Just for today --- daily commitment thread



  • 47Jacqueline
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    JFT - 4/8

    1) continue my practice of anger reaction distancing :) Pretty goood at this for 2 days in a row
    2) Get my bike fitting done :# The bike store owner was ill
    2) Do one fun thing (having lunch with friends)
    B) Really fun time

    JFT, 4/9, I will

    1) Eat my dinner before I go to an evening activity instead of at 9PM
    2) Floss and brush my teeth two times
    3) Practice 1 open posture pose for 2 minutes
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,488 Member
    JFT, 4/9, I will:

    1) Walk my dog this morning.
    2) I will exercise my normal routine for Thurs
    3) I will enjoy the sunny day (may even sit in it for a minute or two)
    4) And do one thing that I put off yesterday.
  • heathervazquez75
    heathervazquez75 Posts: 33 Member
    Just for today

    1. Log my food
    2. Go to yoga
    3. Drink water
    4. Enjoy my new Fitbit
  • thisdamselflies
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    Just for today, 4/8, I will:
    1) not binge. :) Day 6!
    2) not multi-task my food. Trying this again. :)
    3) vacuum, take out the trash, do a load of laundry, and clean the bathrooms. :/ I vacuumed, took out the trash, and put a load of laundry in the washer, but didn't finish it or clean the bathrooms. Halfway?

    Just for today, 4/9, I will:
    1) only eat the food I bring (not bingeing is easy at work...it's avoiding the junk people bring in that's hard!).
    2) make use of my morning (instead of sitting at my computer or on my phone for the two hours between breakfast and leaving for work).
    3) work out after work.
  • April 9th -

    Just for today, I will;

    1. Not eat jellybeans !!! ( tasted soooo good yesterday, but...so not worth it !!! )
    2. Exercise at least 180 minutes.
    3. Do some strength training.
    4. Keep on with my meditation practice.
    5. Since I didn't do it yesterday,..... I WILL update my goals !!!

    Have a great Thursday, everyone !!!
  • MonicaSmith98
    MonicaSmith98 Posts: 66 Member
    Just for today, I will
    1. Use my food scale
    2. Excersise
    3. Not drink wine
    4. Not go over 1500 calories
    5. Be patient
  • kwfitgal
    kwfitgal Posts: 228 Member
    Just for today:
    1. Stick to calorie goals--be discipined with no excuses!
    2. Drink 3+ pints water
    3. Exercise 30 min.
    4. Put file boxes up in cubby to make room for seedling boxes.
  • Saragirl2
    Saragirl2 Posts: 630 Member
    Today I will:
    Keep logging & log & preplan dinners for Thurs, Fri& Sat.
    Get to bed by 9:30 tonight (when I'm tired I seek out unhealthy food choices)
    Walk for 45 mins.
    30 minutes of purging books & donate to library.
    Drink 8 cups of water.
    Call a friend.
  • losingrae
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    losingrae wrote: »

    Just for Today 4/08
    1. log everything :)
    2. take the dogs for a walk this evening :) took them up to the woods, their favorite place because they're off leash!
    3. read another 5 pages :) I'm actually getting through this book

    Just for Today 4/09
    1. log everything
    2. strength training tonight
    3. another 5 pages
  • jabrams1955
    jabrams1955 Posts: 55 Member
    Just for today: I will stay within calorie limits; drink water drink water! Walk 1 hr on treadmill; eat healthy dinner and nothing later in evening; pay a few bills; take time to read the book I am enjoying - Dead Wake by Erik Larson. Get extra sleep!
  • gonebeast
    gonebeast Posts: 102 Member
    Eat at least 1900 calories (trying to repair my basal metabolic rate)
    Complete my full body workout routine today
    Continue my path to celibacy :blush:
  • azulvioleta6
    azulvioleta6 Posts: 4,196 Member

    1. 10,000 steps :(
    2. swim :)
    3. stay under 110 G/carbs :)

    1. 12,000 steps
    2. dance?
    3. eat well
  • feistyjojo
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    feistyjojo wrote: »
    Thursday's goal
    - rest my body after last 4 days of hardcore exercise ☺
    - in line with calorie goal ☺
    - check into stomach min 5 times ☺

    And... Enjoy the sunshine!!

    All achieved! 3 days on the trot... getting there.
  • feistyjojo
    feistyjojo Posts: 303 Member
    Friday's goals:
    - work hard at bootcamp to help balance the rest of the day (day off in the sun... bbq, wine etc)
    -check into stomach min 5 times
    - enjoy the sunshine and stay in the moment
  • bri170lb
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    Just for today ( Thursday April 9)
    1. Take breakfast lunch and snack with me. :smile:
    2. Eat light so I can have a drink or two at a girls night out.
  • bri170lb
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    edited April 2015
    Just for today ( Thursday April 9)
    1. Take breakfast lunch and snack with me. :smile:
    2. Eat light so I can have a drink or two at a girls night out. :smile:
    3. Figure out a way to walk for 1 hour with a very busy day and very bad weather. :smile:

    Just for today ( Friday April 10)
    1. Early morning walk
    2. Stick to 1200 calories
    3. Call my friend ( thanks saragirl2 for this idea. I have been trying to remember to do this for 2 weeks. Now I HAVE to do it. )
    4. Take my kids to a movie. No Candy or popcorn. I will take a healthy snack.

  • MysticalT
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    MysticalT wrote: »
    Just for today (8/4)

    1) Stay within my allowance - :)
    2) 30 minutes of exercise - :)
    3) Do something for me - :)

    Just for today (9/4)

    1) Stay within my calorie allowance :(
    2) 30 Minutes of exercise :(
    3) Drink more water :(

    Completely lost the plot yesterday, gave in at breakfast and it went down hill from there ending with a chinese. To be fair I had a busy day planned and then, thanks to my lazy son who admits he can't be bothered to shut a gate, I spent the morning looking for my two dogs who took themselves walkies. Stressed is an understatement.

    Anyway, that's just one day. Once upon a time that would have been it in my mind for the next fortnight but not this time, back on it today, hopefully leaving some calories spare to help out yesterday :)

    Just for today (10/4)

    1) Stay under my calorie allowance
    2) 30 minutes exercise
    3) Drink more water

  • April 10th -

    Good morning, everyone... Today, is your day to shine !!

    Just for today, I will;
    1. Tidy up my exercise room.
    2. Failed 2 days in a row to write out new goals, 3rd time will be a win !!!
    3. Message at least one MFP friend I haven't connected with in awhile.
    4. Keep a song in my heart !!!
  • Lnature71
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    JFT I will go to the gym.
  • jabrams1955
    jabrams1955 Posts: 55 Member
    JFT - stay within carlorie goals; drink water; mantra re the weekend, just can't sabotage my whole week, try consistentsy!