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    I'm loving spring, loving how my fitbit gets me moving. Still having problems with keeping cals down during travel tho. I have a 3 day meeting in Montreal next week. Looking forward to walking the city but worried about food!

    Chris- how great buying new clothes in smaller sizes. I'm 20 lbs down and hope to get into smaller size by summer.

    Thanks for the props Heather. Love to read your food choices and cooking.

    Jan- regarding your friends cheating husband, my experience is that the loss of a child more often that not seems to break up marriages. It's so sad, seems like that's when you'd need each other the most. I guess moving away from reminders wins out.

    Gail in Atlanta- can't wait for my irises! We don't even have buds yet in MD.

    Naomi- I could use some tips on eating while on travel. I just had a 2 day meeting at a place that served us all our meals cafeteria style and I did not manage too well. Desserts really got me. Sigh.

    Maryanne- good on you limiting your evening eating. I am managing that most days now.

    Still trying to catch up!

    Cindy in SoMD
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    Good afternoon/evening! Just popping back in for a minute. Congratulations to all of you who are seeing such wonderful progress on the scales! It is indeed a milestone and a day for rejoicing when you hit that "overweight" mark! Such a lovely feeling. And, NSVs are sometimes more thrilling than the scales moving, so kudos to you who are celebrating those.

    Even though my weight is going in the right direction again, I think I'm going to have to break down a buy at least one pair of pants before I go on my trip next month. I tried on a pair from my closet last night that I thought might fit again, but it was a no go. I need to try on all of my summer things to see if I have anything that fits, but I'm, bluntly, scared of the discouragement.

    It looks like a walk outside is not going to happen because we have rain and storms moving in. Either way, I'll hit my steps and, I hope, review my DVDs to see what core exercises I can manage without putting any pressure on my shoulder. Even crunches type movements don't work because I can't put my arms in any sort of proper position. but, I'm determined! :angry:

    Toni - I have always cooked, but most of the time it's not particularly exciting, so I don't usually share. I enjoy cooking. I used to REALLY enjoy baking--I was the cake and pie queen, but those days are gone. I like to eat what I bake. :confused:

    Ladies, may I please ask for your prayers, good vibes, crossed fingers, etc.? My daughter in the process of applying for a librarian position at Greensboro College. This would be the answers to a lot of prayers, hopes, and dreams on this end. It would be a job she could stay at for a good while and she could continue to live in her condo and commute the 20 or so miles.

    I suppose I'd better get a little more work done before I leave. I'm stalling because coding each transaction on the credit card statement for payment is tedious and one of my least favorite tasks. :frowning:

    Have a good evening!

    Carol in NC
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    Whoops! After a really great evening with my son - a few drinks and a "curry" I came back to the hotel and ate the two packets of complementary biscuits and my "emergency" nuts I keep in my purse. 600 calories I didn't need to eat. But it's quite nice to be a naughty girl sometimes ................

    I feel like a kid out of school..............
    It makes me 650 over for the day. Alcohol has something to do with it and a "what the hell" moment. Good job they don't come around too often. ;):(:*

    Now to sleep. I really enjoyed seeing him and we found lots of mutual interests. Good beer. History is a big one and terrific films. He is having authentic clothes and armour hand made so he can take part in re enactments. The real thing. We both love the same films. Good evening. :)

    My friends are coming st 10.30 tomorrow. We will wander about, have lunch and then I will catch the train. :D

    Glad I came. Binge and all. B)>:)<3

    Heather in Nottingham with Robin Hood UK
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    Still catching up!

    Lisa- I love hearing everyone's backstories. All of us over 50s have so much to tell. I am pleased for you that u found a happy place no matter how u got there. I am was close to 300 when I started MFP again this winter. We all struggle with food. I much appreciate the very positive tone of this community and the great examples of success ( and dealing with struggles) here on these posts.

    Joyce- hope the back improves fast. Lol on putting it out in the can in the middle of the nite tho!

    Chris - 31 lbs gone and within sight of your goal is a MARVELOUS achievement!

    Carol- hope your daughter gets the job!

    Off to make chicken pita sandwiches for din-

    Cindy in SoMD again!
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    smiley-happy110.gif Tomorrow is the last day of April. It will be a good time to look over your April goals and resolutions and see how you've done. It will also be a good time to select goals or resolutions for May. I'll start a new thread for May at the end of my day tomorrow (about 6PM PDT).

    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gif Barbie
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    Carol-NC: Getting paid to be a legitimate getaway driver, such fun! I like your explanations of your cooking and organizing meals. I'd never thought about grilling more than 1 meal for some reason. I need meals that are quick to get on the table too. Everything's crossed for the librarian position.

    Toni: Happy Anniversary, hope you and hubby have a wonderful time today!

    Janet: Congrats on being down 2 lbs! I like your quote!

    Bkrimpet: Yabba Dabba Doo! I'm looking forward to "overweight" one day too!

    Chris: Hurray for you... if those 1.04 exercise bands can do that much..I need one.

    Sylvia: Saving a fortune in deodorant is definitely a wonderful NSV. :bigsmile:

    Maryanne: How did you like classical stretch?

    Cindy: Save some calories to try Poutine if you've never had it before. They make the best in Montreal!

    Had the first bbq of the year last night..can't ever remember having one in April before. It was 25C here yesterday...go figure today it's only 9. Folks came to visit and fixed my screen door, serviced my lawnmower and shortened my recumbent bike. They need to visit more often. :smile:

    Thought for the day: Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back. - Babe Ruth

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    SpeedRacer AKA Jeanne: Welcome to a great group of women.

    Carol: Did you ever in your life imagine writing, “Yesterday was another day of having a hard time stuffing in enough calories.” I call this an amazing NSV. Congratulations! I’ll keep your daughter in my prayers. I hope she gets the job near home.

    Sylvia: Your visit to the eye doctor had some very good news and a worry. I hope you don’t have more migraines.

    Pip: Living to 125 might be a stretch, but 95 is quite possible. Think about it.

    Chris in MA: Congrats on the lost 5 lbs! WTG!!! The first few times I had to decrease calories in my weight loss journey, it was hard. As time went by, I was able to adapt more easily. Earning extra calories through exercise is an excellent idea.

    Bkkrimpet: I can’t remember whether I congratulated you on your weight loss milestone so I’m congratulating you now. Yay! If this is a repeat, you deserve to hear the accolade again anyway. WTG!

    Heather: I’m delighted you had a good visit with your DS. That is truly something to celebrate.

    DH went to the athletic club with me this morning and had a fine workout, but he had a nasty insulin reaction afterward. He’s fine now, and I hope he doesn’t use this as an excuse not to exercise on Friday. He just needs to take a snack with him, or eat a decent breakfast before he goes, preferably both.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

    April Goals:
    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on flexibility and back
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least three glasses of water daily, preferably more!
    5. Eliminate alcohol.
    6. Monitor sleep. Try to average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.


    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Home from work -
    I am so proud of myself for keeping up with all of you. No more marathon catch up weekends for me!

    Pip - if anyone in this group will make it to 100 it is you! I think your idea of doing the 1/2 marathon is a good one. If you would not have to prepare much wouldn't that be reward in itself? WOW I cannot imagine being that fit. Speaking of marathons - remember the Music City Marathon storm threat last Saturday? It did not happen. Nice breezy mostly overcast warm day. I know 2 or 3 gals who did the 1/2 and one that went the distance. Of course they are 1/3 my age! Hey - Pip - why don't you and Kirby come next April to run here? Just thinkin' how much trouble we could get into. BUT I will be a cheerleader not a runner.

    Carol - praying for your daughter's job opportunity.

    Sylvia - I can't believe you are just now noticing your rolls are gone, girl. Do you put your deodorant on in the dark?

    Heather - so very glad you had such a good visit with your son and friends.

    Cary - What is that dish you recommended to Cindy?

    Have a great night everyone!!!!!

    Toni - the old 34 years married gal in Tennessee

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    Thursday morning here and logged my food at 1693 cals.
    Did Wii boxing before breakfast, Jeannette's Bikini boot-camp I and 3 day weight split (back and chest) walk the dog this afternoon.
    Setting up food spreadsheet and is: 1600 to 1800 cals,200-225g Carb, 120 -135 g protein and 35 - 40g fat. + 50C40P20F for Tom's May 98 day challenge
    My BF% lst night was 45.8% and WILL go down. I am READY now
    Lesley in Tasmania
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    Heather - have a great time visiting with your son! Too bad about the inconsiderate people on your train ride.

    Carol - I wouldn't worry too much about your son dropping out if he goes to a community college. I took my first two years at a community college due to having to pay for them myself as well. It saves a lot of money.

    Sylvia - I have had the ocular migraine as well. Not very fun. since the first one I have had it two more times in a to your time period. Well, we can plan to meet in another location other than Las Vegas! There are a lot of fun places in the United States to go.

    Chris in MA - congratulations on your five pound weight loss! I hope you make your goal in time for your trip to Cancun! sorry to hear about you not getting the job. Something better must be in your future.

    Bkrimpet - yea!

    TNToni - sweet! Happy Anniversary !

    Pip - what a dilemma!

    Terri - too bad about the lotion! Great job prepping for the day! Boys can not only talk about body functions but they can also perform them really well too!

    Sylvia - that is very exciting congratulations on your NSV!

    Carol in NC - we will definitely be praying for your daughter to get that job.

    Heather - we all do that on occasion! Glad that you had a good time with your son.

    Katla - too bad your husband had that reaction. At least you know what to do for next time. It's hard enough getting them to come with then they have something go wrong like that.

    I have been busy in the house all day so now it is time to go out for A evening walk Have a great night everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Starting over again.. again.. Finally had an epiphany that doing for everyone else left me out of the nurturing cycle. So I am beginning to nurture myself, and changing things in my life that make me feel negative about myself etc... I got really sick and finally realized that smoking again after quitting so long was self-destructive. So I quit again 48 hours ago. I struggle with crunchy salty carbs and so am changing that style of eating and adapting to a better eating plan. Beginning swimming in 2 days. I love swimming laps. It will protect my back right now and will still give me exercise. I am looking for 50+ women to talk to! Thanks!
  • WorkinNurse
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    You can call me Linda :)
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    stats for the day:
    ride hm 2 gym- 11.49min, 15amph 2.9mi = 108c
    Spin- 36min, 81ar, 138aw, 13-16g, 14.4mi = 297c
    ride gym 2 dome- 5.42min, 14.2amph, 1.3mi = 64c
    ride dome 2 tan- 17.16min, 9.9amph, 2.8mi = 182c
    ride tan 2 hm- 5.39min, 10.1amphm .9mi = 63c
    total cal 714
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    edited April 2015
    Linda - Glad you're here and have resolved to nurture yourself. It's so easy for a woman to forget how important that is. And to quit smoking is huge... my husband says of all the addictions he's overcome (yep, he has a past), smoking was the most difficult. Janet has recently given up smoking, too, so she'll know what you're going through. I also have a weakness for salty crunchy things. Enjoy the swimming! When we lived in town, I went every day and not only enjoyed the physical aspect, but found it so peaceful as well. Where are you from?

    Toni - Happy Anniversary! Hope you've had a wonderful day with your DH.

    Carey - Moving away from Canada before poutine was probably reason enough to go. Talk about the most delicious heart-attack special ever!!

    Katla - It must have been scary for you and DH when he had that bad reaction. Hearing about that sort of event reminds me to be so grateful for this minute in time when I don't have health issues (because I know that could easily change tomorrow... life comes with no guarantees).

    And what is NSV? (no small victory?) Still learning the language here :)

    Selena (from Alberta)
    Lives in Utah
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    i was thinking about that getting old comment... since i ride every day, the chances are quite high that i'll get hit by a car so i don't think i will get that old because of health but because of what i do every day.
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    Did 1-1/4 hr rebounder DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Transform Your Body by Brooke Burke DVD

    Meg - so glad that guy worked miracles on your clock. They can be so hard to get just right. When Jessica was a baby, she had projectile vomiting. Why would Tanya hold the baby flat when feeding her. Does Tanya lay flat when she eats? Glad to hear your sore throat is gone

    Sylvia - if they're going to dilate your eyes today, I would think that they'd be back to normal by tomorrow. yea for no more rolls

    Janet - many times one of our cats, Loki, uses me as a "bridge" when I'm doing a plank, he walks back and forth under me. Well, it certainly makes the time go by faster!!! lol

    Beth - I usually keep my cell phone in my pocketbook. Vince doesn't like it, he says that I can't hear it well enough. But to me, I just don't like the looks of a cell phone "bump" in my pocket. So I just continue to do what I want

    - did you go to the Ethel M plant when you were in Vegas?

    Selena - that's an interesting idea (the swirls). His shell consists of (I hope I'm making myself clear) "blocks", I can do one r, one w, one b, but the one at the top (and this is probably going to be work) I can make multicolored. No...that's probably going to be too difficult, I don't have that steady a hand. Sylvia - how do you solve this

    Lisa - everyone has to do what's right for them. We have quite a few ladies who had WLS, so you're in good company. You're so right, it's really about calories in vs calories out.

    Sue in TX - welcome back! How horrible that you had to have a tooth pulled. Well, the bright side (if there is one) was that you probably lost weight....lol

    Toni - congrats on your anniversary. Do you have any special plans, or are your special plans the same as our special plans when it's our anniversary, go to bed early?

    Remember I was telling you how my "streak" of days logged in suddenly went to 3 from 600-something and I logged in all the days? Well, there is this place where you tell them the number of days and MFP resets it. They do tell you to log at least one item on any one day. Well, I did that, only for some reason it reset. Well, I asked them to reset it back and they did! They even sent me an email telling me that they did.

    Mary from MN
    -Yea, I'd heard a long time ago about cell phones causing cancer. Did you add that dip to your diary? I know that I've entered foods and there's usually a question about letting MFP users see it. Maybe that's how you can get it so that everyone sees it.

    Joyce - I have some really nice things, but not enough for a garage sale. Truthfullhy, I'd kind-of like to get them out of the house. Wonder if I should just take them to a pawn shop? Many times Jessica or Denise call us when they're driving. Drives Vince crazy. If we know about it, we get off the phone with them asap. Jessica calls to complain "I hate the Beltway" I have to ask, I've always wondered, what are "mom jeans". I remember watching "what not to wear" and they always referred to "mom jeans". I honestly just never knew what made a pair of jeans "mom jeans" Maybe I do it and don't even realize that I do it? Sorry about your back

    Cynthia - I very seldom use my phone in the car. I do have to admit that the time when I use it the most is when we're driving to FL. Vince will call me (or I will call him) to tell me where he's stopping for gas/lunch/dinner/bathroom break.

    mufflana - welcome back. We're never too old to learn! You WILL lose again.

    Janet - you got a 10 FOOT laptop?????? I know it was a typo

    pip - that was me that feels you give good ideas for your meals. and, thank you, for opening your diary

    Carol in NC - that fish you made sounds wonderful! good vibes being sent your way right now

    Jane - so glad to hear your mom is doing so much better

    Chris - congrats on the loss! I'm sure that a better job for you will be coming along. All things happen for a reason.

    Got a cooking question: I have this recipe for a tofu chocolate pie. I think I can get it past Vince (I just won't tell him that there's tofu in it). However, the recipe calls for "silken firm" tofu. Well, there isn't such a thing as "silken firm". I tried using extra firm, didn't come out smooth enough. I tried using the firm for something else (my tofu/cocoa mixture) and unless I added some water to it, it wasn't creamy. Now I don't mind the fact that there were LITTLE bits of tofu in it, but that won't fly with Vince. I'm afraid that if I added water to it to mix the cocoa in with the tofu, then the tofu won't set up firmly. Yet, I need to get the cocoa/chocolate mixed in with the tofu. Has anyone else had this dilemma and what have you done?

    Michele in NC
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    Hello gang! Wow 78 posts since last night. I’m not sure I’ll get to them all! Nothing much happened today and I’m all ready for our final exam tomorrow. It was beautiful and DH and I just got back from a mile walk. The knee did fine and I’m over 8200 steps so far.

    Janet: I was on our HOA board for many years in our old neighborhood. At first it was great and the whole neighborhood got together for events, then after a while the old ones moved out and the new ones didn’t want to socialize with any one. It was kind of sad.

    Italy: you make Vegas sound like lots of fun…that’s one place I have never been tempted to go, but the shopping might lure me!

    Sue nice to see you again! I’ve been MIA a lot too

    Lisa: glad you found the group!

    Mary: we do talk a lot, don’t we???

    Joyce: your yard sales reminded me when the kids first came, I told them all the people with “garage sale” signs were selling their garages! They believed me for a long time and tried for ages to figure out how that would work (for you who don’t know me, they came from Russia). It was hilarious!

    Mufflana: welcome aboard

    Janet I can nap like a champ, but can’t sleep at night whether I nap that day or not!

    Heather: why do people think they need to yell on their cell phones?

    Michele: Tanya swears she was taught to hold the baby flat while eating. I asked her the same question…do you lie down when you eat or drink? Noooooooo but you just can’t tell her anything. DH talked to the BF again about getting her on welfare so she can get some job training and a better job. She’ll never get anywhere getting 8 bucks an hour.

    Well the internet keeps kicking me off, so I’m saying goodnight even thought I didn’t get to respond to most of you. I think I read everything though. Take care all, meg from beautiful Omaha
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    exermom - that is awesome that they reset your log in count to what it should be!!!!!!!
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    Starting over again.. again.. Finally had an epiphany that doing for everyone else left me out of the nurturing cycle. So I am beginning to nurture myself, and changing things in my life that make me feel negative about myself etc... I got really sick and finally realized that smoking again after quitting so long was self-destructive. So I quit again 48 hours ago. I struggle with crunchy salty carbs and so am changing that style of eating and adapting to a better eating plan. Beginning swimming in 2 days. I love swimming laps. It will protect my back right now and will still give me exercise. I am looking for 50+ women to talk to! Thanks!

    Hi Linda! Great to hear you quit smoking! I smoked years ago, and I know it is difficult! Welcome-Laura
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    Checking in to mark my spot. Too exhausted to contribute.