Little trick for eating greek yogurt



  • I love plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter . If I'm looking for something chocolatey ill add some cocoa powder to it . Delish!
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    Adding artificial ingredients to make somthing you don't like edible seems silly to me. If you don't like greek yogurt, why eat it? There are plenty of other healthy foods out there.

    I've tried Greek yogurt several times, various brands, flavors, different mix-ins, etc and still can't stomach it. I currently have a container of yoplait original strawberry Greek yogurt in the fridge, but I don't have particularly high hopes. I'm just really picky about yogurt, I guess as I will only eat bended yogurt (not fruit on the bottom) and it has to have real sugar in it not nasty artificial sweeteners. Lots of calories and sugar unfortunately, but I don't really eat it too frequently anyway.
    I may have to try some of the savory ideas for dips, salad dressing, sour cream stand-in, etc though. The chicken salad recipe sounded delish as well as using it to marinade chicken.
    I'm just a little annoyed that as Greek yogurt grows in popularity, it is taking over the grocery shelves and cutting into the variety of regular yogurt available.
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    I agree. I started out with vanilla flavored greek yogurt, but it was too high in sugar, so I switched to Fage 0% mixed with a cup of strawberries. Now I prefer the non-fat plain over the sweetened kind.
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    PB2 chocolate peanut butter powder. Mix it in. Mind. Blown.
  • Aross83
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    I add some protein powder to gives it some more flavor and protein.
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    Now this I can do! :)
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    To me, greek yogurt is a substitute for sour cream. I'm not a fan of yogurt anyway unless it is sweetened and has either fruit and/or granola in it for some texture.
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  • Try other brands and flavors!
    I also wanted to switch from non fat reg yogurt to greek and the first one I tried was FAGE black cherry and it was HORRIBLE!!
    Someone recommended I try Choiobani Vanilla and add some low cal granola...IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!
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    I cannot stand some greek yogurt but I love Liberte 2% Vanilla greek yogurt and Greek Gods Honey Vanilla yogurt. Try some different brands and flavors.
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    I like a little grated dark chocolate in mine.
  • mmmmm pudding thats a nice mix.
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    our fav is strauss organic greek yogurt with some siracha. is great dip for veggis, apples or baked chips. (is good for spicy egg or tuna salad too.)
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    I never thought of that. Sounds delicious! I usually add a few drops of stevia and sometimes a small amount of fruit. I will have to try your idea. Thank you!
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    I've always like it, but the first time I had it, it was called labeneh, which is the Arabic word for the same thing, and it was introduced as a base to make dips for various vegetables, chicken nuggets etc. It was only quite a long time later that I found out that it was the same thing as greek yoghurt and considered a health food everywhere else.

    Anyway, here are some of my dip recipes:

    labeneh + barbeque sauce (just a little) + cider vinegar

    labeneh + tomato + red onion (both chopped very finely) + dijon mustard (a small amount) + cider vinegar or lemon juice

    labeneh + chopped mint + chopped coreander + dijon mustard + lemon juice

    labeneh + branston's pickle (the smooth one works better but nothing wrong with using the chunky one) + cider vinegar

    I've almost never eaten labeneh with sweet stuff but I did try it one time with a bunch of berries mixed in and it was nice
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    I add vanilla or chocolate protein powder, almonds, and fresh fruit. Yum!
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  • pminter
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    I like Fage plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon. Then top with raw slivered almonds, a 1/4 c crushed Special K protein cereal and DRIZZLE with local honey. YUM!
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    Hey guys! I'm back! =)

    Just wanted to let you know how I eat my greek yogurt now :

    Lemon greek yogurt : 1 cup yogurt, juice of one fresh lemon, pinch of salt, as many tablespoon of honey as you want (I like mine with 2 or 3), dash of turmeric (for color, it doesn't taste)

    Peanut butter yogurt : 1 cup yogurt, 1/2 cup peanut butter (I use natural PB), 1/4 cup honey, a dash of cinnamon

    I eat those as a snack or a dessert. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for ideas! Will have to try a few of these out to get my protein in!