Females only - lifting/weight training results?



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    everyone looks good....i'm just not sure what size weights i should be lifting or how often I should do it...I was 270 now I'm 233 I would like to lift weights so I can lose these flabby arms and flabby stomach

    As much as you can handle for about 6 - 8 reps, for about 4 sets of each exercise.

    But just get in there, start hitting it, and track what you do, then the next time you go in for that muscle group, you have an idea of where to start.
    Leave yourself notes.
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    My profile pic is me now. 5'5", 154lbs

    This is me when I started weight training 16 months ago:


    Thank you ladies, this thread was exactly what I needed today! I was just complaining to my trainer yesterday that although my strength has improved by leaps and bounds, the scale refuses to budge. Like the user quoted above, I'm 5"5 and 152lbs, and though I feel like 152lbs is heavy for my height, chubbycowgirl's picture speaks for itself. You look fantastic! You've totally inspired me and made me feel better about the stubborn scale--I just need to accept the fact that I look better in pictures and that I'm lifting like a beast. :wink:
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    I love weight lifting. My weight has been the same for about four months now but I have def lost inches and the amount I can lift increases all the time. I feel great because of the lifting. I find I am also able to push myself to do more because my body is stronger. I still do cardio, but not as much as I used to. ;) These are my results from just since I really got into lifting. They are not huge results, but results non the less ;)


    that's awesome! your abs are showing for sure. and your arms!
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    Exact same weight, one year apart.


    This was after losing 130+ pounds, so the results aren't perfect but I'm pretty pleased and eager to see the changes after another year of heavy lifting.

    well you fixed it.

    But you look great.
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    Looking good ladies!!
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    While I am an avid runner and believe in the power of cardio, the only way I've ever been able to actually lose weight and reshape my body is by lifting weights. Check out this strength training plan (three phases, 12 weeks long) to use as a base until you get yourself more familiar with lifting. There are videos to show you how to do the exercises as well.

    Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer


    Thanks for posting this! I will use it as a base. RIght now I'm just all over the place doing any lifts I remember from college.
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    This would be a goal physique for me at 32y.o. and I can only pray I could look like that in my 40s! Well done!
    I do not have any proper before pics as I was very very camera shy due to the weight I had gained. However, I did find one taken on holiday just before I started on MFP at the age of 44.


    I lost 37lbs through a reasonable caloric deficit and lifting over the course of a year. Since then I have done a bulk and a cut and am now reversing back up ready to bulk again. A couple of my most recent pictures, now at 46 years old:



    That is SO inspiring to me, a 44yr old just getting started with lifting! You look awesome and strong!
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    You ladies are the bomb!! Talk about inspiration!! I try to do heavy weights, and then I don't get results as fast as I would like to see and I end up getting back into my cardio routine again. So please enlighten me.......

    What program are you using to have such great success??

    I have about 30 lbs I would like to lose. So what type of caloric defecit should I keep??

    How many days a week can I do heavy weights?? I play hockey one day a week, so should I add any more cardio??

    For those of you using kettlebells, is that your entire workout?? Or do you do other weights in addition to that??

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for all your help and motivation though!!
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    Lifting 5x per week on a deficit and working with a trainer. I killed it every single session.

    My overall results of lifting from start to now.

    Holy F!! How long has it taken you to transform like that! you look freaking incredible!!!

    Thank you! In total 3 years. I'm a single mom and only worked out on my lunch hour. May have been slow, but it was more than worth it.

    You really do look great. What an awesome job and dedication.

    Your statement about how you look in clothes sounds like me. Looking at me, no one would know I lift at all. I'm just the skinny lady :smile:

    I even had a woman come up to me at the World Powerlifting Championships and tell me that she couldn't believe how much I lifted even after watching me on the platform.

    So I guess my physique is unimpressive but that's okay.
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    #1 reason to lift, right here.

    I want one! ;_;

    Me too!!
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    #1 reason to lift, right here.

    I want one! ;_;

    Me too!!

    Squats and SL deadlifts are my best friends! Add in some bulgarian split squats and presto *booty*
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    What program are you using to have such great success??

    I have about 30 lbs I would like to lose. So what type of caloric defecit should I keep??

    How many days a week can I do heavy weights?? I play hockey one day a week, so should I add any more cardio??

    Any program that uses compound lifts and allows you to progress heavier. You need enough of a calorie deficit to lose weight, but not so much that it impedes your lifting, you need fuel. Typically a beginner would do a full body workout 3x per week. Full body meaning you will do moves that work both your upper body and lower body. Advanced lifters often do "splits" where they might workout more often but alternate upper body day and lower body day.
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    in for inspiration :)

    I think I need to join a real gym (my in-complex facility doesn't have bar or kettle :()
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    You look amazing.
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    You all look amazing!
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    Bump for more inspiration. Great job ladies!
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    21 months of heavy-lifting free weights - THAT is the picture on the right-hand-side ^^^.

    ^^^ On the left-hand side is me, after 25+ YEARS as a cardio-gym rat.

    Yes, I still do SOME cardio, but my exercise-focus is on lifting heavy free weights.

    And, yes, I'm "busy" like everybody else. I am 44 years old, a professional career-woman with more than 20 full-time years invested in my profession. I am a wife, mother of 3, volunteer, but I choose to take care of myself and as I come upon nearly 2-full-years focused on weight-lifting (instead of cardio), I'm very pleased with my progress.

    Oh, and I'm 5'9" tall....for all you stats people!
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    tagging for inspiration
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    Bump!! I can't wait to come back to this thread to see more awesome ladies! :drinker: