100 pounds GONE FOREVER!!!



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    Wow, when I see stories like yours makes me want to get right in there and get with it!! You two look absolutely amazing!! Thanks for your post!! Your just beautiful!!
  • you both look amazing...congrats!!
  • You look fabulous!!! The photo of your new tiny self holding up your fat pants brought a giant smile to my face! :happy:
  • NewCyn
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    Fabulous Success Story. Thank you for sharing. This is just what I needed today.
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    Amazing job!!! I'm really inspired!
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    You and your DH are certainly AWSOME:flowerforyou: :laugh:
  • I'm so inspired. These stories are the best possible thing to help pull me through the mehs and blahs of weightloss!!!! You both look amazing, vibrant and happy!
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    Amazing :)
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    Wonderful! Very inspiring!
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    Thank you! I have had some set backs but still manage to keep plugging along with my DH :smile:

    A more recent picture:
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    You look beautiful and hubby looks great! It's amazing to see that you are both maintaining the loss as well. It makes me feel hopeful for myself! I hope you both feel very proud of yourselves and enjoy each day.
  • You are an INSPIRATION...I too am on my Journey to get from 190 to 117, but with baby steps. 1 day at a time, and learning new, healthier choices. Like last night wanted so much to grab a sweet, but chose an apple instead! Progress! 8^)
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    "Awesome sauce"!!! Sometimes, we wonder if what we really want truly exists and you have proven that with perseverance and determination it can be accomplished. Thank you for your story and pics. Great job!!! You and your are both to be applauded .
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    You look fantastic! Love the lbd :)
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    So amazing! :smiley:
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    You look awesome! Congratulations!
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    Great job!
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    You look Amazing!!! Great job
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    This is just what I needed to read this morning! Thanks for sharing your transformation with us. You and hubby both look amazing! You are killing those black dresses...
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    Wow really welldone!! Amazing xx