Need to Lose 100 LBS -Robins Thread !



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    Hey everyone new and old, I am back on the wagon, again. Stupid wagon, why is it so slippery? Anyway hello to all and hope to be reading more and maybe even writing some notes.
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    @jennbo83~So close to that century mark, what a great milestone—definitely need to reward yourself!

    @Karen~So glad you reached a tentative 4-year agreement—fingers crossed its blessed by the board!

    @Hansea47~I’m the oldest and that was me too, helping my dad out with the yard (and sometimes the cars). My sister was drafted mostly to help my mom with housework; although, I always had to iron my dad’s work shirts (he thought I did a better job than the dry cleaner).

    @Angelika~I’m sorry for your continued pain. Baby steps to this; you’ll get there—right now just allow yourself time to heal.

    @Tom~Another great quote today!

    @ushkii~Great to see you!

    AFM~Well Zoe has been sick since Easter, took her to see the vet this morning. She was more energetic this morning but she was due for her physical anyway. The vet thought she was having trouble passing a hairball and that caused her tummy troubles. I do need to start giving her some stuff to help with hairballs and they groomed her legs/tushy a bit (darn Maine Coon fluffiness)—she must be the only cat on the planet that doesn't like to be brushed (she thinks the brush is prey). I’m so glad she’s okay; I hate it when she’s not her spunky self--she's been really cuddly though (which I :heart:).
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    Haha It's hard to keep up with this group when you don't know anyone :-) I'm 1/3 of the way to my first 100 pound goal. Then have another 100 to go after that. Ugh! I'm trying not to focus on all that though and just take baby steps. I'm super motivated and have been staying strong! Easter was super tough but I didn't cave at all! Made my own Paleo friendly dishes so I wouldn't cheat. My dr appointment is next week. He's the one that is keeping me accountable and making me come monthly to do weight checks after flat out telling me I was going to die last month because my bp is so insanely high. I think he'll be very pleased with my progress this past month and I have one more week left to kick some butt!
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    Well, apparently Easter was a bust for logging in even. And then I came back and celebrated my birthday. So, today I start tracking again. I only read the last day of discussion, so I’ll have to catch up later. But I did want to get back into the habit as it always helps me to check in here.

    @hansea…I’m going to get out my measuring tape and start tomorrow…I used to do that, but haven’t in a long while.
    @lawnmowing…I grew up on a 2000 acre farm and we mowed a lot. We had a small John Deere riding lawn mower and three different large sections that Mom and Dad had us mow. Pretty much as soon as we got done with all three we had to start over. We did things about the same age all the time…8 was lawn mowing, 11 was driving the pickup and being a go-fer and then at 13 we started in the fields. My sister and I were so close in age that we shared duties a lot. We went from mowing the grass to mowing the hay in the fields…Man did I have a deep tan!!!
    @Lori…my dad believed that girls could do it all. When my mom had continuing ed as a teacher in the summer, we would have to go in from the field at 11 and cook lunch. Then after the clean up was done, it was back to the field. I never quite figured out why it was only the girls that had to do both…my brother never had dish duty!!!
    @Jenn…whoo whoo! You are rocking it!!
    @Tracy…yay on another 2.8 lbs!!!
    @Karen…congrats on the negotiations being done. What a big relief…hopefully they take it and ratify it.
    @ushkii…welcome back!

    March Madness was fun and I normally don’t pay attention…my cousin is getting his doctorate (and teaching right now) at Duke. His sister is a senior at Wisconsin. So we weren’t sure who to root for. Although I went for Duke because I was a big fan of Christian Laetner back in the day (even met him in an elevator in San Fransisco when I was a senior in HS). :wink:

    Easter was great with ¾ of my husband’s family. The other ¼ if we don’t see for a while will be just fine. They ostracized my daughter, yelled at my nephew and my husband and were just plain rude to most of us one time or another. My husband says their daughter graduations in 2017 and that will be the next time he’s at their house. But overall the good outweighed the bad so we smile and move on.

    Yesterday, my Mom took me out for lunch and that was the beginning of a stomachache for me. Emma had it the day before but I assumed she ate too much Easter candy. Luckily, it moved quickly and I felt better mid-morning today. Just in time to have a birthday lunch with my two best friends here in town. Now I’m full, but I made pretty good choices, so it should be okay.

    Tonight is choir and then hopefully the gym. We’ll see how I feel, but should be good to go by this evening.
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    @Morgori -- Thanks for the info on World Health Day yesterday! Interesting!

    @kah68 -- I'm jealous about the Fitbit Charge HR! I just looked into it today, but the thing is, I'll need an extra large for my wrist. The website says that they're backlogged on the extra larges and will not be shipping until June. Boo hoo! Now that I'm psyched about it, I hate to wait! Please let me know how it works for you!

    @skinnyjeanzbound -- Congrats on the successful contract negotiations!
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    @cassybaca You are doing awesome! I am almost done with my first 100 pounds and then I have over another 100 pounds to go! What has kept me going is focusing on the small goals in between. You got this!

    @GOINSTD12 Great job on your loss. It's tough to do exercise when you are feeling icky and out of breath. Great job on the walking and the flights of stairs.

    @tlh0407 Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Today I am getting my metabolic rate tested. I am excited to see the results, it will help me with knowing exactly how many calories I should be eating to maximize my weight loss.
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    @jennbo83 - oooh that's cool, I'm pretty sure my insurance wouldn't pay for that but it would be interesting to know.
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    @cassybaca.. not sure what GB is, but I've always been a big carb eater and am always low on protein (don't eat much meat). I'm increasing my protein to try to get at least 25% from my daily intake from protein, which at my weight is usually over 120g. I find that eating more protein and less carbs cuts my cravings and I can manage my calories better. Before I started tracking what I ate, my protein was probably only at about 10-15%, much lower than what is needed for optimum health.

    @Kah... yay for your fitbit being shipped, let me know how you like it!

    @ushkii... welcome back! It's a great first step to getting back on track.

    All those who have lost 85 lb, 2.8 lb, big losses or small, congrats!! I hope to have a small loss this week to add to my big loss last year.

    I was doing really well today until I got home from work. I had a carb craving like you wouldn't believe (my breakfast was carbless, so was lunch, you get the picture). I had 16 rice crackers... 140 calories which put me over by 140 calories for the day. Could have been worse, I could have grabbed some chocolate on the way home.

    Other than that little slip up, I've been doing well and will hopefully see a loss on the scale tomorrow.
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    Sounds like all who posted had a good Easter :) . I am excited for Friday because I will be volunteering with kids to make teacher appreciation packs. I decided to apply to Love Your Melon for a distribution supervisor because degree was not required. The online application said they get so many apps that if you don't hear from them they just had to many apps. I am praying to hear back.
    @RobinsEgg - hope you get some sleep soon.
    @Skinny- Glad your negotiations went well. Not sure if you know the story Harrison Burgeon but I had to do a class discussion on It and got an A.
    @lawnwork- I love to mow my lawn as a kid my dad never let us do that but it is relaxing to me.
    @Kah- glad kitty just had hairball issue. Riley thinks the brush is prey too and hates to be brushed.
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    @holly--I do know that story and love it! I don't get to teach it b/c most of my students have already read it as sophomores. However, we reference it a lot in relation to other literature. Congrats on your A!

    @tanya-not a bad choice to curb the carb craving.

    @jenn--I would love to get that test--I think kelley gets something similar done regularly. Like tracy, I don't think my insurance would cover it. :(

    @cassy-awesome job staying strong on the holiday!

    @kelley--glad zoe is okay.

    @ushkii--Welcome back!! Yes, some days I think someone has poured oil over my wagon. ;)

    @tom--love the quote!

    @amanda--if I let my husband be "special projects manager" the projects would take twice as long. When I wanted to put in a small retaining wall for a garden bed, he wanted to do all kinds of math and use strings and rubber hoses to mark off the perimeter. I was all like, "just give me shovel and let me start digging in the dirt." He was sure my method wouldn't work, but I finished in a day and 10+ years later, the wall is still standing. LOL

    @angelika--sorry you are in so much pain.

    @tracy (goins)--I will be shocked if our members don't ratify the contract. It's a pretty good deal given the economy. Hope you congestion continues to clear up.

    Wednesday Wish:
    I wish all of you who are doing so well continued success. I also wish to get back on that same trajectory. Right now, I'm just floating along maintaining and that's not where I want to be. Although I know I need to buckle down, I still have a lot of meetings and events that include dinners out and ordered in. Tonight at our union dinner, I ordered mussels with sausage and peppers b/c I knew it would be better than some of the other food choices. However, I also had two cocktails and ate a slice of pecan pie for dessert which put me over my allowance. I feel like that's my MO--I often start with good choices but fail to follow through and end up over my calorie allowance. Something to work on...

    Tomorrow I have no meetings! I will get to go to the gym for the first time since Friday.

    April Challenge:

    Nutrition = At or over 90 grams of protein 5/7 days a week
    Week 1: At/over 90g of protein 6/7
    Week 2: At/over 90g of protein 1/7
    Week 3: At/over 90g of protein x/7
    Week 4: At/over 90g of protein x/7

    Exercise = run 3 x/week:
    Week 1: 1/3 runs
    Week 2: x/3 runs
    Week 3: x/3 runs
    Week 4: x/3 runs

    Next 8k is May 9th (Thanksgiving 8k = 56:49, NYE 8k = 57:47, 1/25 = 55:41; 2/28=55:15, 3/29 = 59:15)

    Grading Goals:
    1. x/64 Wuthering Heights reflections
    2. x/60 political cartoon analyses
    3. x/64 Lit theory papers

    Exercise Goals: (week 1)
    Sun--walk gunner DONE + played with niece
    Mon--rest day
    Tues--walk gunner NOT DONE
    Wed--rest day
    Thurs--walk gunner + gym
    Fri--walk gunner
    Sat--walk gunner + gym

    2015 Mantra = Just 15 minutes

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    @skinnyjeanzbound - glad you finally got through the bargaining process. That has to feel good!

    OK, I meant to do more personals, but the severe thunderstorm we've been expecting just arrived, so I'm going to paste in my goals update and shut down the computer. Laters!

    Melifornia's Weekly Goals - April 5-11

    • Create a meal plan AND DO IT -
    • Try at least one of the smoothie packets I made - Tried the strawberry-blueberry-banana one on 4/7; liked it!
    • Meet protein goal daily - 1/4
    • Drink 96oz water daily - 4/4

    • Strength training (restarting routine) 2x - x/2
    • Cardio 3x - 2/3
    • Yoga daily - 4/7

    • Update blog -
    • Miracle Morning daily - 4/7 (Days 91-97 this week)
    • Finish reading The Five Love Languages of Children - about 2/3 finished

    • Spring Cleaning: complete one room + car -
    • Take donations to Goodwill, library, etc. - DONE (but there will be more!)
    • Paint/touch up in living room -
    • Clean up/clear out backyard - in progress

    • Finish client #1's website update -
    • Finish client #2's website update - DONE
    • Complete at least half of edits on client #3's website -
    • Arrange and complete 2 interviews and send out for transcription as needed - x/4
    • Write and file 3 newspaper stories - 2/3
    • Write and file 1 magazine story - x/1
    • Sub 1 1/2 days - 1/2 day done

    April All-In Goals
    • Cardio, at least 30 minutes, 4x/week - 6/16
    • Strength training 2x week - 1/8
    • Login to MFP daily - 8/30
    • Meet protein goal minimum of 20/30 days - 1/20
    • Drink 96z water minimum of 20/30 days - 5/20

    Mantra: Live intentionally
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    Well I tested a theory tonight and found to my great delight that YES you can get a strenuous workout in in just 15 minutes! My gym is across the street from my building (it's a hotel gym, very small but well equipped), so at lunch today (I only get 30 minutes) my friend and I drove over, ran in and jumped on the elliptical machines, and hit it for 15 minutes. According to MapMyWalk, I burned 390 calories in that 15 minutes! Woo Hoo! We didn't quite get back within the 30 minutes, but almost (only about 2 minutes late). So I am very happy and will repeat as often as possible!
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    Thursday Truth - Life has thrown another rotten tomato at me. My oldest sister passed away on Monday. She has chosen to have no service or any type of gathering.

    My relationship with her was complicated as all family relationships are. She was 4 years older than me. There was another sister between who died when I was three. She had cancer and was gone in just a few weeks. I believe my sister was so very scarred by that event in her life. They were very close in age and were inseparable.

    I have not had much contact with her for several years. When we did have contact it was always cordial but not very close. She often was a cause of conflict between members of my family.

    So my truth today is I do not know how I feel about this. Part of me is so sad that my family dynamic is so very flawed that there really was never a chance for us to be friends. Part of me is glad that she will no longer be there to "stir the pot" in the family.

    Sorry, I do not have it in me to do personals today.

    Love to all,
    Lori <3
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    Good morning everybody.

    Happy National Winston Churchill Day!
    On April 9th in 1963, Winston Churchill became the second person to become an Honorary Citizen of the United States, although this was the first time Congress had resolved that it was to be bestowed by the President of the United States, on a foreign national – he was granted citizenship of eight individual states as a prelude :- Hawaii, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. Winston Churchill Day commemorates this event.
    This honour was bestowed upon him by the 35th President of the United States – John F Kennedy, although Churchill was not present himself at the ceremony, his son and grandson were there for him. It had been hoped Churchill would not only witness the event on television – which he did with his wife – but would be able to respond. Problems with a relay station in Cornwall prevented this.

    Quotes from the British Bulldog

    It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to. ~Annie Gottlier

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    @cblue Lori, please accept my sympathy in the loss of your sister.
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    Thursday wish... I wish I was better at doing personals. I read everyone's post, I have all along even when I didn't log food/respond. I just stink at responding.

    Ushkii - WB! Hrm, I don't usually fall off the wagon. I find that I swan dive off, then it runs me over. Sometimes, it even backs up so it can run over me again.

    Cblue, I am so sorry for your loss. I can completely empathize. You're sad she's gone... but relieved there will be less drama...but guilty because you're relieved. I've felt that way.

    Things are trucking along. A bit of a blow out on Tuesday and yesterday. I celebrated my birthday... way too much. I took Tuesday off for 'the big day' and ran a lot of errands. Included was a free lunch from my favorite local eatery. They sent me an email coupon for a free entree so I had a lovely lunch. Other email birthday freebees I enjoyed on Tuesday were a 50% off haircut at my salon, a free lb of strawberries from the local market, a free frozen yogurt, an eyeliner from Ulta (best store on earth), and some free points @ Kmart. It was getting late so I decided to treat myself to something I never ever ever get to eat anymore, KFC. The sodium just can't fit in my day, ever. Last night I pounded that giant round block into the itty bitty square peg.

    Yesterday I grabbed a dozen cocktail shrimp that I never get to have (gout worries) and the boys (3 cats for those who don't know me) and i shared them. The poor kitten learned not to invade my space while I"m cooking. I left the jar of horseradish cream unattended. When I walked back into the kitchen he was taking a BIG bite. Poor little guy walked around with his mouth wide open for at least 5 minutes. I bet he still can't taste anything.

    Late Tuesday night I got a free burger coupon from Ruby Tuesday's so I called and asked if I could get that to go and picked it up on the way home from work Wednesday night.

    Today I feel tired, sick, and bloated. Back to normal today, and back to eating what I've got prelogged.
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    Thursday Truth...I heard that 150lb clunk on the scale at the Doc office yesterday >:) All dressed of course, but still.....Time to get out the WII FIT for some INTENSE HULA HOOPING!
    Have a Happy & Healthy Day Y'all :)
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    @cblue315~I am very sorry about the loss of your sister. :heart:

    @KarinaGeneva~I ordered the plum in large in early February, it’s been on back-order this entire time. :wink: This one is supposed to fit more snug because of the HR, I hope I don't regret the large over the small--I've always worn my Fitbit Flex loose like a bracelet. It should be here Saturday, can’t wait! :smiley:

    @Holly~I did spend a small fortune on a new Furminator brush for long-haired cats, we'll see how it goes.

    Happy belated Birthday to both Kris and Tracy!

    AFM~Zoe still not back to her rambunctious self. I think she may be a bit stressed between her visit to the vet and all the work I'm doing in the house (they hate any change to their routine).
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    Kah, I forgot to mention. If she eats canned food try slipping 1-2 tsp of canned pureed pumpkin (not the pie filling with spice, just plain pumpkin) into her canned food.

    The fiber in the pumpkin should help pull hairballs through the regular way. It works wonders for MowMow during shedding season. (Be prepared for elephant size results in the litter box).
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    Thursday Truth: I hate Easter candy!!! Well, I really love it, but I need it gone!!! Not necessarily making me have too many calories, but hard to counter all those carbs.

    @Tracy…I didn’t realize that MapMyWalk would be able to calculate on a treadmill…interesting!
    @Lori…sorry to hear about your sisters passing. Also sorry to hear you weren’t close. Prayers to you and your family.
    @Kris…are you an April 7th birthday too?? Happy birthday! You got a lot more coupons/deals than I did.

    AFM…no gym last night. Still not over this “whatever it is.” I’ve moved from a stomach ache all day to a headache all night and now diarrhea this morning. My hubby came home this morning and yelled at me for getting him sick.

    Today, Jacob has a track meet (I won’t be getting to this one) and Emma has her program. She is singing in a small group (can’t tell for sure if there’s 3 or 4 of them as her answer always changes) and has two lines.