Things That Make You Irrationally Angry



  • TheBigFb
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    People having a phone conversation on public transport. I will go postal some morning.
  • LloydGK
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    Gossip and Gossips.

    "Whoever gossips to you, will gossip about you"
  • grace173
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    ephiemarie wrote: »
    Listening to any human being eat a bowl of cereal.

    Yes! I thought this was just me. Drives me mad
  • grace173
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    EZDUZIT68 wrote: »
    - Old people who don't know how to use the credit card swiper at the market
    - people who don't clean up after a meal
    - receptionists & office workers in a doctors office who loudly b**ch & moan about how terrible their jobs are.
    - people who won't stand up to let you in the aisle, but rather "shift their legs" a little thinking that should give you plenty of room
    - people who TALK LOUDLY ON THEIR CELL PHONES in public.

    I only ever move my legs. I don't want to come face to face with little or no personal space between me and a complete stranger but I never knew this was annoying to people!

  • Myhaloslipped
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    Use of the term "irregardless." Makes me twitch.
    Guys who insist on singing and rapping at top volume when I am riding the train. No one wants to hear that.
    People who insist that they "speak their mind" and use it as an excuse to be a tactless a**hole to everyone. There is a difference.
    People who block the entire escalator instead of moving to the side and allowing people to walk past them.

    lol, that is all.
  • RachaelBrook929
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    Noisy eaters!!!
  • TrainingToBePerfect
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  • gfox1966
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    When a persons sentence is only 8 words and 4 of them are the FBomb...
  • daydreams_of_pretty
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    grace173 wrote: »
    ephiemarie wrote: »
    Listening to any human being eat a bowl of cereal.

    Yes! I thought this was just me. Drives me mad

    I think that we're all learning that other people eating cereal is secretly making all of us lose our collective shiz*. *edited for language ;)
  • tcbutler8627
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    Perforations on paper towels, boxes, packages, etc...that don't work!!!
  • tat2cookie
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    When someone says something really insulting to you then follows it by "no offense" like that makes it ok.
  • MadMc28
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    Slow. Drivers.
  • AthleticForties
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    My co-workers.
  • MoHousdon
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    Zx14chick wrote: »
    People who don't use turn signals
    People who are noisy eaters or chew gum with their mouth open
    People who park in handicap spaces with no handicap sticker
    People who can't spell or use punctuation correctly.

    I guess just basically people in general.

    Hahhahhaaaaaaaa! Yes to all of these and yeah, I think I just get irrationally angry with people in general as well.

    I will also add:

    * self-entitlement
    * being inconsiderate to/of others
    * ditto on the misuse roundabouts
    * sound of people dragging their feet, UGH
    * people who don't know how to use the self-checkout - get out of the way for those who do! Better yet, give them their own designated line so those of us who know how can carry on!

    I sound like a really hateful hag, don't I!? After reading the above, you might be surprised to know that I am very friendly and have lots of friends!

    I also get irrationally irritated with feet draggers/shoe shufflers. Pick up your blasted feet for the love of all that is holy and good before I stab you in the throat with my pen.

    Other things that make me irrationally irritated:
    -People who cannot flush a toilet until the paper is gone. I mean, come on, how hard is that?!
    -When my socks slide down my legs
    -Uncooperative hair
    -When I order soda with a meal and they fill the whole entire cup up with ice
    -Close talkers. These are people that don't understand what personal space is. BACK OFF!
    -When someone leaves only crumbs in the bottom of a chip bag. What am I supposed to do with chip remnants?!
    -Being bothered with work related issues when I'm CLEARLY on lunch. GO AWAY!!!

    Also, a lot of things that have already been said on this thread.
  • MoHousdon
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »

    THIS X infinity!!!! I get anxious just pulling into the parking lot. I HATE place almost as much as I hate the tag office or DMV.

  • almondbutterbay
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    When I try to do something productive but the interwebs suck me back into their realm
  • MoHousdon
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    People who are too lazy to push the grocery carts they used back to the store or the designated cart collection in the parking lot, and instead leave them in perfectly good parking spots or on curbs.

    Another reason I despise Wal-Mart.

  • MoHousdon
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    People who let their children run and climb freely on everything in stores

    So bad parenting?! I second this!