What frustrates you most right now?



  • gopgirl425
    gopgirl425 Posts: 140 Member
    These last 39 pounds and why I am not losing it.
  • jlshea
    jlshea Posts: 494 Member
    Getting past my sugar cravings is frustrating today. Trying to hard to not get into the puppy chow and Whoppers that I know are upstairs in the cupboard.
  • IamUndrCnstruction
    IamUndrCnstruction Posts: 691 Member
    Working so hard and eating well in spite of serious health issues, only to have my own body sabotage me with congestive heart failure. Still going though!!!
  • ianthy
    ianthy Posts: 404 Member
    winter weather frustrates me - I find it easier to loose weight in the summer or warmer weather not the chilly cold of winter.
  • bluesrockerman
    bluesrockerman Posts: 21 Member
    That there are so many "experts" saying such contradictory things, confusing the heck out of me. I've decided to ignore them all for the sake of my own sanity and just keep things simple.. eat less, move more.

  • sassyjae21
    sassyjae21 Posts: 1,217 Member
    Being stuck at the same weight for a month and a half. Total BS!
  • hmaddpear
    hmaddpear Posts: 610 Member
    Hovering around 200lb for a month now. So frustrating to still be hitting 200+ after seeing my first 199lb on the first January. (Okay, I was dehydrated after a full nights' dancing, but still...)

    Also I'm feeling stiff in the mornings and when I get out for my lunchtime walk. It's probably the weather, but it's taking me a good mile to get back into the swing - for that first mile, it's just willpower.
  • lauribear
    lauribear Posts: 28 Member
    That it's almost the end of January and I've lost 1 pound this month. I can't seem to find that calories in/calories out sweet spot where the weight just falls off. SO FRUSTRATING!!
  • LittleMissYoYo
    LittleMissYoYo Posts: 88 Member
    I am frustrated because I could have stopped this stupid 42lbs weight gain last year, but I am also frustrated with this weather! xxx
  • CulturedCowgurl
    CulturedCowgurl Posts: 136 Member
    The Bazillion trips to the bathroom because I am drinking all this MARVELOUS water! :drinker:
  • chopper_pilot
    chopper_pilot Posts: 191 Member
    Im used to walking for over an hour and a half a day and lately the weather has been so cold and snowy that ive been missing it for weeks. Ive still been going to the gym but losing those long fast-paced walks has taken its toll on my body and im retaining weight this winter.

    Im very much looking forward to getting back out on the sidewalks and reinstating those walks.

    Im also indulging in some things that I wanted to cut back on, more than I should, so Im frustrated with that. Thankfully i dont have any crap food in the house, so I can tighten up there no problem.

    Other than that, everything is going EXCELLENT.
  • cygnetpro
    cygnetpro Posts: 419 Member
    Being hungry. I make it a point to eat breakfast, otherwise I'm starving all day. Some days, I'm good until lunch, other days I'm starving long before noon. Drives me crazy that I can do the same thing (same job routine Mon - Fri) with the same breakfast (cereal with milk), but some days I want to chew my own arm off before lunchtime.

    When I used to eat cereal with milk this happened to me too. I never knew if I'd be hungry or not during the morning.

    Sorry to give you unsolicited advice, but have you considered switching up your breakfast? I find that an egg and toast, egg taco, oatmeal with nuts, etc, fills me up and keeps me satisfied until lunchtime (even though my breakfast is usually 200 or fewer calories including coffee with a splash of milk).

    Just an idea!

    Oh my gosh, this was me (every day!). Like the person above me said, switching up my breakfast solved it. When I ate cereal (cold or not), I was ready to eat my desk by 9:30 am. But now I eat something with more protein (and few carbs), like scrambled eggs or a veggie omelette, and I'm good till noon. Best advice EVAH!
  • The fact that I have a treadmill, but that after two weeks it is still in it's box. Last week I couldn't put it up due to an injury (OK, so I got concussion ... being head-butted by the dog!) and this week I have to travel for work. I have someone to help me it together at the weekend which is great but I want to use it now damn it!!!
  • moopachoo
    moopachoo Posts: 69 Member
    I'm frustrated with myself for giving up for almost a year. I've only gone up five pounds in that time but I can see it on my body - my confidence has taken a big hit!

    But time to step that game up. Run off that frustration! ;)
  • chopper_pilot
    chopper_pilot Posts: 191 Member
    That there are so many "experts" saying such contradictory things, confusing the heck out of me. I've decided to ignore them all for the sake of my own sanity and just keep things simple.. eat less, move more.

    A better idea is to go out and teach yourself the things you need to know, so you dont have to ask others or listen to others that do know. cause you would know.

    I get frustrated when people ask me to teach them things because they are too lazy to learn for themselves and expect me to do it for them - then get angry and say they are confused and accuse me of bullying them. That's REALLY frustrating me right now, and something i have to work on outsmarting with my own clients in the gym.
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,592 Member
    im frustrated with how exhausted my medication makes me 24/7 no matter what, with how much pain my body / joints are in also because of the medication

    and how hard it is to force myself to work out now ...use to be so much easier but whatever I still do my best

  • crunchergirl
    crunchergirl Posts: 184 Member
    Realizing that this is going to be long-term and I have a LONG way to go.
  • I'm flusterated because whenever I go out to eat or order something at work I am so limited on things that are "good" for you. Everything has to be so large and full of carbs and fats sure thats good here and there. But Its difficult to go out to eat and eat heathy at some places. And then when you do its more expensive than just buying a burger and fries. Society!
  • RockWarrior84
    RockWarrior84 Posts: 839 Member
    The fact that getting healthy and in shape is a life changing thing. It is not a quick fix and you have to constantly work at it.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,853 Member
    My tennis elbow is really acting up so I'll need to lay off the power cleans for a couple of weeks...