What foods have you given up to loose weight?



  • flissy5
    flissy5 Posts: 62 Member
    I've given up sugar in coffee - I have it black - but also I've cut down from 4 cups a day to 1. I've replaced it with peppermint tea. I save myself 3 teaspoons of sugar that way.

    I've mostly been watching calories, so effectively I've drastically cut back on a lot of things that seems like 'empty' calories. Soda/fizzy drinks I've cut out almost entirely - the occasional diet soda - or if I'm out i'll have soda water with fresh lime. I've also cut down on beer and ale, which I love.

    I'm trying to lose weight because I have high blood pressure - hence cutting down of caffeine - and so I've also cut out a lot of salt. So chips/crisps (in the UK) which were my favourite vice are now a real treat! And I've tried to eliminate all pre-prepared foods so that I can control the salt content.

    I've also replaced a sandwich for lunch with a salad most days and this in itself seems to give me 1lb a week weight loss - totally worth it!
  • kipper5
    kipper5 Posts: 22 Member
    I have also tried not to give anything up. But I guess I don't go to fast food places anymore- can't afford the calories! If I do need to grab something on the go it is usually Subway (small kids portion). :)
  • kmsnyg
    kmsnyg Posts: 100 Member
    Most fast food (except for a few healthier salads/grilled chicken), Chinese food, cakes, cookies, candy, and I've drastically cut back on my diet coke intake.
  • Velum_cado
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    The only thing I've given up completely is eating whatever I want, whenever I want. There's nothing I ate before that I don't eat now. I sometimes make substitutions to work things into my calorie goals, but I still eat the same "naughty" foods, just not as often. Having said that, I've *pretty much* cut mayo out of my diet, but that's just because I can't just eat a little bit. I will eat ALL THE MAYO - a small amount does nothing for me. So, to me, it's not really worth it. I'd rather have none than a tiny bit.
  • PrissyPisces
    PrissyPisces Posts: 117 Member
    I've given up chips, cakes, cookies, regular ice cream, and regular soda. Never drank a lot of soda, but now if I want one, I make sure it's diet. I have ice cream, but it's sugar free. I have also given up regular butter and white granulated sugar. If I can't eat it without adding sugar, I don't eat it at all. Sugar is a BIG issue for me, and a past addiction. Oh, I also gave up regular milk. I now drink Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
  • paulperryman
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    Cordial, Soft Drinks, Juice in general, Flavoured Milk (Ice Coffee was my drug of choice), Coffee/Fast Food in general, Potato Chips and other snack foods like that.

    i still partake in the occasional Pizza and easy meals from the supermarket and occasionally i have a capaccino
    I haven't given up sweets entirely just cut back considerably, gone low fat in dairy which makes me feel less bloated.
  • hookilau
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    All of them, I gave up all of them :angry:

    ok, maybe not all of them, just all the fun ones...sugar & starch :blushing:
  • hbgirl85
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    I've been pescatarian for almost 1 year. Gave up beef and poultry. I also don't drink soda or juices (I prefer fresh fruit). I also don't eat fast food, processed food with nitrates, pizza, and pasta (because I can't control myself). I will treat myself to ice cream and occasionally candy in very small doses-lol.
  • Perrybarger
    I gave up ice cream. Now I do have it on rare occasion as a treat, but for the most part I traded it in for Greek yogurt.
  • rodduz
    rodduz Posts: 251 Member
    Nothing and why would you, have to enjoy what you eat. Just have to limit how much of them you eat.
  • Shari_Lynn_Wallace
    Shari_Lynn_Wallace Posts: 10 Member
    I have given up no foods! I just don't eat remotely the same portions and stop eating after six pm!

  • anndawe
    anndawe Posts: 13 Member
    I've stopped eating processed foods, take out, and junk foods such as chips, bars, etc... I still treat myself but always in a small portion :)
  • my_chrystal82
    my_chrystal82 Posts: 46 Member
    I've mostly given up pop (or soda, for you Americans) over the last two years and only indulge in a Sprite or 7Up when I'm at the movies. I go so rarely and it's so watered down, it's justifiable lol.

    Also, I used to take my coffee with triple triple, aka 3 cream, 3 sugar. I decreased that to a double double, then removed the sugars, and then switched cream for milk. Now my standard is coffee, with 2 milk. By ditching the cream and sugar gradually I was able to get used to the new taste and now cream in coffee is kind of disgusting for me. I lost 12Ibs in one month just from changing the way I take my coffee.

    I've also given up buying pre-made baked goods, processed food and frozen, pre-made foods. I make everything from scratch now and sneak in ingredients like protein powder, soy flour, wheat bran, spinach, kale, whole wheat, flax seed..without my kids even noticing and now the entire family actually loves leftovers.

    Slow and gradual change is ideal, in my opinion.
  • Slinky_BraveHeartBunsOfSteel
    I don't butter my bread anymore (unless I have toast, which isn't very often), pastry, and I switched to skimmed milk. That's all.
    I eat everything, just a bit less than before.
  • maasha81
    maasha81 Posts: 733 Member
    I have not given up anything really but my portions are smaller and my treats are less frequent. I used to eat something sweet after lunch almost daily. Not anymore.

    Oh wait ...I stopped putting sugar in my hot beverages. Coffee and tea are just a splash of milk or at times protein powder and I'm good to go.
  • concord1995
    concord1995 Posts: 24 Member
    I haven't given up anything but things I have dramatically cut back on are fast food and chips.
  • tennisdude2004
    tennisdude2004 Posts: 5,609 Member
    I've given up lean meat and steamed vegs!
  • tiffanylindenmuth
    tiffanylindenmuth Posts: 15 Member
    I noticed not many people have given up much of anything....

    I gave up things that may hurt me long term health wise. I had Pancreatitis due to a reaction to NSAIDS nearly forcing me into good eating. My life style change is forever and I would like to do everything I can to be healthy. I don't eat fast food ever. I eat lean meats, foods naturally low in fat, don't add salt, don't eat a lot of sugar, or diet foods. I try to eat clean. Making healthy choices rather then hungry choices. If I want something sweet I buy a watermelon (a great sweet sanck that completely satisfies). If I want something salty I go for Natural peanut butter (on wheat of course). Got to get those healthy fats in!

    I do eat the foods I love still such as Panera bread and Italian Ice, but I don't do it every week and I control the amount I eat. It's not just about how many calories you eat in a day. It's about balance and fueling your body. Healthy foods (not diet foods) are way more satisfying once you get used to them.

    Soooooo...... I gave up the old me. The one that made stupid choices and I'm not deprived at all. I've just learned to be completely happy with the healthy foods.
  • JaneyB311
    JaneyB311 Posts: 80 Member
    I personally think that completely 'giving up' a food is a recipe for disaster and is in the same vain is a temporary 'diet'. Granted, becuase I am much more focussed on nutrition now I hardly eat white bread, pasta or rice, I very rarely have fizzy drinks and I don't eat much of what is generally considered fast or junk food.

    However I must admit that I have all of these things if I really feel like them. For me the key is to ask myself how much I really want them, as I know that I will feel like crap later that day or the next day. If I still want them then I have them, enjoy them and do not feel the least bit guilty.

    I don't think you can be too restrictive or you'll go crazy. You can't make something a lasting lifestyle by avoiding certain foods, you have to be able to live and fit things in as needed.
  • texasbeu2y
    texasbeu2y Posts: 95 Member
    Maybe you should ask that the other way around....think about all the food you CAN have to "lose weight". To answer the questions I still eat the same foods I ate 80 pounds ago....but I don't eat them as much and I try to have small portions. Think about all the real whole foods you can have and stop thinking about what you can't have!