Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    To those who want to start, but don't have the equipment yet, you can use a pair of soup cans or water bottles to start.

    And there are lots of great routines on YouTube. I love Kelly Coffey-Meyer who mixes weights with squats/lunges/planks - a great combination. Here's a link to one of her workouts:

    I started in December and love it!
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    << arms :) that's got about an 8 month time span between the first and last photos - started being more serious about weights in the past 4 months or so!!
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    I am not ready to post my before/after photos yet. However, I started lifting heavier in November and in the past 5 months I have lost 5 inches from my waist and 5 inches from my hips, among other areas. I have lost more inches than pounds during this time period because of weight training.
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    Aug. 2013 to Feb. 2014

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    Great results, everyone!
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    Bump for more motivation later! Hoping to have half of the success you ladies have had! :flowerforyou:
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    Lifting 5x per week on a deficit and working with a trainer. I killed it every single session.

    My overall results of lifting from start to now.

    Dang girl! I have to follow your blog. Can I friend you?
    Really inspirational.
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    I do not have any proper before pics as I was very very camera shy due to the weight I had gained. However, I did find one taken on holiday just before I started on MFP at the age of 44.


    I lost 37lbs through a reasonable caloric deficit and lifting over the course of a year. Since then I have done a bulk and a cut and am now reversing back up ready to bulk again. A couple of my most recent pictures, now at 46 years old:



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    My experience with weight training has been great. About 5 years ago, I lost some weight and weighed about what I do now, but I was 2 sizes larger. Muscle is more compact. I have never gotten bulky from it and I have really loved being more self reliant and not needing anyone to help with heavy lifting (well, not usually, anyway).
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    I can'r wait to seriously get into lifting.