Deleted Friend.



  • fatcity66
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    I recently deleted someone for constantly posting about their sex life and how they wanted to sleep with someone other than their S.O. and crap like that. It was a person who added me on the random. I don't care what you do in your private life, but this is a weight loss site. I don't want to read about it in my news feed. Put that crap on Facebook if you feel the need to air your personal business. :smokin:
  • mommy2maddox
    mommy2maddox Posts: 141 Member
    I delete for inactivity, negativity, obvious lying/cheating/inaccurate posts (not as tough to pick out of the crowd when they are super obvious) and sometimes if I know them IRL (I am more comfortable posting about things if I know that someone I really know isn't going to see it).

    I have never had any pervs or religious extremists. Thankful for that.
  • JBcat123
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    I deleted cause he kept talking dirty. it wasn't attractive. I thought he would be ok since I knew him in highschool but turned out to be a pervert and real jerk!
  • melb_alex
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    yup definitely and I learnt we can block peeps too :)
  • earlydeath
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    I may be lucky but I don't have any creeps...yet lol
  • darkrose20
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    automatic deletion too if they ask if I got KIK

    sorry, but do you have kik?
  • darkrose20
    darkrose20 Posts: 1,139 Member
    I haven't deleted anyone because I don't have any friends yet.

    You need friends. Add everyone in this thread, and then delete us all and come back and tell us about the experience. Should be fun!