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    Online dating guys in my area completely suck. No it doesn't matter what their age is, they all suck. They are all losers. Gosh I really can't wait to move, if I ever get the chance. Please dear lord, get me out of this hellhole! They are so cheap, seriously even the ones who are older than 40 are still cheap as hell. They all just wanna *kitten* you in their dirty *kitten* truck and call it a first date. I'm sorry but I'm not personal blow up doll ready to *kitten* whenever it's convenient for you...I have standards that no one apparently can meet. Btw I didn't even think i had standards. At least take me out for a dollar burger at McDonald's before *kitten* in your old, dirty, smelly truck.
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    I surprisingly had met / chatted many awesome people ..females online. Most of my long term friends have been girls i met online. I believe there are beautiful people out there..just like you and me. Been on decent and awesome dates too with whom i met online..
  • blueyellowhorse
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    I had a first date at a theme park with a guy that didn't like rides! All the queues were long and I stood in them on my own and was the 'single rider' for everything! Not fun- declined date number 2!!!

    Lol was it his idea to go to the theme park?

    I had said on my profile that a theme park would be fun for a date but it would be safer to go for a drink- he picked up and suggested we went. I thought it was really sweet until he wouldn't go on anything!!

    What a dumbass haha. Don't blame you for not going on date #2.
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    I've always wanted to try online dating, but I was always afraid of being judged for being on a dating site instead of going out to find people like normal 20 year olds. Social anxiety will be the death of me xD
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    Belle8312 wrote: »
    I read on one guys profile "if we meet up and you don't look like your pictures, I am going to drink until you do...and you're going to pick up the tab"
    I had to message him just because that's one of the most awesome things I've ever read on a profile!

    I think I need to steal this if I get brave enough to try online dating again.
  • The only remotely weird thing that happened to me through online dating was a guy who literally fed himself like he was a momma bird feeding its babies. He threw his head back and dangled the food over his mouth before eating it. It was truly disgusting. Thankfully that was my first and final online dating experience before I met my husband (who I also met online!), because I couldn't have handled any more of those lol.
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    Joannah700 wrote: »
    Belle8312 wrote: »
    So kind of a random question, but what would you do in this situation?

    There's a woman I work with and she had some guy stop by her desk to talk to her about a week ago about whatever, I don't know, something related to work. I noticed him, he seemed kind of cute. So I guess when he got back to his desk (he works in a different part of the building) he IM'd my co-worker to ask about me. Who's the "new girl", age, am I single, etc. Well she IM'd and asked me what I thought about him because he was asking about me and wanted to know if he asked me out what would I say. I told her to go ahead and tell him I am available.
    Fast forward to two days later and I had a meeting with one of the bosses, and when I came back he had sent me a contacts request for our IM, IM'd me and sent me a FB friend request.

    First of all, a little overboard? So we started chatting and by the end of the day, I had accepted his friend request.
    Now keep in mind, he works IN MY SAME BUILDING! But he hasn't come by once to talk to me in person and hasn't asked me out. What gives?

    Not only that, but he is crazy into fitness. (Another reason why I am posing the question here. :smiley: )
    Like he is a freak of nature fitness crazy. Triathlons, sticks to a specific meal plan each week, etc.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am working on my fitness and eating, and am doing really well sticking to my calories, etc. And maybe someday I could do triathlons, but right now I am not there. I really don't think I would be able to keep up in the event he did ask me out.

    What do you all think?

    I think he's super shy.

    He had the opportunity to turn around while talking to your co-worker and introduce himself - but he chose not to.

    If you're ok with dating a shy guy - then realize it's going to take time for him to warm up. Some people are always going to be socially anxious. If it becomes serious and you have to introduce him to friends and family? It's going to be an ordeal. If you're cool with that, maybe you can try to ease his way into it - teasingly IM him, I'm going to be going past your cubicle in 5 minutes - want to dramatically lock gazes and say nothing while I walk by?

    Don't know if it would work, but it's progress.

    Yeah, this dude isn't shy. This dude is one of the most self-centered, arrogant, judgmental people I have ever met. This dude will hit on/ask out any female that works in this building. Even if they are married! We chatted for a bit, but he's moved on to the two new girls that work here....both are married and have kids.
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    Horrible experiences with online dating. The only positive was that I actually made a couple of friends off of it. Other than that, I will never do it again.
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    so would this be a bad time to put out there that I'm looking for a girlfriend?
  • Jessica_L_E
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    I went on a second date with a guy last night...who I met online...spent 15-20 minutes texting with his son more like arguing via text and then be openly belched and farted...uh no

    I'm so done lol
  • Jessica_L_E
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    so would this be a bad time to put out there that I'm looking for a girlfriend?

    Are you house trained? Listen to simple commands? You don't chew shoes do you? I'm totally kidding! Just went by your profile pic lol
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    I had a person message me on a dating site, and said he had a really strange request, then proceeded to tell me that he wanted me to piss on him... Where do these ppl one from?
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    newmeadow wrote: »
    then he openly belched and farted

    I can only imagine what it must have been like for the woman who was once married to this gent if he was openly and audibly airing out his gasses on a second date. He probably propped his bare feet on the dinner table during meals and picked at his toes.

    lol yes he was married at one point...
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    I have had two bad online dates and have vowed never to do it again. Friend has done it for years and has a plethora of horrid stories. My two are:

    1. Profile picture must have been verrry old as he was at least 50kg, it isn't all about looks and all of that but I felt really misled and did not really know how to react. He must have known it would be a surprise for me...

    2. I turned up and he asked me how to get his flatmate to do the washing up, slagged off his trip to South America as being "boring", asked me how to chat girls up in bars and then tried to follow me home. Oh and then got mad when I did not respond to his text saying he had a nice time...?!

    Ugh. Never again.
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    I just created an online profile again after a 3 year break from all dating. I answered eleventy-billion questions, paid the big bucks, screened out and blocked anyone I had prior professional contact with, and hit the matches button. The algorithm picked.....MY EX WIFE as number one, and her girlfriend as number two. The gene-pool out here in the ding-weeds is drying up mighty fast folks, mighty fast.
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    I met my late husband online. He brought me a book as a present on our first date. Haha, of course, there are creepers online too. Just take time to get to know each other before doing anything serious.
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    Belle8312 wrote: »
    Can I just sucks.

    Worst date with someone you met online...GO!!!

    I met my wife online. We have been happily married for twelve years now. Online dating is no different from meeting someone in a bar. After the first contact, everything is same. On the plus side, online dating allows better screening of candidates.

    The key to online dating is to quickly go to a face-to-face meeting, preferably a quick coffee during the day. Long protracted emails/chats create a false intimacy that can be disappointing.
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    I'm glad this thread got revived again xD
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    Worst experience ever.

    I got let down by someone i met online because i was overweight and had long hair. Yes, these were the reasons. I know his cousin and she told me.
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    kbxiii wrote: »
    Worst experience ever.

    I got let down by someone i met online because i was overweight and had long hair. Yes, these were the reasons. I know his cousin and she told me.

    Wouldn't be the case with me ;)