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    Just found your site. I am 63 and I am struggling to lose 2 stone. Kimperry I agree with every word you say. I am sick of my waistline flab and a not so flat stomach. I keep trying not to eat the obvious foods that are not good for me but if I see a biscuit packet open it is impossible to resist. I need help.

    Welcome to another Elaine!!

    This is a great place to come for support!

    Elaine in Lansing

    Thank you for the welcome. I keep getting lost on all the groups on MFP. I have been reading the posts and I can clearly see the support that is being offered. Any suggestions on what you do for meals would be appreciated. Good Luck to everyone.
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    Gloria - sending you best wishes for Alexander. A worrying time for all of you. <3<3<3

    Heather UK
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    Gloworm ... Praying for Alexander, his family and all involved in his care.
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    Gloria -- thoughts are with you and your little guy.

    My day is planned and will start with going to get a cholesterol test for a recheck. I have been resisting meds for a few years now but finally agreed.

    Meals are all set for the day. Candy is in the garbage. Chips are still lingering in the background due to daughter and her boyfriend being home. I'll make sure they don't leave those on the table.

    I intend to get an hour in of cardio. Hopefully, work won't get in the way. But I have the whole day so no excuses.

    Be back later.

    Kimses in MA
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    Kim - it sounds like you will be getting that fit bit by Christmas! It is always scary when the younger children start to drive. He is lucky to have you to give him advice.

    Drkatiebug- your cornbread dressing sounds delicious. I hope your struggles are over. We are here to support you!

    Sharon- I hope your cold gets better! I have a special bond with my DD as well. I love my son dearly though, but he is so busy with his family.

    Joyce- I love stovetop stuffing! You can dress it up with the celery and onion. Glad to hear that those diapers are holding!

    Gloria - we will definitely be praying for Alexander and your family.

    Kimses- Great plan! Good luck with your eating and fitness goals.

    I had a very busy day yesterday driving all the way into Minneapolis and back. Seven hours of driving. I had to go get my Botox shots for my migraines. Today I am going to pull nails from boards so we can get the rest of the trim up around the doors. I will have to make several beds since our Thanksgiving company is spending the night. We had a great time with my DB and DSNL. I think I did OK on my eating plan but have not wanted to step on the scale yet. I did a 500 cal fast yesterday with my DH. He weighed himself this morning and only gained .2 pounds. I will weigh myself after eight.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    So very thankful for every one of you, every day.

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    Hello to all of my friends in this Sisterhood of Phat to Fit - my darling little Great nephew Alexander is having open heart surgery again tomorrow. Prayers and healing thoughts are requested for both him and his family. love you all <3

    Gloria will remember Alexander in prayer.

    Janetr. OKC

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    Tried to check in with everyone while in the hospital with my mom. It is harder to do on my cell phone.....

    Mom has had surgery to pin and plate her hip. The shoulder will stay in a sling. The morphine is wearing off finally. this is good - it really wreaked her mind. Bad stuff!!!

    I will catch up with everyone when I am back home for good.

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Gloria, I am keeping little Alexander in my thoughts today and sending strength your way and to your entire family.
    To all facing health issues, peace and healing.
    To all facing bounty of family and feast, peace and gratitude.
    Karen from NY
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    @gritsandsluts - thank you for your msg. I have an appt Dec 7. This happened to my mom when she turned 50 as well. Yes 12 pounds in about a month's time... sickening!

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    Good morning!

    Pip - So glad to see that Kirby is home although it would be nice if y'all had heat!

    Kim - I got my Fitbit Flex from eBay. I actually bought each piece separately because it was cheaper that way.

    Gloria - Prayers for the little one.

    Sylvia - Glad Zumba was a hit!

    Miriam - That foot looks miserable.

    Alison - Stand your ground!

    For an update on the weekend: We ended up postponing our meeting. We knew that the timing might be iffy because he was involved with a fundraiser at this church involving cooking something (turkeys, pork shoulders?) that used his smoker grill. He had to be there very early in the morning to get everything going, the cut-off for pick up was 5 p.m. and then there was clean up. He sounded exhausted when I talked to him. We'll just keep enjoying our phone conversations until we do meet face to face.

    Speaking of men...I came across another frog last night. He wanted to "chat" so we were doing so online. He started out by posting a picture of him with his daughter. I replied appropriately and we "talked" about his grandchildren for a few minutes with him posting pictures of them. Then he posted one of himself in nothing but swim trunks in a boat. I pretty much ignored it and asked another question about the children. The he posted another picture of himself in a boat. Then he informed me that he was a touchy feely kind of guy who "likes to hold hands and nice kisses." :astonished: I said, "Lots of folks are. It's normal." That ended the conversation. Yuck!! For those of you who have never investigated these sites, there are some doozies out there! I just hope I run across a normal guy...

    I finally made the decision last night that I am not going to my parents' for Thanksgiving. Before the divorce, I hosted Thanksgiving at my house so I've never really spent Thanksgiving with just them since I left home. My son is there and my daughter is going with her dad. I feel bad in a way for not going to my parents', but 1) I really don't want to make the drive and 2) I really don't need to spend money for the full tank of gas for the trip. I have a couple of options if I choose to spend the meal with others.

    Well, I'm off to get some work done. Hope everyone has a good day!

    Carol in NC

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    Alexander and family--thoughts and prayers for a wonderful outcome!
    Going to bring food to Thanksgiving this year -- making homemade crescent rolls which I made last year for the first time to rave reviews. I love cooking everything from scratch for Thanksgiving but never got around to dinner rolls before. The only other thing I "cheat" on is the stuffing. Thank you Stove Top! Someday I will try to learn the secret of home made stuffing.
    My first Thanksgiving with MFP and I have no idea how to log everything -- Quick Add and guess-timating?
    Welcome new people!
    Betty ROC
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    Janetr- I love the Thanksgiving cartoon. It's true there's so much more to be thankful for!

    Lillian-I'm glad that your mom is on the mend. I hope you're taking care of yourself. Keep us up-to-date.

    Carol - I don't know where I would begin if I was single. I would definitely want to get to know a person very well before meeting them.

    Betty - your crescent rolls sound delicious. I also use stove top dressing. My DH usually likes to add celery and onion to it.


    Mary from Minnesota
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    stat for the day -
    1st run since 7/10 date of accident
    jog- 29.54min, 9.39ap, 6.1-7.5sp, 5k ahr143, mhr176 = 401c

    ap = average pace / minute mile
    sp = speed (on treadmill)
    ahr = average heart rate
    mhr = maximum heart rate
    c = calories
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    My youngest grandson (8) has pneumonia, pretty sick. Hopefully he'll be better by Thanksgiving.

    Jack's brother did great with the skin graft. Praying it all takes hold and heals nicely. On the other hand Mama S struggled. She has dementia which is fairly well controlled with meds, but she was so distraught with son's surgery she could really not function. It's hard to see. She's a terrific woman. She worked for 17 years on a barge on the Mississippi cooking for the crew. She would be on the barge for 30 days then home 30 days. She gets so upset because now she really can't remember how to cook much. It's sad.

    We'll head home Friday, praying the weather cooperates for the drive. Love to all.

    Janetr OKC

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    morning peep-o-la's -

    miriamwithcats - ouchie on the feet-c's
    damnit - hehehe, i'll ship him over :0)
    godmomkim - starting next week, you'll start to see the riding stats again. kirby is getting use of his right hand again, it's getting stronger and stronger. he's starting to feed himself with the right hand.
    lilymay2 - hope your mom is feeling better, you can pass some of that morphine over if you like :0)

    when I was running today, I said to myself I was going to take it slow and do maybe an 11/min mi. to see how the legs and shoulder felt with the swinging motion when you run. felt good, so I had up'd the speed to a 10/min mi. and you know when you hear a good song and it amps you up, well I had to go faster right??? so lets see if I pay for it later, lmao!!

    Kirby did good for his first day by himself. he's starting to shave and feed himself with his right hand. he promises me that he is taking it slow. the kids are being good and not going crazy on him. he is able to slowly give himself a shower, but I am having him wait til I get home to make sure he's ok and doesn't slip. he said he got on the spin bike at home for 45minutes and took it slow. it hasn't been crazy cold so having no heat hasn't been an issue yet. someone called him and they might be able to come over and look at the heater this Friday, cross your fingers!

    type to ya later.