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March 2016 Bike Bicycle Cycling Challenge

HopHead28HopHead28 Member Posts: 180 Member Member Posts: 180 Member
Welcome to our March Cycling Thread! If you are new to posting on this thread, or if you are new to cycling, We welcome you! If you are returning from a previous thread, We welcome you, too.

This thread is for anyone who rides a bike. Do you bike to work? Do you pull your children to the park? So you ride weekends? Do you spin, at home or the gym? Or, are you just starting out and remembering how much fun you had biking when you were a kid? However you choose to push your pedal, you are welcome on this thread.

There are no rules to how or what you post. You may post miles, minutes, # of rides, what the scenery looks like, anything. Whatever will motivates you to get on your bike.



  • okicorralsokicorrals Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I'm new at posting blogs on MFP, but Spin twice a week and will be logging in some miles on my bike this month.
  • lynz4589lynz4589 Member, Premium Posts: 389 Member Member, Premium Posts: 389 Member
    Im in again this month after a very pleased first month for me in Feb. Going to really up it this month and aim for 160 miles first off!

    February 2016 Target - 75 miles - Achieved - *118* miles (will update this correctly tomorrow after tonights cycle!)
    March 2016 Target - 160 miles
  • MeganD_96MeganD_96 Member Posts: 143 Member Member Posts: 143 Member
    Bought an exercise bike recently and would love to join! Going to go as long as I can but I'm aiming to do at least 30 minutes a day.
  • ssflbelle2012ssflbelle2012 Member Posts: 311 Member Member Posts: 311 Member
    Hi There! This thread is perfect as I am planning to do a bike challenge in Feb 2017 and have all ready begun my training. I had three surgeries in one on Jan 26th and the Dr released me to bike ride again on Feb 19th. Well it is really riding an adult trike as I am physically limited in my balance and ability to walk. I once weighed 208 pounds heavier than I am now and still have another 134 to get to my goal. Since Feb 19, I went out each day except yesterday. I went a little bit farther each day and went 12.48 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes. However that was for Feb. So starting this new month hopefully I will be able to double my distance.
  • saphinsaphin Member Posts: 246 Member Member Posts: 246 Member
    It's going to be a short month for me as I'm off to the uk on the 14th of this month. First trip back since I left in November 2009. I'll try for 300 km before I go.

    1st Mar: 31.63 km
  • tigerlil4665tigerlil4665 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I live in the Midwest, so while I've been waiting to start pedaling again outside, I've been hitting the bike at the gym. Going everyday to get ready for the bike trails. Was almost able to get out this past weekend as we got up to 55 but we ride along the river so I wasn't ready for the cold wind (not a hard core biker!). Wimp, I know. But really looking forward to getting outside. Toward the end of the season last year we bought new bikes and didn't get much time to play with before winter hit. Been a bike rider for about 2 1/2 yrs.
  • cpanuscpanus Member Posts: 16,568 Member Member Posts: 16,568 Member
    I'm in for another 250 recumbent miles!

  • lynz4589lynz4589 Member, Premium Posts: 389 Member Member, Premium Posts: 389 Member
    February 2016 Target - 75 miles - Achieved - 138.91 miles
    March 2016 Target - 160 miles

    First cycle tonight cannot wait!! Business meal tomorrow and away for the weekend on Friday morning so need to make tonight a good one! (If legs will allow after lastnights!)
  • lindawlaslindawlas Member Posts: 42 Member Member Posts: 42 Member
    I am going to try for 250 km for March. I do have a 10 day holiday in the middle of this month but I will try my best to get those km done! Happy cycling everyone!
  • wobblybotswobblybots Member Posts: 52 Member Member Posts: 52 Member
    Going to keep my goal from February as I didn't reach it.

    March goal - 400km

    01/03 - 25km turbo.
  • Buzymomof_3Buzymomof_3 Member Posts: 109 Member Member Posts: 109 Member
    Not sure what my goal will be other than to get out and bike! I am doing the exercise bike at work (between 5 & 10 minutes a day so that I don't smell up the office) and I just bought a bike to go riding with my husband. . . will keep you posted! Happy cycling!
  • 1973mikeg1973mikeg Member Posts: 61 Member Member Posts: 61 Member
    I am trying to get ready for outdoor riding. I am tying to ride on the trainer about four days a week.
  • Healthy4me4everHealthy4me4ever Member, Premium Posts: 164 Member Member, Premium Posts: 164 Member
    I am going to incorporate outdoor cycling into my new exercise routine. I won't set a target this month but will get out whenever I can.
  • OhhimOhhim Member Posts: 1,142 Member Member Posts: 1,142 Member
    Fell off the wagon, and according to my odometer, I only got in a bit over 300 miles in February as I just stuck with 2 weekly group rides + a Sunday long ride with a friend. As a result, I'm returning to the challenge, as I'm getting closer to my next race (Ironman Florida 70.3) and need to step up my distance. Planning a trip across the keys and back mid-month which should help.

    3/1 - 50 miles (30 w. group, 20 evening spin)

    Total: 50 miles
    Goal: 600 miles
    Remaining: 550 miles
  • cpanuscpanus Member Posts: 16,568 Member Member Posts: 16,568 Member
    I'm in for another 250 recumbent miles!

    3/01 - 13.50 miles

  • tcaley4tcaley4 Member Posts: 416 Member Member Posts: 416 Member
    Given that my weather should be getting better in March, I'll go for 300 this month. Although March can be very windy here.

    3/1 - 17.74

    Total for month: 17.74
    Total for year: 536.85
  • SingingSingleTrackerSingingSingleTracker Member Posts: 1,866 Member Member Posts: 1,866 Member
    March 2: 7.53 Miles -- Duration 0:54:35

    March Total Miles: 7.53
    March Total Duration: 0:54:35
  • farmerpam1farmerpam1 Member Posts: 402 Member Member Posts: 402 Member
    I'm back in the saddle this month. In for 150 miles, hoping some will be outside.
    March 2nd : 12.26
  • konagirl64konagirl64 Member Posts: 211 Member Member Posts: 211 Member
    I'm back in for this month, 350 miles stationary recumbent bike.

    3/1: 25.1
    3/2: 14.5
  • OhhimOhhim Member Posts: 1,142 Member Member Posts: 1,142 Member
    Got to ride to my first ballgame (of about 90) of the year! Life is good again.

    Still, bike envy ended up taking hold as my Friday AM group ride is mostly $5K-$10K cervelos, so I opted to tap into the budget, and spent another $280 for new dura ace front/rear derailleurs along with an ultegra cassette/chain to upgrade my tri bike (as my shifters are DA already). Just need to figure out what to do with my gently used 9 speed braze on 105 front & rear derailleur, tiagra cassette, and iffy suntour chain once I install the upgrade.

    3/1 - 50 miles (30 w. group, 20 evening spin)
    3/2 - 25 miles

    Total: 75 miles
    Goal: 600 miles
    Remaining: 525 miles
    edited March 2016
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