290 to 178 in 10 Months! (w/photos)



  • cajun_belle
    cajun_belle Posts: 29 Member
    Amazing success story! You look fab!
  • samiadg
    samiadg Posts: 18 Member
    This is the most inspirational case I have seen. CONGRATULATIONS! You look amazing! What a great success story.
  • samiadg
    samiadg Posts: 18 Member
    P.s., THANK YOU for posting and sharing.
  • eeejer
    eeejer Posts: 339 Member
    I can't read all 20 pages haha but do you have any idea how much lean body mass you lost? Just wondering as I am going through a similar journey but doing everything I can to hold onto muscle.
  • Healthy_4_Life2
    Healthy_4_Life2 Posts: 595 Member
    Wow!!!! What an amazing transformation!!! I completely agree with your message at the end!!! Congratulations!!!
  • Nikion901
    Nikion901 Posts: 2,467 Member
    thank you for opening up your diary.
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    Big difference and awesome achievement- thanks for sharing!!!

    Thank you CCG it was my pleasure to share. Best wishes achieving your own goals; competing in a triathlon this summer would be amazing! I'm debating whether to enter the "Tough Mudder" event in Drumheller in early August... I think that'd be a blast too!
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    edited February 2016
    You look great, but more importantly, it sounds like you feel great! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your story!

    Thank you Pearlfinder! I sure do feel great!!! It's quite an incredible feeling having spent my entire adult life obese then, what seems like overnight, have become fit! Inexplicable really. Really... the pleasure was mine to share :smile:
  • Imomw2016
    Imomw2016 Posts: 93 Member
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. It's good to hear that your health has improved substantially.

    I noticed that you originally posted in December. I commend you for continuing to follow up on this post and take the time to answer questions. I suspect that your post will benefit more people than you could ever imagine.

    Wishing you continued success, health and happiness!
  • veggiecanner
    veggiecanner Posts: 137 Member

  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    Congratulations! You look great!

    Thank you OzarkLady... I sure feel great! The weight loss has been nothing but a positive experience :smile:

  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    awesome! congratulations on your hard-work and progress and i hope you continue to break what-ever fitness / life-goals you find next!

    Thanks Swtroughear! It was quite the adventure but the all the fun is happening now. Just heading out to run 5k in high winds and below freezing temperatures!!!
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    Kkallisti wrote: »
    DAMN, you also lost like 15 years, you look so much younger and more energetic!

    Haha, I don't see it but thanks Kkallisti! Oh I FEEL energetic "now", but we'll see exactly "how" energetic after I get back from my 5k run hehe... just heading out the door now! Oh my God, it's SO cold and windy LOL!
  • tottie_07
    tottie_07 Posts: 105 Member
    You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. (And yes younger too!) The sense of achievement and happiness just radiates. Congrats!!
  • Annr
    Annr Posts: 2,765 Member
    @DogRiverDude~ Great job on your journey. I have about 50 lbs I would love to rid myself of. 30+ lbs gone presently, and it feels great to eat to energize, not eat to just fill a void. In the past I used other companies, products to help me lose weight. Now its my success's and not a Jenny Craig, or Weight Watcher thing. A saying that comes to mind when I look at your before and after pics:

    Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything.
    Maybe its unbecoming everything that isn't you, so you can be who you were meant to be
    in the first place

    Good on ya! (as my Norwegian mother would say)
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    You look like a new man!

    Haha thanks Garrett! I feel like a new man... well at least lighter!
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    138shades wrote: »

    Haha... thanks 138shades!!
  • Vanessalookingood
    Vanessalookingood Posts: 135 Member
    Wow what an inspiring story! You look amazing! I really love MFP. It is a great tool for weight loss. I hope to be where you are by the years end! One day at a time :)
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    streamgirl wrote: »
    What a fantastic thread--you've done an amazing job and I think you have a great attitude about it--I love it when taking a healthy, moderate approach works so well for people. You are also right that it is more a matter of determination to stick to a plan than it is actually hard or even hard work. Difficult, but for a different reason (and one within our control!) Thanks for posting this--I got the link because someone posted it on their own wall.

    Thank you StreamGirl! I'm so shocked with all the responses and try my best to keep up (I'm only 5 days behind now PHEW!!!). So yeah... during the loss process I ate quite well and simply cut out the nutrient-poor/calorie-dense food. You worded it SO well, better than I did... it's not difficult, it's just self-control (determination).
  • DogRiverDude
    DogRiverDude Posts: 433 Member
    CollieFit wrote: »
    You look 20 years younger! Congrats!!

    Hehe, thank you CollieFit! The crows feet tell a different story, but thanks :smile: I do feel a lot more energetic and younger though!
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