Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    Happy to have found this thread. Very encouraging.
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    You all are awesome. Tagging for me because I REALLY need to keep the faith that I'm doing what I need to be doing despite my setbacks and frustrations.
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    In for the awesome ladies of inspiration!!

    Fantastic work all of you!
  • Bump.. You ladies are amazing!
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    21 months of heavy-lifting free weights - THAT is the picture on the right-hand-side ^^^.

    ^^^ On the left-hand side is me, after 25+ YEARS as a cardio-gym rat.

    Yes, I still do SOME cardio, but my exercise-focus is on lifting heavy free weights.

    And, yes, I'm "busy" like everybody else. I am 44 years old, a professional career-woman with more than 20 full-time years invested in my profession. I am a wife, mother of 3, volunteer, but I choose to take care of myself and as I come upon nearly 2-full-years focused on weight-lifting (instead of cardio), I'm very pleased with my progress.

    Oh, and I'm 5'9" tall....for all you stats people!
    Wow, what a difference!! Amazing :)
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    #1 reason to lift, right here.

    I want one! ;_;

    Ok everyone who posted looks amazing!

    But THIS *kitten* RIGHT HERE Omg girl! So flippen hot!
    Well done!
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    you can check out my profile pics- been lifting heavy for a year and a half now
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    I am going to show this thread to the women in the gym that only do cardio!!!

    Well done ladies!!!
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    justsomerandomgirl: you look fantastic girl!!
    Well done!
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    justsomerandomgirl: you look fantastic girl!!
    Well done!
    Thanks :)
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    Looking great ladies :)
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    Here is my progress so far.

    Man, that is some awesome work.....
    Very well done.
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    wow - awesome stuff here. thanks everyone for the inspiration.
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    :drinker: :drinker:
    Looking pretty good.
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    You all look AMAZING