Show me your before & afters please! <3



  • HaibaneReki
    HaibaneReki Posts: 373 Member
    My before and after down almost 90 pounds.


    edit: never mind :wink:
  • 1973mikeg
    1973mikeg Posts: 54 Member
    I will try again later. I can't get the link to work.
  • JenToms80
    JenToms80 Posts: 373 Member
    Amazing thread! :drinker:
  • lollipopbop
    lollipopbop Posts: 10 Member
    Amazing stories!!
  • rgdelacruz43
    rgdelacruz43 Posts: 35 Member
    Wow! All of you are very inspiring :)! I just started this week (and it seems like I lost all of my water weight already) and I hope I'll be posting my own picture soon :happy: !!!
  • mhoeff1
    mhoeff1 Posts: 163 Member
    Wow! Everyone looks fantastic! A big congrats to all of you on your success stories.Keep up the great job! :)
  • hollytell
    hollytell Posts: 1
    wow you look absolutely amazing!!!

    well done everyone and thanks for the inspiration :)
  • RunningForeverMama
    RunningForeverMama Posts: 261 Member
    So inspiring! :happy:

    I'm 5'4" and about 178 in the 6/10 and 9/10 photos and 168 in the 3/13 photo (when I really got serious) and 145ish in the other. I'd still like to lose another 10-15 pounds.

  • Geloza
    Geloza Posts: 315 Member
    ^^^ Very nice!!! I'm somewhat in the same boat as you! I added ya. Well done, you look fantastic! :flowerforyou:
  • gabiinacio
    gabiinacio Posts: 124 Member
    Height 5'5ft

    Starting Weight 210lbs (both of the pics on the left)

    Current Weight 156lbs (both pics on the right)

    Goal Weight 140lbs


  • Geloza
    Geloza Posts: 315 Member
    ^^^ Gorgeous shape, beautiful girl I must say! I'm so envious, if I only had a few more inches!!! :flowerforyou:
  • 40andFindingFitness
    40andFindingFitness Posts: 497 Member
    Height, 5'3"
    Before 150 lbs:

    My lowest weight was 105 lbs. I am probably around 108 lbs in that pic.
    I gained 15 lbs over the winter so I am currently trying to shed that weight (10 lbs left).

    Wow, great job!
  • 40andFindingFitness
    40andFindingFitness Posts: 497 Member
    Before: 179 pounds. Size XL/14
    After: ~136 pounds. Size S/4


    Fantastic transforation, you look very fit.
  • 40andFindingFitness
    40andFindingFitness Posts: 497 Member

    I'm down 80 (ish) pounds. I have about 20 more left to go.


    Nice work. Love the visual.
  • 40andFindingFitness
    40andFindingFitness Posts: 497 Member
    Gotta love transformation posts. Too many to post on, you all look fabulous! Very inspirational.
  • MrsH1987
    MrsH1987 Posts: 53 Member

    These pics show a 50lb difference but I am 77lbs down altogether. I though my outfit looked good in November, I am not so sure now I have worn something identical today!

    Everybody looks great :-)


  • MrsH1987
    MrsH1987 Posts: 53 Member
    gabiinacio love your hips! You look fab
  • laynerich15
    laynerich15 Posts: 1,918 Member
    not the best photo but here is me again

    From 183lbs to 138lbs.. 5 months

  • Sherbear1109
    Sherbear1109 Posts: 155 Member


    Wow! Amazing transformation. You look truly stunning. Congrats!
  • markeugene22
    markeugene22 Posts: 6 Member

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