Urban phrases that you HATE!!



  • lokepa
    lokepa Posts: 204 Member
    I deal with teenagers on a regular basis... and the one term I truly hate the most is "I feel some kinda way"... uh... which way might that be?
  • Calling someone "Fam" or "my *kitten*" when just recently meeting them. "I'm Gucci" as in I'm good.
  • p8liwag
    p8liwag Posts: 919 Member
    Yo Phace
  • faith_76
    faith_76 Posts: 197 Member
    My 12 year old has started calling people "brah".
  • MrsShell17
    MrsShell17 Posts: 57 Member
    Bae :noway:

    YOLO :explode:

    HAM (Hard as a muthaf'er) :mad:

    When people say "Yes!" in the most ignorant, ghetto, black-stereotypical (regardless of race) way i.e. "YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!" :angry:

    When people actually SAY "hashtag"! :sick:

    When anybody other than Brits call people "Love" lol :indifferent:

    When people suck their teeth extra hard and do the whole "or naaaah" thing...WTHeck is that???!!! :huh:
  • lilrahme
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    Someone mentioned typing 'k' in messages. I hate this so much as well!!! Why bother typing at all.

    Sorry if already been said, but I ate 'totes', as in 'its totes amazing'. Totes is a form of a bag people, not an abbreviation of totally. And I don't know why, but 'amazeballs' seems to rub me the wrong way. I really don't understand why though.

    YOLO is another. Was angry for months on end because I heard it everywhere. Thought I needed anger management at one point.