You are smaller than you think you are



  • srslybritt
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    I want to find this later when I get home so I can actually measure. I guestimated for part of it, so I'm interested to know. But according to my estimates (from my last known measurements), I'm 17.5% smaller. Wow.
  • QueenBishOTUniverse
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    The thing is that they all have waists and they are shorter, so it was a little hard to translate. I was pretty accurate though.

    Yup, I carry fat in my belly and can't translate my height on to those models, and height does make a difference because someone with my measurements on a 5' frame will look very different from me. Overall I was very close and agree with where I was placed, and its a nice reality check for most people, but I think many of us that have been at this for a while, taken regular progress photos etc. probably already have a very good idea of what size we are.
  • moraiwebird
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    30% smaller than I thought I was!

    What an eye opener. Thanks OP :)
  • laurenawolf
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    trying later
  • revgosik
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    I chose between the 5th and 6th one and I am apparently before the 1st one. I am 25% smaller than I think I am?????
  • MonaLisaLianne
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    I'm 15% smaller than I think I am, and I'm a "Perfect Rectangle." :huh: Just the figure every woman wants. :wink:
  • bbb84
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    I'm 17.5% smaller than I thought I was?? I thought I was almost all the way at the right. Apparently I'm slightly right of the middle. What lol

    It also said I'm the "perfect pear." Which isn't news to me, I know that.

    Me too ! I guessed i was the 8th body type, it put me in between 4 and 5.
  • futuresize8
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    Twenty percent smaller than I thought I
  • Alisontheice
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    Cool I"m 7.5% smaller than I think I am. I guessed body #3 and I'm between 1 and 2.
  • kwaz29
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    Wow...this was eye opening for sure, especially as I am feeling not so happy with myself this week! I guessed myself in between the 6th and 7th bodies, and I apparently am actually in between the 2nd and 3rd---a 20% difference!!!

    it also said I am a perfect hourglass, which was nice to hear :laugh: :blushing:
  • raelsea
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    10% smaller than I thought I was.... Nice surprise :)
  • candidcastaway
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    This was definitely and eye opener. I picked the 7th one and ended up being the 2nd. I'm 25% smaller than I thought I was. I always knew I thought I was bigger than I am (buying clothes in old sizes thinking I'm still that size, only to get home and try it on and have it be a size or two too big), but I didn't think it was THAT much. It also said I was a perfect hourglass, which I never really would have guessed haha. Cool website :)
  • Cheddars13
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    22.5% smaller than I think I am apparently....Hmmm.
    Well, thanks for sharing! :smile:
  • mommyhof3
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    I am 22.5% smaller than I thought I was :smile:
  • 1Cor1510
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    Great site!! Iam 5% smaller than I thought I was. Way to boost the confidence this morning!

    ^^this :)
  • Kari121869
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    can someone send me the link - the one on this thread doesn't work for me :(
  • AlysonG2
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    Bumping for when I get home and can measure!
  • April_KT
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    5% larger than I think I am.

    I think that I look better than all models presented, though. There wasn't really a choice that looked like me.

    Exactly the same here!! I dont look like the 3rd one at all even in pictures that others take lol
  • 1Cor1510
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    Interesting, I put in the measurements I started at when I began in December, and back then, I was a pear, and I was the size (7.5% smaller) that I thought I am now. When I put in current measurements, I am 5% smaller than I think I am and an hourglass. Guess where I carry my weight LOL!