope everyone else is doing well, Di :happy:
  • DLD53
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    Hi All :)

    Day 9 Level 1 done! One more to do tomorrow and then i can take my first progress photo this time round - eek! Looking forward (with some trepidation) to Level 2 on Monday :smile:

    Hope you're all having a great weekend :happy:
  • kat2475
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    I sent you a friend request. I just turned 39 yesterday and LOVE Jillian's workouts. I'm getting ready to start 30 Day Shred on Wednesday. I'm having a cortisone injection in my hip on Monday so I have to give myself a day or 2 to recover.
  • DJ478
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    Hello everyone I love the support you guys are giving each other I am goin to start rip in 30 today however I was thinking abt doing 30 day shred and rip in 30 3days each alternating and add cardio like running or plyo (insanity or p90x) or Zumba not sure yet also I started a group last August I believe link posted below I'd love to have all you join it and post when possible to help each other I lost motivation last time once everyone slowly started to stop the workout or posting so I moved on to insanity but now that I finished it I'm sure 30 day workout would be awesome especially since they are 20 min workouts and my LO is napping less anyways sorry for long post

  • DLD53
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    Hi Ladies - welcome to the group :D

    Katchez75 - hope the injection goes well and have a great start to Jillian on Wednesday :D

    DJ478 - Good luck with RI30 - i'm sure you'll get great results with all that you are planning. Thanks for posting the group link :)

    Di :happy:
  • jmht345
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    Ugh, I was so excited to finish Level 1 on Friday but have been sick all weekend and haven't felt up to doing anything, let alone starting Level 2. And I am ready for it! The last few days of Level 1 felt a bit easy. I tried upping the weights, but it was too big of a jump (the next weight up I had was 5 pounds heavier, which killed on those anterior raises in circuit 3)! For those of you who increased the weights you were using, by what increment did you increase? Or did you just use the heavier weights for the exercise you could and revert back to the lighter ones for other exercises?
  • Hey everyone, is any of you doing the Extreme shed and shred? This time I am attempting finishing that one, as I am always just very exctied at the beginning of trying to finished RI30 and give up half way through the second level :(
  • DLD53
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    Hey Everyone :)

    Niittykukka - I have heard good things about ES&S - never tried it though. Does it follow the same 3,2,1 system as rip and shred?

    jmht345 - sorry you've been sick - that is so annoying when you were really ready to start the next level. Fingers crossed you'll be raring to go when you feel better. When i switch my weights up i go from 3lb to 5lb. I usually keep to the lower ones until i feel ready then try, but sometimes only do the first circuit before switching back. I think i'll know i've finally mastered Jillian when i can complete everything everytime with the heavier weights!

    Decided to have a day off today and did some regular fun exercise with my children. Excited to start Level 2 tomorrow though :D
  • DJ478
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    Your welcome dnd and I actually started 30ds starting out with 3lbs good luck to everyone
  • DLD53, it is a bit different. It has two levels that you can either do on alternating days or just back to back (that is what Jillian tells you to aim for :D ). Each level has 4-5 circuites with 4 exercies repeated twice. Quite good and not carzy difficult. I found RI30 more difficult. But never met anyone who was doing this one =(
  • ritornare
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    Still loving No More Trouble Zones, much more than 30DS and RI30! I try to squeeze in also BFBM once or twice a week because it's a crazy good burn, but cardio is still not my best friend. Keep up the good work, everybody!
  • ChoiceNotChance
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    Started RI 30 last week. I'm not gonna lie. I am sore, especially my quads. 54 years old but taking no prisoners. :
  • lucyloutoo
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    Since admitng defeat on kbat ,I've decided to do the shred again......wonder if its easier this time around?