What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • treebek
    treebek Posts: 257 Member
    I have several mini goals (it's what keeps me going):

    1) hit the 25 lbs lost milestone - only 3.8 lbs to go!
    2) fit into a pair of size 14 pants
    3) cut out all wine in January
  • dz9412
    dz9412 Posts: 19 Member
    First is to get back in my 20s (120s, that is) - 4 lbs to go. Two pounds after that, I'm treating myself to a kettlebell training session and a real kettlebell (not just my weight plates).
  • StacyChrz
    StacyChrz Posts: 865 Member
    Breaking out of the 300's. 15 lbs to go.

    Yahoo! you can do it!
  • MBM82284
    MBM82284 Posts: 17 Member
    Finishing T25 without getting off track or missing any days.
  • Jenny9000
    Jenny9000 Posts: 45 Member
    Vacation to somewhere warm in the end of January :) ..need to buy a new bathing suit!
  • TnZMom
    TnZMom Posts: 222 Member
    4 more pounds down and I'll be halfway to my goal weight.

    Am determined to log my food every remaining day of 2015 :pensive:
  • Syneea
    Syneea Posts: 451 Member
    1. To lose these last ten pds.
    2. To lose at least another inch off of my arms.
    3. To become consistent with lifting heavy weights.
  • bettyrox79
    bettyrox79 Posts: 77 Member
    My next mini goal is 300g away. I get to buy a new book :smiley:
  • TasnimEz
    TasnimEz Posts: 280 Member
    To get down below 80 kg. It's also the upper limit of normal BMI for me.
  • treebek
    treebek Posts: 257 Member
    Current mini goal - hit 30 lb weight loss milestone. Only 5 lb away (just hit 25)!
  • jandw122912
    jandw122912 Posts: 68 Member
    Getting back to my prepregnancy weight! My son is almost 1... It's time! I will still have a lot to lose, but that's my first goal!
  • pineapple1989
    pineapple1989 Posts: 195 Member
    My mini goal is to stick to my plan as much as I can before my anniversary dinner with my other half on 29th Jan, and to fit back into my pre-holiday clothes. I'm hoping to do that before March if possible!