My fitness pal is the key! See pics! Total transformation



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    what an amazing transformation. you should be so proud of yourself.
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    What a transformation, amazing...
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    mamadon wrote: »
    You look amazing - I'm only losing 1-2 lb a week so feel a bit disheartened the road ahead seems so long, how long did it take and what was you avg weekly loss thanks -

    Even though its not addressed to me I wanted to comment on this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with losing a pound or two a week. That is a perfectly normal amount. Try to remember that the weight didn't come on over night and it wont come off that quickly either. Also,a slower loss is better. it gives your body time to adapt to the changes and your much more likely to sustain your weight loss. Yes, it may be a long road, but time is going to pass either way. Every single pound that you lose is a pound less than you weighed before.

    Awwww... I love you mamadon!! :D 100% what she said!! :)
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    Wow.. that is dramatic. Congrats. I like this program a lot myself. Finding success for the first time in a long time.
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    You look great! Congratulations on your success!
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    Wow do you look GREAT!!! Congratulations!!!
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    What an amazing accomplishment. I'm on week one and feel more energetic already. i can only look to people like you to inspire me in this path to a healthy new me. You look fantastic!
  • AMAZING!!!!!! :)
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    New you, but still the same lovely smile. :flowerforyou:
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    You look wonderful and I like how you are doing it the healthy way ( yes I peaked at your diary ;) . Congrats again. So inspirational
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    You did very good
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    You really look amazing. wow WTG!
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    Congratulations! Very inspiring!!
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    What a transformation! I had read your success story right after I started here on MFP! Definitely an inspiration!
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    Wow! Great Job!
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    Fantastic inspiration!!! You have worked hard and look great
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    You look fabulous! What an inspiration!!
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    Wow, now that's inspiration. Great Job!!!