Do anything special when you hit your goal weight?



  • hannah_ryann
    hannah_ryann Posts: 259 Member
    I'm one pound away from my goal weight. When I see that magical number (lol) I'm going to begin the process of quitting smoking. I hate that I'm a paradox.. I'm healthy and fit yet I smoke. Being able to focus solely on quitting smoking will help me, plus I'll be eating at maintenance so I'll be able to eat more and not worry about the weight gain that normally accompanies smoking. I plan on running a 10K this year and I know I won't be able to achieve that goal if I'm still a smoker.
  • rgb93
    rgb93 Posts: 17 Member
    Decided to go down even more. I wasn't satisfied with how I looked, so I kept going. My new goal weight is now 15lbs lower than my original goal weight (and I'm only 10.5lbs away from it).
  • farfromthetree
    farfromthetree Posts: 982 Member
    10 more to go...I never had reward days so I will reward myself with a burger and fries from my favorite spot.
  • linkirving
    linkirving Posts: 121 Member
    I have a very long way to go. But when the time approaches, I'm going to look into something cool that will help me maintain my goal. I'm thinking a Kayak or some other kind of non-motorized boat. Congrat on hitting goal, OP!
  • My original goal was 225 and when I hit that goal I took the family to Ireland for 2 weeks. I kept going and reset my goal to 175 but ended up at 160. I bought a metric ton of new clothes.
  • bassclef19
    bassclef19 Posts: 53 Member
    I use food.
    i will be celebrating getting back into the 'normal' BMI range with a Blossington burger at my favourite bar.
    two homemade patties, fried egg, guac, onion and lettuce. When you bite into it the egg yolk explodes in your mouth. HEAVEN!

    i haven't thought about what i want to do when I get to my goal weight. Maybe some new jeans.
  • impromark
    impromark Posts: 119 Member
    Food that is awful for you is certainly a good reward. It tastes great, but after you've changed your mindset to a fitness orientatipn, you understand that the occasional deviation along the maintenance pathway is just fine.

    My vice is Hawkins Cheezies. Used to do a bag at least once a week. Now, I imbibe when i reach a weight loss or fitness goal. Achieving these goals to me is indeed a journey, not a race. Once you start getting to those milestones, and accept the little speed bumps along the way are going to happen, but they won't stop you.

  • ALNoog
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    My husband and I took our honeymoon in August last year and it was after seeing the pictures that it really hit me how huge I had gotten! So we have pictures taken at Point Udall in St Croix that are our "before pictures" and when we get to our goal weights we will go back to the island and do or "after pictures"
  • ChancyW
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    For me it's a toss up between going sky diving or hang gliding.

    That and having an awesome fitness photo shoot.
  • DrWhoodles
    DrWhoodles Posts: 145 Member
    When I hit my goal weight I'm going to fork out the cash and get me one of those giant Lego sets that always seem to expensive. Like the $100-300 range sets, just depends on what is out when I hit my goal weight.
  • eslcity
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    that was beautiful....^^
  • EmmaNilsson77
    EmmaNilsson77 Posts: 38 Member
    I've been eyeing this for over a year, and will be hitting goal at the beginning of summer. So. That's happening.

    May also try to talk someone into joining me for a Disney half marathon, and just make a whole trip of it. Or perhaps the Rock n' Roll half in Vegas...
  • JamieMommy1985
    JamieMommy1985 Posts: 92 Member
    When I hit my goal I'm rewarding myself with a new tattoo :)
  • Erihppas
    Erihppas Posts: 121 Member
    I will be going to a Chinese Buffet.

    Yes, I know.... a food reward.

    That's what I say now but we will see... I am about 17 lbs away from my goal.
  • beachylove
    beachylove Posts: 137 Member
    Congrats to those who have hit goal...I cant wait to get to that point and can only imagine how awesome it feels. :happy:

    When I hit my goal a new wardrobe is in order to go along with my Hawaii vacation that is booked for December. All I know is that I better hit my goal within the next 9months so I can celebrate on the beach :wink:
  • farfromthetree
    farfromthetree Posts: 982 Member
    I bought myself the car I always wanted, but never fit in to:


    You totally deserve that car!!!!!!!
  • skinnybythanksgiving
    skinnybythanksgiving Posts: 160 Member
    I bought several hundred dollars worth of clothing. Luckily Dillards and Macys both had really good sales going. None of my old clothes fit.