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  • Carpedieznutz
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    TIL that the word escalate comes from the word escalator, not the other way around.
  • spookyface
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    Short workout with 1 lb weights is easy peasy.
  • MireyGal76
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    TIL... well ok, it's not something I learned, but it is something that I re-learned...

    As "adults" we have endured a lot of pain in our lives. So much so that sometimes, when our kids come to us with their pain, we tend to compare it to ours, and treat it according to our pain scale.

    For example: I'm in the middle of a divorce, relationship difficulties, financial issues... there's a lot of stress and my pain is high... on a scale of one to ten... right now I feel like I'm about an 8. My 9 year old comes home crying because her best friend didn't want to play with her, and was mean to her. I think... that friend is an idiot. Find another friend. I treat that pain like it's a 5. But to her... to my little girl... she's at a TEN.

    If I don't empathize with her TEN... I shut her down and hurt her, adding to her pain. Last night, I was reminded that I need to understand the other person's pain scale, and support accordingly. Last night, I felt my girlfriend's daughter's TEN like it was a ten for me, and I believe we talked her down to an 8. In the process... we may have saved her life. She really really needed to have her ten recognized.

    TLDR: Recognize the TEN.
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    TIL that 200 sit-ups in one workout session leaves you with less skin on your *kitten* :grumble:
  • TuffGong21
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    TIL that after 5 cloudy days in a row, the sun does still exist
  • determined_ella
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    TIL that I'm stronger than I thought :joy:
  • arditarose
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    Running is a lot easier when you're not carrying 30+ extra pounds of fat.
  • FromAshes2Beast
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    It was actually the other day BUT I learned immediately not to try leg raises with a 10lb medicine ball. Thank you cat-like reflexes.
  • justinegibbons
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    TIL that groundhogs fight each other.. And it was INTENSE
  • laurabethless
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    TIL the correct cycling route!
  • TrailBlazinMN
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    TIL that dragonflies have their own version of Running of the Bulls but with humans
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    TIL some guys do tell the truth regarding their height on dating profiles
  • Fitnessflexibility
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    Today I learned that I hate not having someone to talk to
  • MireyGal76
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    TIL that building a power rack for my basement may be in my near future... thanks @BadAssBeast76
  • aerochic42
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    TIL That my computer cannot open adobe documents any more. Learned this after IT had left for the day.

    I also learned that if I keep going on walks at lunch I need to bring a full set of clothes to change into, so I don't have to sit around sweaty at work. (oh and I need to buy some moisture wicking clothes)
  • FromAshes2Beast
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    MireyGal76 wrote: »
    TIL that building a power rack for my basement may be in my near future... thanks @BadAssBeast76

    Always my pleasure, sweetheart.

    TIL I won't be the only TEAM BADASS member with a power rack :wink: :smiley: