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    Good morning everyone.

    Happy Clam on the Half Shell Day

    Date When Celebrated : Always March 31st
    Today is Clam on the Half Shell Day. Boy, the world really needs a day like today. You must be elated that someone was smart enough, and had the insight, to create this day for us to enjoy and savor.
    We hope that you like clams. Because, the objective of the day is to enjoy clams on the half shell. If you don't like clams, don't be sad or disappointed. Today, is also Bunsen Burner Day. And, tomorrow is a brand new day!
    Don't hide in your shell today. Don't clam up. Get out and celebrate this special day!
    Bunsen Burner Day
    When : Always March 31st
    Bunsen Burner Day celebrates the birthday of its creator. German chemist Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen was born on March 31, 1811. And, you guessed it, von Bunsen created the Bunsen Burner.
    If you are a high school student, you know all about the bunsen burner. If you work in a chemistry laboratory, chances are you use the burner in your job. If its been a while since high school chemistry class, the memory of the bunsen burner may have faded somewhat.
    In case you memory has faded, the Bunsen Burner is a long, hollow tube. Gas and air are combined to create a hot flame. The burner is used in a wide range of scientific and laboratory projects.
    Spend a few minutes today to appreciate the value of this important scientific tool. We will let you determine how many minutes to spend in reflection.

    Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. ~Francesca Reigler

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    @jaferjoy…I wish I could tell you magic steps to get out of a funk but then I’d be rich and could hire a trainer and a cook and then this would be easier to lose weight. HA! I know that sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it. Easier said then done. Hopefully you can find work soon and that will help. Great job on 13 pounds in one month!!
    @kaye…wouldn’t it be easier if we could all do motivation for each other? Unfortunately, this is something that everyone has to decide on their own. I hope your sisters can find that motivation and become healthier. I say that, yet I still haven’t lost much weight, but I know I’m on the road to healthier and stronger.
    @Karen…I’m jealous of all the different places you have. Here in Bismarck, the Target plus size section has about two racks of clothes and TJ Maxx doesn’t even have a plus size. But if I would get my butt in gear, I could maybe get out of the need for plus size anyway.  I did ask Michael if he knew about the related series and he does have it on his radar for July.
    @Laurie…I wish our schools would do a formal spring break. We do a lot of longer weekends, but not a week off. It would be nice to be able to have time to get away instead of just sticking around home because it’s too far to go in a short period of time. I can imagine it is nerve-wracking to look down the barrel of a triatholon, but your trainer is getting you ready and the work you are doing will really pay off.
    @Tom…Today’s “day” is full of bad memories for me. In science, when we were dissecting clams, my science partner was pushing on the class to report on texture etc. It squirted the formaldehyde directly into my mouth! It was just a drop and I rinsed immediately, but I cannot NOT associate clams with that taste. I’ve tried them as an adult and the association is still too strong.

    AFM… A week ago, my husband reminded me (whined to me) that he’s been having to take the kids to music lessons every week and was wondering if I was ever going to take a turn. Water Aerobics are only in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays at my gym (several during the morning, but since I work, those are not going to work for me). Music lessons – Monday. I told him I would alternate weeks since my sister can only go every other week. I really wanted to tell him I’ve been doing it all for 12 years, but I held my tongue and said we could split the duty.

    My sister and I did still got to the gym to lift but it wasn’t until 8:45. We were hitting new highs for all of our lifts, so we were tired and had to take longer breaks between sets. Ultimately it feels awesome but man!

    Today has started out pretty emotional. My husband and I met with the counselor at Jacob’s school. She and the teachers feel he could be an A/B student if he worked at all and could have unlimited options for a future. However, most of the time he disengages in class and totally lacks self motivation. She reminded us that he has not checked out completely so that’s a good thing. Part of his problem is that he doesn’t have to work hard to get Ds and Cs so he just doesn’t. She feels he might suffer from depression and/or attention deficit. She has recommended some outside counsel. Now I’m trying to get through to our insurance to see what can be covered/cost etc. The word depression just freaks me out as we’ve gone through such a roller coaster with Michael’s depression. But I’m trying to think on the positive side.

    Now I just got off the phone with the mechanic. Need new brakes and tie-rods. To the tune of $550ish. UGH. Still not as expensive as new car payments, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to cancel our week at the lake since we will have had to pay over $2000 in car fixes and new tires between our two vehicles since November.

    Tonight, I’m going to spend my evening getting some cakes baked and some goodies made for Easter. I’m in charge of the veggies, dessert and munchies.

    As far as my April Goals go, I’m going to concentrate on two main goals: Protein and water. I’m going to consider it a successful day for protein if I get 100 g (but based on calories, my goal should be 137 but I struggle sometimes just getting to the 100 mark). Then for water it is to get 90 oz in daily. I have a bottle that holds 30 oz, so if I can make sure to get one gone by noon, another gone by the end of my work day at 3:30 and then the last one done by bedtime I should be good.

    Have a great day!

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    MrsMorgori Posts: 51 Member!?! Have a GREAT Day y'all :)
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    You guys are so amazing. Triathalons and 10K's!!! I can't even begin to imagine being at that point. I'm jealous of the week of Spring Break. I can't wait for ours. Luckily, there are only two days left of school, and one is a field trip to the zoo! Good Friday starts our week off. I hope to get plenty of fun exercise in that week.

    My big goal for April is to get no less than 30 minutes of walking in daily. With the twins and being a full time working mommy, I'm just not willing to give up time with them to go to the gym. We worked too hard and prayed too long for these sweet girls for me to pass up a minute with them, so daily walks in the stroller with mommy it is. Right now we are doing 1.5 miles every day with two/three three mile days thrown in at some point each week. As endurance builds, I hope I can increase that. By the end of April, I would love to be doing 3 miles daily. Luckily, the hubby is supportive and he does kitchen/laundry duty on the days that he doesn't walk with the munchkins and I.
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    @garysgirl719 your exercise plan sounds perfect! I babysit my 2 year old gd every day, and my walks often involve taking her along in her stroller.
    AFM. I take no credit for the fact that I did not gain weight on our vacation, but I'll take it! I've been thinking about goals for April. I will continue to exercise daily and log my food, staying within my goal. I feel like I have a handle on those things. I am going to add getting enough water. I know I keep saying that, but I've got to make it happen!
    Onward and downward. Kaye
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    @garysgirl719 - That sounds like a fantastic goal. Developing exercise habits will definitely help you along the way.

    @grandmakaye44 - I never slack on water for medical reasons but I can tell you, it's NOT always easy. There are plenty of days where I don't feel like drinking that much and I have to force myself to drink my 88 ounces. That's the minimum for me.

    AFM - Doc (Doctor McHottyPants moved to a new city so I have a new Doctor) called last night with the results of my blood test. Everything is a little worse than the last one (surprise surprise since it's been a free for all for the last year). My blood sugars were WAYYY up. Diabetes is back in full swing. A year ago my A1C was 6.1.. now it's 10.3. She wants me on actual insulin. I have an appointment week after next to discuss it. Yesterday was a grocery shopping day so it all got revamped in a scramble so I could keep my daily carbs under 140. Last time I was able to bring it down to pre diabetic levels in 3 months by doing that. HOpefully it'll work this time and I'll learn to stop eating and entire bundt cake and a 2 quarts of ice cream a week.

    This morning I learned that HP isn't likely to renew my contract come January. There is a regular HP employee (where as I'm a contractor) that has been displaced and they want to combine two jobs and put her in the position. She starts the other job in May and if she can handle that and thinks she has the bandwidth she takes my job. It seems kind of silly to me, I have nothing against age but she's 67 and I'm 42. Who is going to be leaving sooner so they have to rehire it ..again. I've also been in this position for 4 years, I've got the training and the other half of the job is just more admin. I already do that. This person is coming off the production line with zero admin experience (Compared to my 18 years).

    I've decided if they don't renew my contract I'm going to head to Florida. My mom has a condo there that sits idle for 10 months out of the year, I can hole up and job hunt there. She (Mom) and my oldest brother (and his wife) will be moving there in the next few years so I can be close to family again, plus I already have 2 aunts and a handful of cousins down there.

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    @hansea, @kah68 - My DH built me 4 garden boxes a couple of years ago. We started with the Earth Boxes for 3 of them, but I wish we had just built them all from scratch. The composite material they were made of warps in the sun, and now I have big cracks around the edges. He built them on raised tables for me, for 2 reasons - 1 to save my back and knees, and 2 because we have an aweful mole and ant problem, and wild rabbits, and semi-wild chickens, that would just tear up any garden I put in the ground. The one table he built from scratch is 2 feet off the ground and 8 inches deep, and I grew carrots and squash in that one. Not deep enough, the carrots need deeper roots, but I did get some good carrots last year, they were just short. The other 3 boxes are 3 feet off the ground, and only 6 inches deep. When I rebuild them, I'm going to make them deeper so I can grow a bigger variety of veggies. I tried to grow tomatoes and peppers, but both need deeper root systems. However, I had great success with spinach, salad mix, arugala, and herbs. Not so much with the strawberries - I'm afraid I'm not a very attentive gardener and since the watering system never got hooked up, the garden was not well watered. Bad me. No garden this year tho, since my DH wants to move the boxes to a different area so he can level and clean up that spot, plus we need to fix the boxes. I recommend building your own, but don't use pressure treated boards, the chemicals will leach into your soil and poison your plants. If you are planting on the ground, 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 is fine. If you want to raise them off the ground, make them a minimum of 2 x 8, better would be 2 x 12. The platform can be 3/4 plywood with holes drilled in it every 6 inches, and we covered ours with that rubberized roof sealer to slow down rot. 4 x 4 legs with cross braces to support the weight of the soil. Use a light soil mix - 1/2 garden soil mixed with vermiculite and peat moss is good, will hold the moisture but not be excessively heavy. Don't forget to set up your watering system! And if you ARE doing tables, don't make them more than 6' x 6' - smaller if you are short like me, you want to be able to reach all the way to the center of the box. I recommend the book "Square Foot Gardening" as a great guide for setting up that kind of garden. That's what I used.
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    Just taking a quick break between walking around my house and doing stairs... I'm 2000 steps behind the fitbit leader today but my fitbit battery is low so its charging now. Going to get a meal plan set for tomorrow to figure out how to get the extra protein in and then I'm heading out for a real walk. Again. Walked 30 min after work and got steps at physio too. I just hope my feet don't get sore, I'm way overdue for new shoes.
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    @angelica - sorry to hear about your 2nd dislocated rib, does he think that happened at the same time as the first one or that it happened later?
    @morgori - thanks for the Francesca Reigler quote - I try to keep that in mind all the time, and I sure wish more people lived their life like that - it really does take the same amount of energy to be positive as to be negative, and you live a much happier life if you go UP instead of DOWN!
    @tlh - so sorry to hear about your car problems and having to cancel your trip to the lake this summer, what a bummer. My sister has been borrowing my car for the last 2 weeks, and they just got offered a used running car for $100, all it needs is tags and tires! So I'll get my car back soon - I sure have missed her!
    @MyM0wM0w - I put off getting insulin for many years, and I wish now that I hadn't. I use the Lantus pen needle, it's so easy and painless (mostly) to use and it really helped me get my blood sugar in control. Once I started really logging everything and sticking to the carb & sugar guidelines on MFP, I was able to reduce the amount of insulin I used. So much so, that my DR says if my numbers are this good next time I see her in 4 months, she will take me OFF the insulin! Woo Hoo - hopefully by then, I will have lost another 20 - 30 lbs too.
    Also, I'm sorry to hear your job is in jeopardy, but it sounds like the Florida option is awesome - you know Florida doesn't have any state tax, right? And free room & board until you get on your feet sounds spectacular, especially in Florida! Have you ever seen that movie "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz? One of my favs!
    @Tanya949 - Don't put off getting good walking shoes, you can do more damage (expensive kind) to your feet than you will save by using bad shoes.

    AFM - A couple of days ago I signed up for the MapMyFitness app listed in the apps section of MFP. It maps your walk (what I'm using it for) and your pace and gives you an approximate calorie burn for the distance you walked. If you link it to your MFP account, it will log the calories on here. So far, it's working great.
    My April Goals -
    Since I have the MMF app now, I think I will make it my goal to use the app and map my walks 5 days a week (M-F) and see how much walking every day actually helps my fitness journey. I know intellectually that it will, but it helps to see it in black & white!
    I also want to renew my goal of working out at my gym at least 3 times a week. So far this year - -0- visits to the gym. I need it for my sanity, I just need to get away and do something for myself a few times a week, so once I get my car back I'm going to put my foot down with DH and tell him he needs to let me drive myself at least 3X week so I can go work out.
    That's it for now. I won't bother posting how I did on my March goals, the only thing I did well was (mostly) stick to my calorie goals. I only lost 3 lbs this month, and gained one of them back, so nothing to write home to mom about! But hey, sticking to my food goals is a BIG WIN especially with everything that happened this month!

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    Angelika- sorry to hear about the dislocated rib. Hopefully, you will get some relief soon.
    Tracy- Great job sticking to your food goals this month.
    Mowmow- Florida sounds like a great option for you. Once you start logging and monitoring your sugar again, I know you will get the diabetes under control.
    Gary's girl- Walking is the perfect exercise, especially when pushing a stroller since you are adding extra resistance. Keep walking and you will build your endurance levels quickly.
    tlh- Don't get talked into giving up water aerobics, just because your hubby doesn't want to take the kids to music lessons. That time is very valuable for you and the exercise is great. Great job with the lifting. How long are the lessons? Could one drop off and the other pick up? I love water aerobics and really miss it. I just don't feel like spending 3 hours at the pool on a Saturday morning due to master's swim then aerobics.

    Today, I had a lazy day but did manage to buy hiking boots. That will become my new activity this year along with trying paddle boarding this summer. Tomorrow will be very active with a bike ride, run and a swim on the agenda. This will be my pre-race warm up.

    Goal- to actively train for the triathlon and not to get freaked out. Thanks for the positive thoughts and encouragement.

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    Hey guys!

    Busy day, so no time for personals. Just wanted to say hello and update my goals. I had 89 g of protein today--good thing it's not April yet! :wink:

    April Challenge:

    Nutrition = At or over 90 grams of protein 5/7 days a week
    Week 1: At/over 90g of protein x/7
    Week 2: At/over 90g of protein x/7
    Week 3: At/over 90g of protein x/7
    Week 4: At/over 90g of protein x/7

    Exercise = run 3 x/week:
    Week 1: 1/3 runs
    Week 2: x/3 runs
    Week 3: x/3 runs
    Week 4: x/3 runs

    Next 8k is May 9th (Thanksgiving 8k = 56:49, NYE 8k = 57:47, 1/25 = 55:41; 2/28=55:15, 3/29 = 59:15)

    Grading Goals:
    1. x/64 AP essays
    2. 2/16 AP analysis activities

    Exercise Goals: (week 1)
    Sun--8k DONE
    Mon--walk gunner DONE
    Tues--walk gunner DONE
    Wed--walk gunner + gym
    Thurs--walk gunner
    Fri--walk gunner + gym
    Sat--rest day

    2015 Mantra = Just 15 minutes
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    I have a job interview on Thursday!!!!! I am so excited and nervous!!! Whenever I meet someone professionally for the first time, I always worry about if I am being judged for my size. I know they probably are not, but its always in the back of my mind. I am going to maintain a positive outlook and believe I will get the job!

    Goals for the week: since I have kids home on spring break, excercizing is difficult, however, I still plan to go at least 4 times to gym for 45 minutes. I had been going for 1 hour,but decided that since I was getting sore,and burnt out, I would scale back for a while. Maybe next week I will go back to the hour.

    Life is a beautiful gift. Now its time I treat it that way!
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    Now that I am wrapped like a mummy from the waist to the neck I am able to avoid most of the pain. Life is looking up, maybe now I can start thinking about something besides avoiding pain. Thank you for your sympathy.
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    Thank you very much to all the people who have welcomed me here. I appreciate it! As a newbie to this thread, are there any traditions here? (Posting goals or whatever?) It looks like A LOT of the members here are teachers, am I right?

    As far as my weight goes, I have come to believe that there are a LOT of societal factors going into the weight gain. I think we should not beat ourselves up over it, because a lot of it is caused by stress and poor sleep habits (from trying to do TOO MUCH) and some more of it has been caused by bad nutritional information (I remember a friend stressing to me that "sugar is not the enemy" -- in other words, we need to cut fat, but sugar (for example, munching jelly beans) was fine!) How utterly, completely wrong that was! Then I drank diet sodas, thinking I was making a smart choice! Again, it turns out that that was WRONG! New evidence is that diet sodas cause weight gain!! And the food industry is surrounding us with cheap and hyped junk that is just harming us and making us addicted to that crap. And by the way, all of those same causes of excess weight (stress, poor sleep habits, excess sugar, diet sodas, processed foods) have been show to support cancer growth (as well as diabetes and other ailments). So … we should not blame ourselves. And it does no good to dwell on the past. I refuse to sulk or wallow in guilt or self-pity.

    Personally, I'm not focusing on calories right now. Maybe I will later. I'm just shifting to healthy eating, which I believe means: avoiding processed foods and returning to natural, whole foods, organic where possible; healthy fats only (olive oil, avocado, nuts); lots of veggies; lots of fruits (but spaced out and combined with grains/proteins so as to avoid intense glycemic effect); whole grains and whole grain breads & pastas; limited dairy (nonfat plain yogurt, some lowfat cheese); legumes, eggs, fish and occasional meats. I find that eating like this makes me feel better (more positive attitude, great energy), keeps me feeling satisfied (my cravings for sweets have virtually vanished!), and is helping me lose weight! 7 lbs have peeled off in the past week, but I know that pace won't continue long. I'm just hoping that a turn to plain old "healthy eating" will stop the yo-yo process that I've experienced too many times on too many "diets."

    I suspect one key will be to stay focused and that's where I'll look for you all and for MFP to help. I want to keep logging in, and keep journaling, to keep focused on my priorities and my mission. :smile:

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    @jaferjoy -- Good luck in your interview! I used to be an executive. I hired lots of people and was around a lot of other people making hiring decisions. In my experience, people won't spend too much time judging based on weight. Unless it's somehow relevant to the job (you have to squeeze between narrow airline aisles), they're not going to want to be distracted from the things that are important and relevant to their decision-making. They're going to want to see someone who is confident and competent and exudes positive energy, so go put on your best "power" outfit and impress the shoes off of them! :wink:
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    Wednesday Wish: That everyone has a wonderful Easter full of family and/or friends – the people that we love! I also wish that I am able to effectively communicate to my kids the reason for Easter and that it’s not all about candy and the Easter bunny.

    @Garysgirl…the pushing of a stroller is a great workout. Many people find success without the help of a gym. I personally love the time away to clear my head and because I work from home, it’s a great opportunity for adult conversation while there (even if it’s just the 10 minutes of getting ready to workout).
    @Laurie…I will still be going to Water Aerobics, just not quite as often. I’ll get in every other Monday and some Saturdays. Once summer hits, I will be able to go every Wednesday as well. I will supplement with other gym classes or workouts. It’s an hour total and the travel to get to the teacher wouldn’t be worth two different drives. I set the Monday evening lessons to try to avoid other activities that the kids are in throughout the year but it didn’t quite work out anyway as Jacob had several conflicts. I’ll probably just pick a Tuesday or Thursday for next year. Love that you are adding another activity. Remember to break those boots in slowly so you don’t end up with blisters.
    @jeferjoy… good luck with your interview. I agree with Karina. When we hired, while we certainly notice a person’s appearance, we really listened to what they could bring to the table. Our department had a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes etc. I sometimes think that we, as heavy people, think people are judging us more often than they really are. I used to be afraid of being at the gym for that very reason, yet MFP helped me realize that people (if they even noticed) were happy that I was there trying to make myself healthier.

    AFM…Yesterday we had some tough news on a few fronts, but that was yesterday and today we can start working to get those issues resolved. To borrow from Lori (I think), here are some positives happening in my life.

    1. I was able to get the van fixed and I didn’t have to use a credit card like I’ve had to in the past.
    2. Jacob had his first track meet of the year and while he didn’t place in anything, he enjoyed himself (that’s my hope for track – I tell my kids, keep doing it because it’s hard to stop and try to start again in the future).
    3. I was able to get Jacob an appointment to be tested for Attention Deficit and/or Depression. I won’t worry until I know what we have to worry about.
    4. I met my deadline for reports at my work and at the same time was able to make up the time I had off to meet with counselors. I love the fact that my boss and my company are so flexible with my time that it allows for appointments and let’s me work extra hours instead of using PTO.
    5. The wind is howling outside my window today. As a farmer’s daughter, I know that it is drying out the fields so the farmers can get in and plant their crops. Whenever it’s windy in the spring and hear people complain about it, I think of my Dad who needed that wind to be able to feed people.

    Today my choir practice goes back to 7:00 so that means I’m done with Wednesday water aerobics until after Memorial Day. And now that Wednesday night Lenten services are done, we go back to our regular schedule as a whole…5:00 supper at church, 6:00 – confirmation for Jacob, youth group for Emma and Mom’s group for me, 7:00 – choir. I missed this routine!!

    Have a great day everyone!!

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    Good morning everyone.


    Today is April Fools' Day!

    Today is Boomer Bonus Day!

    Today is International Tatting Day!

    Today is National Atheist's Day!

    Today is National Day of Hope!

    Today is National Fun Day!

    Today is National Fun at Work Day!

    Today is National One Cent Day!

    Today is National Sourdough Bread Day!

    Today is National Walking Day!

    Today is Paraprofessional Appreciation Day!

    Today is Poetry and the Creative Mind Day!

    Today is Reading Is Funny Day!

    Today is St. Stupid Day!

    Today is US Air Force Academy Day!

    Today is Whole Grain Sampling Day!

    There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes. ~William J. Bennett

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    Hi all! I've been reading, just haven't felt like posting. In a bit of a funk myself, I guess. Had a rocky couple of weeks that got me off track, but I'm working on taking back control. Figured the beginning of a new month was the perfect time to get back on track, which includes posting my goals for the rest of this week and this month.

    Melifornia's Weekly Goals - April 1-4

    • Create a meal plan AND DO IT -
    • Try at least one of the smoothie packets I made (<---trying new things food issues) -
    • Meet protein goal daily - x/4
    • Drink 96oz water daily - x/4

    • Strength training (restarting routine) 1x - x/1
    • Cardio 2x - x/2
    • Yoga daily - 1/4

    • Genevieve's birthday (oldest niece turns 16 on April 2) - photos for Facebook, finish gift, supper and cake for Saturday -
    • Easter - decide what to make for family potluck, including a big salad for me; help set up for Easter vigil at church; take bottle of wine for vigil (suggestions? the vigil meal is Mediterranean themed) -
    • Miracle Morning daily - 1/4 (I'll hit 90 days total this week!)

    • Spring Cleaning: complete one room -
    • Take donations to Goodwill, library, etc. -
    • Paint/touch up in living room -

    • Finish client #'s 1 website update -
    • Finish client #2's website update -
    • Complete at least half of edits on client #3's website -
    • Complete 4 interviews and send out for transcription as needed - 1/4
    • Write and file 3 newspaper stories - x/3
    • Write and file 1 magazine story - x/1

    April All-In Goals
    • Cardio, at least 30 minutes, 4x/week - x/16
    • Strength training 2x week - x/8
    • Login to MFP daily - 1/30
    • Meet protein goal minimum of 20/30 days - x/20
    • Drink 96z water minimum of 20/30 days - x/20

    Mantra: Live intentionally
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    Hello to all the Newcomers!! :)<3

    It is a very exciting time in your life to start a weight loss program - and also very daunting when you have a lot to lose. But keep your eye on the prize.

    Imagine yourself one day out shopping as the skinny person you imagine yourself to be. You'll be slipping between those carousels of clothes without bumping them with hips or belly! It is a grand feeling.

    While you are working hard at transforming yourself thru dietary changes you may notice resistance from every angle, and you'll need to talk out your feelings and frustrations as you progress, so we are here for you. One person to support you is not enough. Truly, you need a bunch of people - some days the frustration is just horrible.

    Then there are times you get really busy with other life matters. Serious issues where you have no time whatsoever for yourself - no time to even blink! :o

    So, if days (or weeks B) ) pass and you skip the discussion here, don't be ashamed, just come on back - that's life, OK? Don' worry about it -fu getta bout it - in other words - no one is keeping attendance, OK?